Basic Info:

Player: Benjamin
Name: Adalbert
Aliases: Dal or Bert

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Brief Description: Adalbert is fairly stoic, and is not very talkative until you get to know him. After getting to know him, he shows a generous kind nature.

Adalbert is slender with decently defined muscles, he still has a small amount of baby fat on his face. He requires his glasses to see in details, they have round lenses and a thin frame. His hands have many small white scars on the top edges and palms, some of which are concealed by the large callouses he has. Adalbert stands at 6'2" without shoes. Speaking of which he generally wears a black rawhide jacket, jeans, and Nike tennis shoes.
Adalbert is quiet and dislikes most loud noises, he doesn't mind the sound of machinery running though. He is very observant and examines everything closely.
Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:
He enjoys working with clockwork machinery, metals of all kind, and advanced machinery. He likes books, reading, and learning but dislikes school. He believes that most schools don't teach anything, they simply force memorization. He likes computers and most forms of advanced technology and dislikes backward thinkers who hate on advancment.


Brawn: #2

Finesse: #3

Acuity: #4

Resolve: #3

Charisma: #2





Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total:
Reflex Total:
Willpower Total:
Parry Roll:

Mundane DR:3
Ability DR: 0
Equipped:Leather Jacket


  • Skill Name: Mechanics -#5 Attribute: Acuity - Adalbert's ferromantic powers give him an advantage when working with machines. He can us his powers to feel the metal as it works inside the machine, it allows him to feel all binds or breaks inside of it.
  • Skill Name: Artifact Design and Analysis - #4 Acuity - Adalbert pours his heart and soul into everything he makes, meaning that he can create Artifacts easier.
  • Skill Name: Craft #4 - Acuity - Adalbert has always had a knack for making new things, he loves to spend time making and creating machines.
  • Skill Name: Magic(Runic) #3 - Acuity - Adalbert loved watching his father engrave the casing of the watches he made, he learned how to do it himself even. When he first came into the magical world he found a book on Runes which he studied extensively.


Name - #5 (Ferromancy) Adalbert discovered his ability to manipulate metal at the rather young age of 7. He kept it secret from his family because he was afraid that they would see it as being satanic, however, once his family found out about it they were very supportive.
Adalbert uses his Resolve to force the metal to comply to his will.


  • Armor(2xp) - +1 points of Mundane DR
  • Magic Affinity (5xp) - Choose one field of magic(Runic). Multiply the original spell point cost spells in this school by 0.75. Skill requirements for that field's spells are 1 rank lower.


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Also mine…

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