Alexis Bradsforth

Basic Info:

Player: Silvors

Demeanor: A girl who is happy because she’s high. What she’s high on is anyone’s guess at any given time, but there’s one thing for certain, beneath all the drugs that give her false confidence and a sense of invincibility, the euphoric, false happiness that floods her veins from the tip of a syringe? Beneath all of that lies a completely different girl. A girl so insecure and terrified of everything, a girl who, when the high crashes, is weak and scared. A girl who wants another rush just to stave off the headaches.

Nature: Beneath either being constantly high or constantly terrified lies a girl who is broken. Not the fake kind of broken but the functioning kind. She hasn’t had any friends and, well, without the drugs she doesn’t have any confidence, with them it’s fake. And part of her is scared of that. She’s scared of a lot, really. She views her drugs as a way to stay happy, if only for a while, in addition to relief, but they terrify her. Every day before using them, she checks her chances. She sees if she’ll die that dose. Every night she asks her power if she’ll ever be happy. She’s too caught up being scared of the future because of a traumatic past, that she ignores the possibilities of the present.

Description: Alexis looks suitably English and would probably be rather attractive, if not for her drug use making her body deteriorate. Her face is rounded, slightly on the chubby side, but her eyes look constantly either tired or wide awake. In fact, her whole body is the slightest bit chubby. Not overweight, but with a bit of a belly. Her hair is blonde and her eyes look hazel colored. Her lips are constantly chapped and broken and scratch marks aren’t unusual on her.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Shooting And Stabbing- (3) Agility (Covers guns and gun-related weaponry)
  • Street Urchins Need Bread - (3) Agility (Pickpocketing and lockpicking)
  • Step, Hop, Leap, Soar - (3) Agility (Mobility)
  • What Do I Say To You? - (3) Brains (Persuasion)

Skill replacements from powers:

  • Pre-Emptive Reflexes - (3) Agility (Melee / Ranged defense and Initiative)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Simulated Prescience - 4
Alexis has a mind capable of producing millions, if not billions of simulations using knowledge that, by all rights, Alexis shouldn’t have. This allows her to effectively see every possible future for every possible event, even if she has virtually no knowledge on the subject and it allows her to see the past with perfect accuracy… the downside? She can’t see what her mind simulates, only the outcome, and even then, she can’t actually see it. Her mind, instead, gives her the raw numbers. A percentile-based chance of what she asks it. She can see how likely practically anything is to happen, but not how to achieve the outcome that gives her the result she wants. Similarly, with the nature of the universe, she can’t get any absolute answers. No answer can be 100% nor can any answer be 0%. There has to be some degree for denial, no matter how infinitesimal that chance is. Be it quantum mechanics, a limit to her power, or something else that creates this potentially impossible small chance. This power has to be asked in the form of a question, a few examples of how the asking could be set up are: “What are the odds of X happening” or “What are the chances of X if I do Y.”

In the event of Alexis asking her power about the odds of another PC or an NPC doing something, the player (Or the person controlling the NPC) will be asked in either OOC or PMs for a percentage chance.

Another part of this power is that she can view any event in the past with perfect clarity, provided she knows the time and place where it happened, or knows that it was the direct cause of an event she’s asking about. IE: She could view the discovery of the atom being split if she either A) looked at Rutherford splitting an atom in 1917 or B) asked her power to display how atoms are split. This does NOT give her an understanding of what she’s viewing, she merely views the event from the perspective of a third party.

This power effectively:
Allows Alexis to view the past and allows Alexis to see a percentile chance of something that could happen in the future and see anything that occurred in the past as if she were a third-person observer. Of course, she can’t interact with what she’s seeing in the past. This power is also rolled instead of academics.

Artificial Precognition - 3
Alexis can also simulate the present, or at least she can simulate what will happen in the immediate future. Due to this not being reliant on so many potential outside factors and butterfly effects, her mind can do a lot more with this. To easily relay what is about to happen to Alexis, it creates a sort of overlay using ghostly copies of Alexis, her limbs, and or her attacker to show what is about to happen. This allows her to either carry out the action that will benefit her the best in combat or know if touching an item will be dangerous.

This power effectively:
Is a skill replacement for ranged/melee defense AND initaitve. She can also use this to temporarily make copies of herself, but she has no control of their actions, only what they will do immediately after being made physical.

