"I don't have to like what I can do… but knowing that I can use it to protect everyone around me is enough; it is great power, so I will take great responsibility."

Basic Info:

Player: Abby

Abby appears to be a very quiet, fragile young girl, tragically bound to a wheelchair by what must have been a tragic accident. She does not engage in conversations very much and appears meek, which has turned many people away from her.

Abby, however, is very much self-conscious and she tends to think about situations more than she should. She does have a bit of a snarky attitude, but rarely does she voice it out; due to her powers, she basically keeps many things to herself. She has a strong sense of justice, however, and will only use her powers for the greater good; at the same time, she treasures any genuine friendship she can get.

Abby stands at 4'6": pretty short for a girl her age (14), but she actually weighs more than she looks (most likely two to three times the weight of a girl her age and size). She has soft, fluffy-ish red hair from having constantly brushed it most of her life (combs tend to break for her); her eyes are a pair of emerald greens. By most standards, she is cute and some are attracted to her seemingly passive and innocent nature. For someone so young though, her body is developing pretty well, especially around the chest, but at the same time she clearly has lean, visible muscles. However, she is not very fond of them and thus constantly hides them by wearing thick clothing. She is also often seen sitting on her wheelchair.

Her superhero costume is simple-looking, however, since she pretty much just used whatever clothes she could find. It consists of a sleeveless shirt dress worn over a long-sleeved shirt and pants - each one stretchable. She also wears a pair of gardening gloves and boots. A cape and a simple mask worn over her eyes are used to complete her costume. Perhaps one day the costume would be less shabby?


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


  • Brawling: - (4) Brawn Melee / Generally applying to both unarmed and armed. Covers both melee attack and melee (only) physical defense rolls, and some styles may include something like throwing weapons.
  • Toughness: - (4) Brawn Defense / Can be rolled against most physical attacks (though less effective against just-needs-to-touch-you effects), as well as against things that specifically target it like poison.
  • Stealth: - (3) Agility / Going unnoticed, whether by being quiet and keeping mindful of sight lines and the properties of perception, or by blending into a crowd.
  • Social: (1) Brains / All sorts of social rolls, and a general sense of how persuasive, charismatic or appealing a character's normal interactions are - their word choice might not always be the player's, and inflection and tone play a huge part.
  • Perception: (1) Brains / Use of the senses to notice things, make out what that distant voice is saying, spot an unusual detail, find someone who's hiding. Also used to sense deception.
  • Willpower: (2) Brains / Rolls against most everything that would affect the mind, from sub-conscious influence, to domination, to assault for psyche damage.

Supernatural Abilities:

All Power - 4
At its very core, Abby's supernatural ability can best be described as 'superhuman strength'. But to say that she excels in punching, kicking, and lifting is an understatement. And therefore it is categorized as 'All Power'. Everything she does - from simple to complicated - seems to be affected by it unless she restraints herself either physically or mentally. A surprise sneeze could very well blow a quarter of a room away, and flicking a wall will easily demolish it. With that said, Abby has access to various ways to using it to her favor when the need arises:

  • Super Leap - Focusing her strength in her legs, Abby can jump long distances either vertically or horizontally. However, she must do this on a very tough terrain as the force of her feet before or after her jump can cause the ground to break.
  • Superhuman Endurance - Abby is incredibly durable against physical attacks such as bullets or blades. By simply tightening her muscles, she can literally become an immovable object to most physical attacks. (Note: This is mostly used to to justify that, in character, Abby's body is strong enough to withstand gun shots or a hard strike to the head with normal bladed/blunt weapons.)
  • Shockwave Stomp/Clap - Either by stomping her foot on the ground or just clapping her hands together real hard, Abby can create powerful shockwaves. This is why her applause only amounts to using the tip of her fingers.
  • Sonic Scream - By speaking, shouting, or yelling loudly, Abby can literally produce a powerful sonic wave from her mouth. At close distance, an average person's eardrums can be damaged.

Accelerated Healing - 3
Abby's body is unlike an average human body as her ridiculous strength has indicated. She heals from light wounds very quickly; broken bones recover in a day instead of months; deep gashes close in less than that. However, this should not be confused with Accelerated Regeneration: limbs that are cut off DO NOT grow back. This ability only accelerates the healing process. But she is immune to all diseases in return.


All Power (Severe Weakness, +3 Skill Points)

  • Difficult Lifestyle

The power that gives her incredible strength in more ways than one also comes with problems in more ways than one. She cannot perform even the simplest tasks without risking destroying something or harming people. As it was mentioned earlier: even a sneeze could prove to be dangerous unless she controls it. This has, in turn, affected her both socially, psychologically, and mentally. Some examples include having hurt her friends and even killing her pet cat by accident while her powers were budding at a young age.

The fact that doing even the simplest things can risk damage to property, she does not even walk: in fact, she either confines herself on a wheelchair or just drag her body around - going to the point of having to lie to the public that she's turned paraplegic; she also talks very softly as her voice could literally be loud enough to easily damage a normal person's eardrums. She eventually had to stop going to school altogether because she either kept destroying school property, or just could not catch up with writing with the other students as she had to purposely slow down for their sake.

Normal blades or needles cannot penetrate her body as well, making it extremely difficult to perform surgery on her when necessary without the right equipment.

  • Accident Prone

Considering how she has made a habit of not walking on her own two feet often, doing otherwise can be met with some difficulty: while her body prevents the bones and muscles from weakening from lack of use, she still tends to trip over herself, especially if she tries to run. This, of course, usually leads to her accidentally damaging property and therefore it is not advisable for her to run until further training.

(Mechanic: When performing an action that involves running, sprinting, jumping, or leaping, Abby suffers a penalty in her rolls and risks causing damage to people/objects around her.)


What Abby carries with her at all times:

  • Touchscreen Cell Phone
  • Student ID
  • Picture of family
  • Wallet ($200)
  • Reinforced Wheelchair (Note: Specifically designed for her use. It is several times more durable and heavier than the norm. The wheels have also been customized so that they can withstand heavy force and pressure)

What Abby keeps in her room:

  • Her superhero suit
  • Letter of Application to SunnyBrook
  • Clothes
  • Touchscreen TV

Personal History:



  • Abby confines herself to a wheelchair, but only because it is safer for her to move around that way. Due to her feeling guilty of having to pretend to be a disabled, Abby is uncomfortable around actual paraplegics and people who show her sympathy for it.
  • She appears to be a 'soft, gentle' person to the eyes of many (for e.g. she speaks in a very soft tone), when in truth she is simply trying to restraint herself 24/7. While fighting crime, she never runs and simply walks slowly towards villains slowly - something they often misinterpret as her showing complete 'bravado'.
  • While she does not want to get rid of her power because of the help she could bring with it, she does wish from time to time that she was born as just an ordinary girl.
  • She can actually eat various things that are not even food (for e.g. wood, metal, etc.). But, she is ashamed of this and normally eats with her hands whenever possible; at the same time, she avoids eating food that requires knives to cut in public.
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