Alexander "Boomy" Snert

Basic Info:

Player: Wizuriel**

Demeanor: Looks disheveled like he just came out of a wind tunnel.

Nature: Shy but easily excitable.

Description: The first thing people usually notice about Alexander is his hair. He keeps it long and curly and it constantly looks like he just came out of a storm. He wears thick glasses at all times and usually dresses in plain hoodies and cargo pants (the more pockets the better). Even though he is 6ft tall, he is always slouching and tends to look smaller than he really is. His left arm has been replaced with a cybernetic implant, but he doesn't like to talk about it and usually tries to keep it out of sight.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do
Mechanics (4 + Brains) - Alex has become pretty good at fixing machines
Science (3 + Brains) - While not as fun as mad science, Alex has an interest in learning as much as he can to incorporate into his cookbook of explosions
Bluffing (2 + Brains) - Hey, some people just don't accept that stuff works because of SCIENCE!! and need more technical mumbo jumble.
Dodging (2 + agility) - For when you really need to avoid an explosion
Medicine (3 + Brains) - Maybe some things he mixes together don't need to explode.

Supernatural Abilities:

Everything Explodes (4) - Most people look at stuff and see just that, stuff. It could be useful stuff, junk or random clutter; but, when Alex looks at stuff he sees potential. Throw in a little pop, put it in a water bottle and put 4 elastics around the can and apply some SCIENCE!! and you have a recipe for some kind of explosion. Nobody's quite sure how Alex causes the randoms stuff he throws together to explode, but he seems to think he understands it. I mean everyone knows that adding vinegar and baking soda cause an explosion, so of course is you heat the vinegar first and add rocks into the baking soda that would cause a bigger explosion. Add in a little red sparkles and you can make a pretty good lightshow (just whatever you do, don't add in the green sparkles).

Through the power of SCIENCE!! (2) – It just makes sense! Some people may look at that girl with the freezing power and think it is a miracle, or witchcraft or some other nonsense, but clearly she is just extending a magnetic field from her body that is slowing down the molecules around her creating the frost. I mean I could probably do the same thing with a hair blower, some ice cubes and the right power source….. Alex can study other anomalous people/objects and find ways to duplicate their effects, at least for one time. For some reason all his gadgets break after 1 use, even though the scientific principles he uses to duplicate the effects are sound.

Is that a robot? (1) - As Alex's gotten older, he has gotten a bit wiser. Creating explosions is fun, but at times can be dangerous. Recently he has begun to look into making little simple robots to handle the more explosive situations of his MAD SCIENCE. Right now they can only handle simple tasks like pour this cup into that cup, or walk to the door and start shaking the can you're holding. The real question is though how did he make robots out of random junk, powered by some kind of explosive liquid only he would whip up and have it understand voice commands without any obvious receiver.

Weaknesses: (mild)

Magnetic fields tend to mess up Alex's cybernetic arm. A strong enough field can just shut down his arm.


backpack (books and a few empty bottles in case)
Smart Phone
Glasses and safety glasses
cybernetic arm (has built in tools for common tasks)

Home science kit
various books
Miniature black hole that copied Julian's Bigger on the inside

Personal History:

When Alex was young he was a pretty stereotypical kid. He spent all his time in doors, just lounging around. His parents thought he was never going to be anything. That changed the day he was given one of those science kit for kids for his birthday. It had a few “scientific” experiments for kids like making a baking soda volcano. Somehow Alex caused a small explosion that burnt his eye brows off. His parents were furious with the company assuming they got a defective product. They got another one and again Alex caused it to explode, and then a few other things to explode. At first when his parents or the company representatives tried to ask Alex what he did, he tried to explain it to them; but they didn’t believe him. How could mixing the baking soda and vinegar and some coke cause it to explode like that, when normally it just makes a harmless foamy mess. Eventually Alex just started making up how he caused the explosions. The more he throw out words like reversing the polarity of the chemical bonds the more the adults eyes would gloss over and they would believe him. Still that left his parents with a dilemma, what to do about him?
While his parents were trying to figure out what was going on, Alex was having the time of his life finding new and interesting ways to create explosions. Some of his contraptions would just be loud with minimal damage, some just seemed to create smoke and others left a pretty noxious smelling substance all over their backyard. One time he even made a cake explode, after it was set on the table for over 5min. All he did was smile and claim that the cake he was just exploding with flavour.
Unfortunately one day Alex’s experiment got away from his and he ended up losing his left arm. Even the loss of his arm though didn't really stop Alex, but it did teach him to be more careful and to slow down. It was with blessed relief that the doctors from the hospital that gave Alex his prosthetic arm recommended a school in Pennsylvania that could probably keep him safe.


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