Imitated Future - 4
Alexis doesn’t have normal dreams, since her power can’t afford to rest since it needs to continue gathering information. Instead, her power pre-simulates the day ahead of her, basing it on what she would do and what it can detect will occur. Any major events it detects will be stored in her memory, allowing her to make immediate adjustments. Due to her brain being human, it can’t store everything. Thus, it’s limited to a certain amount of storage.

This power effectively:
Allows Alexis to roll twice and use whichever roll has the greatest benefit to her. The use of this power is limited to X amount of times per day, where X is the rank of this power.


Mental Strain (Severe)
Whenever Alexis uses her Simulated Prescience or Imitated Future power while not under the influence of some form of drug, she takes 2 psyche damage. This does not apply outside of runs or events or when she is in a stable and constant enough environment that the powers don’t have to rush and find solutions for variables (AKA, when she can get the answer without rolling Simulated Prescience, she doesn’t take damage for using it.)

Drug Addicted (Flavor)
Due to Physical Strain weakness and its susceptibility to drugs, Alexis hasn’t just become reliant on them, she’s become addicted. Whenever she goes a day without some form of recreational drug use, she takes a -1 to ALL rolls. Once a week, if Alexis uses drugs that week, roll 1d100. If the number is less than double number of weeks Alexis has been active, then Alexis goes catatonic due to drug overdose. If she is catatonic, roll another 1d100 every day until she is brought to the infirmary (not counting the second roll that takes place immediately after the Catatonic fail), which counts as being caught for her Rehabilitating power. The check for this value is however many times she’s been catatonic multiplied by two. If she fails this second check, she dies due to drug overdose. Current checks:

Catatonic: 10
Death: 2

Rehabilitating (Flavor) [Reworking]
If Alexis is caught using drugs by a faculty member or reported using them by another student, her next upgrade costs one more XP. (Roll a d20 once a week. If the result is a 1, this weakness takes effect. If another PC reports her doing drugs that week [either by using the forums or by PMing Silvors that X character is reporting her drug use, either of which can only be done DIRECTLY AFTER (via PM) or within the next day (Via forum post) a scene with Alexis and the character reporting her] then the die is not rolled, as she has already been reported that week. This weakness can only occur once per week.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Tracking Anklet (from the police in case she runs away)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A LOT of narcotics and the instruments to use them
  • Tablet
  • Laptop

Personal History:

Alexis Bradsforth was born to the Bradsforth family on the fourth of June, two thousand four in Surrey, England. The Bradsforth were a high class family, the kind that’s rich and happy, whilst being broken and dysfunctional on the inside. Your typical rich family, millionaires, maybe? Who knows. But it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck. Alexis started getting headaches, migraines would be the more appropriate term, at age five. Her head constantly ached and she was on painkillers constantly. She got weak doses, but they ramped up. A curse, a genetic defect, a wedge that was more of an annoyance rather than anything else. Soon enough, the benefits were found to outway the cons. Percentages. Ten. Fifteen. Fifty. Seventy. Ninety nine. Her father loved this. His daughter could tell him the odds. Gambling became more lucrative than her father’s business, soon enough, and that only hurt her more. It made a disconnect. She never went to school, she needed an IV at specific times to pump painkillers and keep her mind from breaking from the pain as the methods of reducing it slowly kept becoming less effective. Her family became distant and she realized that they both loved and resented her. The numbers said so. They loved her power, but hated her for who she was.

The numbers never lie.

It was four years before her father’s gambling stepped on the wrong toes. He gambled a hundred thousand off of a man with dark connections and it was only because the numbers started hurting, more so than usual, that Alexis found herself awake that night. She heard the glass shatter and muttered beneath her breath, “Chances of that being a monster?” 99.9%. Fuck. The numbers never lied, but they could never be absolutes. Never a 0 or a 100. So, she swore more beneath her breath, rather unfitting for a seven year old, but the lack of regulation through her life led to a rather healthy existence on the internet. Healthy in that she knew some words that would make a teenager blush. She moved, numbers scanning in her head. Chances of him finding me in the closet? Fourty seven percent. Chances of him finding me under the bed? Thirty five percent. She kept asking, looking around, eyes darting until she saw her shot. She moved, going to the laundry hamper. Twenty Seven percent was her best chance here, so she moved, going to hide in the laundry hamper and peering out. A monster walked in. It looked like a man but it was solid black… wait, no, it was someone in a black outfit, skintight. She was trembling and it was only because of her spite for the maid that she had enough clothes in here to keep her motions from shaking the hamper. He watched, going to check the closet. Beneath the bed… the top of the hamper. No. No no… Chances of him finding me? Sixty seven percent. Fuck. He didn’t see her though. Then he kicked the hamper and turned to walk off. She counted, well, she counted then asked. Chances of him hearing me? Ninety eight percent. Then a second later, chances of him hearing me? Eighty three percent. Waiting, waiting, asking for the numbers and watching them decline until they went below thirty and she decided to brave it. Did he hear me? Her powers informed him that he did not. It couldn’t guarantee the future, but the past was set in stone and it could answer that easily. Chances I’m going to survive the night? Twelve percent.

