Dear Student,

Congratulations. You’ve been asked to join one of the most premiere academies in the world, Fifth Sanctum. We've offered you a hand, or you've reached to take it, and so you stand at the fore of a journey to a new world.

You’re quite special. All of the students here are special, from all walks of life and backgrounds and spanning racial and social divides. What do all of you all share in common? You all have something special inside you, a power that makes you unique. That’s why you’re here, so we can help you learn to control your powers, to nurture them, and help you grow. To keep you safe, to open your eyes and to better your world.

We're here to help you and give you what you need to succeed in life. From our wonderful staff, always here to help, to all the students just like you, you will never be alone. Inside and out, the Sanctum will be your home and haven.

Remember, the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra.


- Director Fox

Welcome to Fifth Sanctum

This is an IRC-based roleplaying game about the misadventures of supernatural youths and the lives they live at Fifth Sanctum School. As a student, your character will learn how to manage their social life and their school life. They’ll have to deal with the problems of growing up in a world that is just a little bit strange. From fighting oddities with the powers they can control, to trying to find a date to take to the dance. It’s not easy being a highschool kid, but puberty and super powers? Well, it’s going to be a little difficult.

Our World

Somewhere in the deep woods, inland from Canada's western coast, lays the town of Haven. A moderately small town with a storied history and a lot of strange occurrences and townsfolk. Here, Fifth Sanctum School stands in the center of town. Operated by WARD, an organization for the elevation of the supernatural and the acceptance of it in our world. The school brings students from all over the world to help them learn more about themselves.

Students are allowed to sign up for classes they want and are otherwise left to their own devices. The campus is sprawling and full of many unique places to go. From the old buildings to the new ones, this school has more than a few surprises. To the town around the school and the forest beyond. Whatever a student wants to do is up to them.

Dramatic, romantic, and comedic tones are all important here. The journey of a teenage finding themselves, and the wrench that having supernatural abilities in them can cause. There’s something for every kind of player here, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time.

Getting Started

So you want to learn more, and hopefully enroll at Sanctum. Here’s some easy steps to get started.

  • Head on over to the Out of Character Chatroom to talk to players and administrators with any questions you have, and discuss your character ideas.
  • When you’re ready, go to the mechanics page and follow the step by step guide in it. Click the Click Here to Join button at the top of the sidebar to join the site with your Wikidot account (and make such an account if you don't have one), and then and pick a character name and type it in the box above the New Character button - clicking New Character will make a new page on the site with what's in the box as its title and the character sheet template already present. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask; we’ll help you along the way.
  • Jump in! Ask for someone to play with you or just ask to join in with others.

As always, remember to ask questions if you’re unsure, and remember our number one rule: HAVE FUN!

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