Birth Dates

Character Birthdays

All characters have birthdays: whether or not they tell other characters is entirely up to them, this is a list of documented character birth dates.

Character Name Date
Adison Aeris February 28
Aiko Minami February 13
Akemi Kimura October 27
Albert Francis
Ambrose S-F June 21
Andrey Maijala May 21
Anthiel October 1
Athene April 30
Bob Mazzetti July 1
Brett Fion December 15
Callum Ellis
Cass Walker-Handal December 1
Casta Arcega
Celeste Filaluna
Champi Machaca September 27
Christian Koski
Cindaria Cyaneidae March 2
Claudia Aeris February 28
Cody Cooper
Conventina Copper
Corylyn Constance
Daniel Vitan December 25
Davis Bantra
Elissia Crysalli
Eponnie N/A
Hyacinth Dubois March 21
Jinx Jacinto June 13
Jonathan Aeris
Jordan Walker
Juliet Dunn
Katlyn LeBlanc September 21
Kevin Duncan
Kimiko Ayashi January 23
Kir Feb 1 (approximation)
Leah Nasser February 27
Ledusia Ziemas
Lilly Linatto
Lisa Kawajiri October 25
Madeline Maddox June 8th
Malissa Maguire ~May 13th
Maria of Doran July 9
Mary Macleigh May 13th
Moby White
Pandora N/A
Renardo LaVolpe
Sam MacLeod
Sierra Aurum
Suzanne Williams December 17
Theodore Grundlewood September 4
Valentin Avdeev March 19
Veronica Marcoeli October 5
Vinnia Cohldurn February 1
Wendy Strauss March 26
Wilhelm Dietrich January 24
Yukihime Fujishima June 16th
Zeke Ward
Zita Jasper Between February - April
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