The numbers never lie.

Alexis swallowed. Twelve percent. She had a vague understanding of her power, sort of like a sense people have. You know you’ll go down if you jump because of gravity, even if you don’t know what gravity is, you know there’s a force tugging you down. Her power was like that. She knew if she asked, it would answer, and she would get the percentages, she knew that was because it simulated every possible future, cause and effect wise. Butterfly effects were accounted for. Her power fed her that knowledge. She also knew that her power had some sort of all-knowing ability, but that it wasn’t something she could use. How else could it simulate billions if not trillions of different possibilities? The chances of her survival were slim, but not impossible. Over a tenth of the various potential futures had her surviving. Chances of him finding me? Ninety percent. Fuck. Alright. The girl breathed out, sliding out. If she was found, how would she make sure she survived? Run? No. He was faster than her. Minimize the likelihood of being found? Chances of me surviving if he doesn’t find me? Thirty seven percent. Alexis felt herself and moved a hand to keep from choking. Fuck. How did she die if she wasn’t found? Think, Lex, Think! Chances that he’s going to destroy the house if he doesn’t find me? Eighty seven percent. Alright, explains her death. What are the potential scenarios where he doesn’t? Thirteen percent of the time, he doesn’t. She goes to stand, hands shaking as she goes to grab her laptop. How do I make a… a… Alexis bit her lip. She didn’t know anything about what to do. She went and grabbed her tablet, a satchel she got purely because she liked how they looked in movies, and went to load up stuff she would need. In a movie, the kid protagonist would arm themselves, set up traps around the house. Reality wasn’t like that and Alexis knew it. She couldn’t set anything up. She couldn’t hide. Her only hope was to sneak out or call nine nine nine. Will this guy go to jail? One point five percent chance.

The numbers never lie.

Alexis’ power preferred to round, most of the time. Alexis thought it was because her power didn’t want to give her a repeating decimal, because having a number go on infinitely in her head would be annoying, but it might just be because it’s lazy. She winced once. Fuck, the migraines were catching up to her and she couldn’t use her IV. A quick check to the chances of a big drink of her liquid meds being dangerous was low enough, so she opted for that… It wouldn’t last, she knew. There was a reason it was intravenous. She stood, going to put on a… a quick check told her black hoodie and black slacks. Taking the time to change wasn’t dumb, she knew, after a quick check to the chances of being caught while changing and if it would up her survival. Half a percent. Worth it.

Alexis moved out of her room, backpack on as she went along, she knew her parents were dead. Her power told her so. The past was perceivable, the future was permeable. She also knew that somehow this guy would evade security if she called them, and the cops. Maybe he was special like… no, no sense in gambling with that. She moved, going through and letting her power tell her the last location of the man, like a delayed camera, and she used that to navigate, staying hunched over, seeing phantom movements of herself and taking them to keep her bag from making any noise. Chances I’m going to surive the night? Seventeen point five. It went up. Alexis had a vague idea of how her power worked, but it was all theoretical. It couldn’t see the future, but it could simulate potential outcomes from cause and effect as well as butterfly effects. The reason the number went up was because she was picking the right ‘route’. Every possible future had a possible outcome, she was managing to pick that paths that didn’t kill her. The hard part was that she didn’t know what would and wouldn’t keep her on the paths of survival. So, of course, she had to guess.

Then again, guessing is easy when you can see the likelihood.

