Alphabet Lesson 2

[19:18] <Piper> Twelve lay on the couch in the opposite manner that one might SIT on the couch, her back was where her butt should be, her head hanging off the front upside down, with her hair pooled on the floor, her legs were draped up and over the back of the sofa. She was watching the powerpuff girls, there was a marathon going on and she had seen enough episodes so far already that she was singing along to the opening theme song each time it played. "Fighting crime, trying to save. the. world. Here they come juuust in tiiiime. The Pow-er-puff girls." She had a surprising natural singing voice.

[19:21] <Endorb> FonyX comes downstairs from his concussion nap, his hair even more messy than usual, and neither of his contact lenses in. He sees Twelve and sits down next to her "You seem to be flipped upside-down" he says to her feet

[19:24] <Piper> "I like this, watching the television like this." She couldn't really explain why, it was just a new perspective to watch things upside down. As a monkey in a tall metal hat appeared on the screen, Twelve's voice deepened comically as she pointed and announced "Mo-jo-JOJO"

[19:26] <Endorb> FonyX, familiar with the show, cracks a soft smile. "So, I was thinking about finishing teaching you the alphabet. Are you too busy with this?"

[19:29] <Piper> Twelve rolls forward off of the couch, her legs making a graceful arc until her bare feet touch gently upon the floor and she straightens herself and smiles at Fony. "No. I am not too busy. I want to learn more alphabet. I know A and B and C and D and E and…. ffffff-Eff! and G and H."

[19:31] <Endorb> "Okay. Should we do it here, or in one of our bedrooms?"

[19:33] <Piper> "I do not know this…" Twelve considers for a moment, still getting used to making choices though she was much better at it than she had been her first couple of days at the school. "Here is good." She finally decides.

[19:35] <Endorb> "okay. Let me just get the paper out" FonyX reaches into his pocket and pulls out the notebook, flipping it to the correct page

[19:37] <Piper> Twelve meanwhile grabs up the remote off of the floor and presses the magical circular button to make the images go bye bye. She was still facinated by that, and then seats herself crosslegged on the couch facing Fony, staring at him expectantly.

[19:37] <Endorb> "This is 'I'. It makes the I, ih and E sounds"

[19:40] <Piper> Twelve groans, another letter that sounds like another letter… "'Eye' also sounds like 'Eee' sometimes?" How did the English speaking people ever crawl out of the dark ages?

[19:41] <Endorb> "I know. I/E/A overlap is the worst thing ever. This is J. It makes the jj- sound"

[19:42] <Piper> "Overlap." Twelve repeated to herself, her brain cogs churning to pick out word meanings through sentence context. "Jay sounds like Juh"

[19:44] <Endorb> "Yes. This is K. it makes a 'Kuh' sound, like C"

[19:46] <Piper> Twelve's nose twitched. Stupid letters. "Kay… Like Okay. Oh-Kay. Is there one for O?" Jumping ahead a bit, but, Twelve was smarter than she looked, and grasped new concepts easily, She was learning rather than just repeating.

[19:47] <Endorb> "This is L. it makes a llll- sound"

[19:50] <Piper> If Twelve was anyone else she might be offended by Fony ignoring her question, but this WAS Twelve and so she simply moved right along as if she hadn't even asked. "Ell. Ullllll."

[19:51] <Endorb> "These next two are similar. Here's M, which makes a mmmmm sound, and N, which makes a nnnnn sound." FonyX hopes this doesn't confuse her too much

[19:54] <Piper> "Emmmm… M looks like Olive's ears." She points out. "Inn, N. WeNNdy FoNNy."

[19:55] <Endorb> "Yes. And this is O. it makes the sounds Aah, ooo, and Oh"

[19:56] <Piper> "O. O! O-K" She seems quite pleased that she found the first half of her okay

[19:57] <Endorb> "Yes. Are you ready for a little t- Quiz?" FonyX catches himself, not wanting to associate with the 'tests' her doctor did with her

[19:59] <Piper> Probably a good thing… "What is this Quiz?"

[19:59] <Endorb> "It's where I give you questions, and you give me answers. For example: spell 'man'"

[20:05] <Piper> "Spell? I do not know this spell."

[20:06] <Endorb> "It's when you tell me the letters in the word, almost always in order"

[20:09] <Piper> "Spell is telling the letters in a word. Spell Man." She repeats quietly, mostly to herself and then thinks carefully about the word. "Man. Man. Oh-Kay. Emm..Aah..Nnn.. Is this M and A and N?"

