[18:34] <Endorb> A thought that's been somewhere for a while struck FonyX "Twelve, do you know how to read?"

[18:35] <Piper> Twelve was considering FonyX's words when he asked the question. She shook her head. "No. I do not know this."

[18:37] <Endorb> "Well, you're going to have to learn. Do you want to learn right now?" FonyX takes out his pen and notepad and writes every standard character on it

[18:41] <Piper> "Okay." Twelve said, turning in place on the floor so she could get a better view of the scribbles and squiggly lines.

[18:44] <Endorb> "Well, okay. Here are the letters" he points at the letters with his pen, the capital and lowercase versions paired with eachother "these are what are used to make the words. Each has one or more sounds that they can make"
[18:45] <Endorb> "This is A. It makes the sounds 'A', 'Ah' and 'Ay'"

[18:48] <Piper> Twelve stares at the letter and tries processing the sound and pairing it with the squiggles and then looks up at Fony. "Why?"

[18:49] <Endorb> "Well, we need some standard way for us to communicate without sound. This is what they came up with."

[18:52] <Piper> Twelve looks back down at the scribbles. "A. A, Ah, Ay"

[18:54] <Endorb> "Yes, that's right. And these are B. They make the 'b-' sound."

[18:56] <Piper> Twelve tilts her head. "These are A. These are B." She confirms, pointing at the letter groups as she recites them.

[18:57] <Endorb> "Yes. And these are C, which make a 'c-' sound"

[19:00] <Piper> Twelve pauses for a minute after the last bit of information and pokes the paper. "How do they make the sounds?"

[19:02] <Endorb> "Well, they don't make the sound on their own, but once you know them, you'll see certain combinations and know what word they mean"

[19:05] <Piper> "I don't know this. How do they make combinations?"

[19:07] <Endorb> "Like this" FonyX writes 'I like strawberry bread' on annother sheet and rips it off the notepad to hand it to her

[19:09] <Piper> Twelve looks at it and pokes the words. "I do not know this. They are not making sounds."

[19:10] <Endorb> "It says 'I. like. strawberry. bread.'" He says, pointing to each word. "They don't actually make the sound, but they mean the sound"

[19:14] <Piper> Twelve repeats what he says, pointing to the same words "I like strawberry bread." She then taps the a in strawberry and looks back at the sheet filled with letters. "This is A. It says A, Ah, Ay."

[19:15] <Endorb> "Yes. This time it's going 'ah' for str-ah-Berry"

[19:19] <Piper> "Ah for str-ah-berry." Twelve repeats while staring at the paper.

[19:25] <Endorb> "Yeah. And there's a B here. Straw*B*erry"

[19:27] <Piper> Twelve compared the two and sure enough, there was indeed a B. "B says B- Str-AW-B-erry" Twelve smiles.

[19:33] <Endorb> "Good good. And this is an 'E' it makes the sounds 'E', 'eh', 'ey' and 'I'

[19:35] <Endorb> "Strawb*e*rry"

[19:37] <Piper> "I do not know this. A says Ey. Why does E say Ey?" Twelve asks, looking up from the sheet.

[19:40] <Endorb> "… I don't know. Language is full of oddities like that"

[19:44] <Piper> - Scene Strawberry Bread -

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