Her foots fell across the hall and her eyes darted in the shadows. Could this guy see in the dark? Ninety Seven percent. Had he seen in the dark prior? Yes. So, he had some sort of night vision equipment on. Alexis winced, a quiet whimper coming out of her mouth at the pain that wracked her senses. She was using it too much, the IV she had drank was wearing off already. Fuck. Will I pass out? Seventy two point… The number was ticking up. Fuck. She needed to hurry so she wouldn’t faint. She needed to get to a phone or something. Chances of me surviving? Thirteen point twelve. Fuck. FUCK. It went down again. Did she mess up? Doing or not doing something? She went dead still and looked around. The number went down and her vision had little blurs in it.

How could she survive this? What was the secret? In an anime, the protagonist’s friends would show up but, well, this was neither anime nor did… nor did Alexis have any friends on account of being homeschooled. She wasn’t an anime protagonist anyways. Nor a book one. Nor anything remotely like that. That was all fiction, this wasn’t.

Phone. Where can I find a phone? A few places pinged out in her mind, then more, slowly spreading out of the house until she stopped it. Fuck, she moved her hand to her mouth and felt her stomach clench as dark spots blotched into her vision. That was a mistake. She felt her stomach clench and rolled her eyes back to try and ease the pain, blinking and going to move on ahead slowly before she moved and heaved, feeling her stomach emptying its contents as she panted and gagged it out. She finished and felt like the room was upside down, the vertigo was intense… then she saw phantom limbs, maybe they were hers, moving forward and she moved, overlaying her arm onto the phantom ones and moving out of the way as a knife swished through the air beneath her, cutting her pants but only skimming her leg. She scurried forward and turned, looking at the man behind her.

She swallowed and gripped her fist. She saw more, phantom limbs and hers starting to move, avoiding phantom limbs that were coming out of the man. It was like an army of those ghosts in platformers that you were supposed to follow and she knew, on instinct, what they were.

Potential futures. Her attackers potential movements… she focused and the number reduced, turning to the most likely, merging the ‘ghosts’ and then going to dash, following it and reaching out to follow the ghost that was swiping, seeing the future-version holding a gun. Her fingers knew, more from her power than working knowledge, and she managed to snag it, her hand getting caught for a moment as the man grabbed her by the hair and started lifting her up. She winced and cried out in pain. She didn’t grab the gun, she soon realized. They pulled but her grip hadn’t managed to come and it was half hanging in its holster. What now? What now? She was only nine, well, almost ten. She didn’t have the string and she felt all her hairs getting pulled up and she moved her hands to try and grab at them. Her mind was wrenching as she did it. Every movement hurt and the actual, physical pain on her head seemed to magnify the migraine a hundred fold. Her heart was pounding but she knew the adrenaline wouldn’t help in the long run.

Is he going to kill me? Twenty Nine point eight. Wait, what? He wasn’t going to kill her? How was she going to die? The chances of her dying were… She looked at her attacker, tears going to start flooding her eyes, making them burn and the black splotches grew to a solid wall of darkness as she felt her mind tilt and totter. Alexis started to ask a second question, but the moment she summoned her power to get the numbers, she felt it screech and her brain felt like it was burning. Then the world went black.

That was the night that changed Alexis’ life. She went from being a posh girl supporting her daddy’s gambling habits by insuring him fame and fortune to… well it was sort of a blurring, the sort of fast track on life that was spent with long moments, but in hindsight the things seem so small. Well, the parts that she remembered. Her life wasn’t a good one, she spent her first few years stealing, picking pockets with the help of her ‘ghosts’ and then using that money to survive. She was a child, she couldn’t invest. She spent her nights in cheap motels, using stolen money. She knew the sleazy types, more so because they always had ghosts of their own when their attentions on her were… vile. Scum. A few of her more memorable nights were spent lockpicking and stealing from houses rather than people but that was always more of a risk than it was worth… until she found her savior.

Drugs. Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD. She knew the things were dangerous, but they were also so… pleasant. They made her constantly thrumming, albeit mild, headache go away and they let her see the ‘ghosts’ more clearly. The numbers would grow more precise. And they made her actually feel /happy/. She felt the numbers rise with each dose, but that didn’t matter, as it was. A few months into her discovery of who had drugs and how he could get them… she found the second most eventful day of her life.

A drug bust. One that she almost got away from and one that would’ve landed her a loooong sentence in prison, if not for one thing. She was fourteen, so she was charged as a minor. Her powers gave her a free ride to Fifth Sanctum and she was mandated to see a councilor for rehab twice a week, one on school one in town.


She’s a total nerd.


XP needed for next upgrade: 4

XP Counter:
Weekly XP: +4
Power Boost: -4

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