[20:10] <Endorb> "Yes, that's right Twelve. Good job" He reaches over and tousles her hair. "By the way, how's my speed for teaching going? Am I too fat, too slow, or is my current speed fine?"

[20:11] <Piper> Twelve smiles at the encouragement, but looks confused at his question. "I do not know this…"

[20:13] <Endorb> "do you think you could learn all the remaining letters in pairs, like with N and M?"

[20:15] <Piper> "Pairs are like socks and pants." She studies the letters seeing no relationship with pants or socks.. Well except for maybe M. M kinda looked like a pair of pants… and L could be pair of socks…. "No. I do not think I can do this. There are no socks here."

[20:19] <Endorb> FonyX lets out a nose laugh "No, a pair means more than 1. For example" He takes one sock off and holds it up, gesturing to it "One sock." He pulls off the other one and holds it up "two socks, or a pair of socks"

[20:21] <Piper> Twelve shakes her head. "Those are not One and Two's socks. One and Two did not have socks. Two did not have feet for socks."

[20:25] <Endorb> "No, one and two are numbers. You may know some named one and two, but that's not what they mean to others. One means there are no others, or at least no others before it. For example, there is one FonyX, me. There are two socks, here and here. One sock, two socks"

[20:26] <Piper> Twelve just stares at Fony as if he had tried to explain why the two party system is America's greatest achievement.

[20:31] <Endorb> "Well, I'm not good at explaining this. Ask a teacher about numbers. Let's get back to letters. This is P, which makes a ppp- sound. And this is Q, which makes a qqq- sound"

[20:33] <Piper> "P - puh… Que. Kwuh." She continues.

[20:35] <Endorb> "Tell me if you start having trouble, because I'm going to speed this up a little." He doesn't speed up the actual talking or shorten the gaps between letters "R. rrrr. S. sssss"

[20:36] <Piper> "Arrr, Essss-Spider!" She seemed pleased with learning how that animal's name started.

[20:40] <Endorb> "Yeah. It's great that you can connect these together. T. Tuh. U. You, ooo, U"

[20:42] <Piper> "T. Tuh, U You! You are U." She smiles.

[20:43] <Endorb> "I think I know what you mean. V. vvvuh W. wwwuh"

[20:45] <Piper> "Veee, Vuh. Dubbya, Wuh."

[20:47] <Endorb> "double U, not dubbya"

[20:48] <Piper> "Doubleeww" She corrects

[20:49] <Endorb> "correct. X. xxx, zzz. Y, yyy-"

[20:52] <Piper> "Ex, Y." She smiled "Why Y, Why is Y is Why."

[20:54] <Endorb> "And finally, Zee, also called Zed. it makes the zzzz sound"

[20:55] <Piper> "Zeee, Zed, Zzzzzzz.."

[20:56] <Endorb> "So, here's a quick challenge: name all the letters right now in order"

[20:58] <Piper> "Uh." Twelve blinked, being put on the spot, she looked down at the sheet they were using to show her the letters, starting to point at each one "A-B-C-D-E…"

[21:10] <Endorb> "Yes? Go on"

[21:15] <Piper> "E…F G H…I J K… Socks… L! MN O…. Peee. Q R Spider S T U V DOUBLE EWW X Y Zeee."

[21:18] <Endorb> "Well, socks and spider aren't letters, but you got it right. Now, ready for another spelling quiz?"

[21:19] <Piper> "Yes. I am ready for this." She looked determined. She already knew how to spell Man, and O-K, and P, and U. This spelling thing was a cinch!

[21:24] <Endorb> FonyX writes down "Socks, spider, okay and Mojo-jojo on a paper and shows it to Twelve"

[21:25] <Piper> Twelve looks at the words and smiles. She still didn't know what they said, but at least the letters didn't look like Arabic scribble to her anymore. No offense, Lilith.

[21:26] <Endorb> "Start from the top, and I'll tell you if you get it wrong."

[21:27] <Piper> Twelve nods and points at each letter. "S-O-C-K-S, S-P-I-D-E-R…"

[21:28] <Endorb> "No, I meant I want you to say them, not spell them. My mistake"

[21:30] <Piper> "Say them, not spell them." She considers for a moment, looking at the first word. "Sss Ooo Sss kkkkssss. Suhoaks. Soaks?" She looks up for confirmation

[21:32] <Endorb> "No. Your problem is the C. When letters that can make the same sound are next to eachother, they usually make that common sound. Try again"

[21:35] <Piper> "Sooookks." She looks confused, sounded the same to her.

[21:39] <Endorb> "Okay, closer. Now, try using a different sound for the O."

[21:42] <Piper> She looks up and tries to remember all the ways O can sound. "Soaks, Sooks… Sah… Socks!" She beams a smile, proud of herself.

[21:43] <Endorb> "Yes. Good job" FonyX starts going in for a hug, but changes his mind to patting her head again quickly enough that you can't tell

[21:45] <Piper> Twelve bounced a little, genuinely excited that she could read socks, and then looked at the next one "Sssppideer- Spider!" She actually giggles. "I like spiders. They have lots of legs, but no feet and they're fluffy."

[21:46] <Endorb> "Well, they're more fuzzy than fluffy. Can you get the next one?"

[21:51] <Piper> She begins with the sound the O made in Socks, "MahJah Ja… Mo! Mojo JOJO." She giggles again after having used the inflections from the cartoon to say the super villain's name.

[21:52] <Endorb> (did you forget Okay, or did she skip it?)

[21:53] <Piper> (I forgot okay. We'll say she got it easily XD)

[21:55] <Endorb> "Good Job. Here are a few more" He writes down Wendy, FonyX, Twelve and kittens and shows them to her

[21:56] <Piper> "Doubleeww-in-die." She begins, looking a bit confused. She did NOT know this word.

[21:57] <Endorb> "Remember, W makes the wwww- sound"

[22:01] <Piper> She looks at Fony and purses her lips, "Uwah Uwah. Wahendie Wen-die EE Wendee!" She smiles, recognizing her friend's name.

[22:02] <Endorb> "Congratulations. This next one will be harder" He ruffles her hair again

[22:06] <Piper> She sets her purpose on the words again, staring at it expecting hardness. and comes up with "Fffffonnneyex Foeneyex Foe-Nyx!"

[22:16] <Endorb> "That's right! Good Job. Try the next one now" He pats her on the back, looking slightly uncomfortable, but not enough Twelve would likel pick up on it

[22:18] <Piper> Twelve doesn't understand uncomfortable at all anyways so there is almost no chance she would pick up on it anyways. Her eyes move down to the next word and she tilts her head, this one already looked familiar. She had seen it somewhere before. "T-doubl…. Twuheelvee. Twelve! It's me. This is my name."

[22:20] <Endorb> "Yes it is. One more, and I think we can officially call you literate."

[22:21] <Piper> Her smile fades into an expression that one might have when looking at a simpleton, maybe pity mixed with annoyance. "No, my name is Twelve, not literate."

[22:23] <Endorb> "Silly Twelve. Literate means you can read and write. Now, see if you can get this last one"

[22:25] <Piper> Her eyes return to the page. "Keyetteens. Keyetteeens…" She looks up curiously.

[22:26] <Endorb> "Close. change how you pronounce the I"

[22:28] <Piper> "Kitteens?" She still looked mildly confused. She did not know this word.

[22:29] <Endorb> "now change the way you say the E"

[22:30] <Piper> "Kittens?" Again a confused look. She knew what a cat was, but not a kitten.

[22:31] <Endorb> "Yes. You seem to not know what a kitten is" This displeases FonyX greatly "A kitten is a baby cat, and it's likely the cutest thing you'll ever seen"

[22:33] <Piper> Twelve looks at the word, pleased she managed to get it right, but it still seemed foreign since she wasn't quite sure what one was or looked like. "A baby cat… What is this? Baby? Cutest? I do not know these things."

[22:35] <Endorb> "Well, I can't explain cute, and I don't have an example here, but a baby is basically a very young animal who's not yet able to do very much, often surviving only based on the actions of the mother"

[22:36] <Piper> "Mother? What is this?"

[22:37] <Endorb> "It's a relationship female that gives birth to whatever you're talking about. Do you know what birth is?"

[22:39] <Piper> "Yes. Birth is when a small human or animal comes out of you and leaves a belly button."

[22:43] <Endorb> "Almost. What happens is an animal develops another animal of the same type inside their body for various amounts of time; humans take about 9 months, for example; and then birth is when the baby leaves the body. The belly button is a side-effect of the umbilical cord, which is how the baby gets the food it needs from its mother"

[22:44] <Piper> Twelve stares blankly. Talk of various, time, months, Just oo much info.

[22:45] <Endorb> "What confuses you?"

[22:46] <Piper> "I do not know… lots of these things."

[22:50] <Endorb> "Well, I guess you aren't quite informed enough to handle this right now. We'll have to talk about it another time. I don't want to try putting too much that brain of yours. Maybe you should go to sleep and try again tomorrow"

[22:52] <Piper> "Okay." Twelve says and slips off the couch, standing and heading back to her room without so much as a thank you. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of gratitude.

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