Basic Info:

Player: Algol3301
Name: Algol/Thomas Rodriguez
Aliases: Kyrian Grant

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Brief Description: Thomas and Algol are partners that share a single body due to a pact. Thomas is a pale Hispanic that typically dresses as a street rat. Algol however prefers formal wear and the body becomes more demonic with their eyes turning golden.



Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:


Brawn: 2 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 3 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 3 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 4 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 3 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 6

Health: 10

Psyche: 10

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total:3
Reflex Total:6
Willpower Total:9
Parry Roll:** 7

Mundane DR:2
Ability DR:2
Equipped:** Pocket Knife


  • Blade work (4) Brawn (Thomas has experience with using a knife in self defense and has done so on multiple occasions.)
  • Reflex (4) Finesse (The streets gave Thomas plenty of experience with dodging.)
  • Willpower - (5) Resolve (Chaos Magick users are extremely willful by trade.)
  • Stealth - (5) Finesse (Thomas' street rat days taught him how to hide in plain sight.))
  • Research - (4) Acuity (Thomas is quite a capable researcher due to his experiences with Chaos Magick.))
  • Analysis - (3) Acuity (Thomas is used to having to connect the dots in his research.))
  • Occult Knowledge - (4) Acuity (Thomas and Algol are quite well versed in lore and mythology.))
  • Magic - (4) Resolve (Algol doesn't know hoe to give up and passed this trait on to Thomas through their pact.)
  • Medicine - (3) Acuity (Thomas knows how to take care of basic wounds and prevent infection.))

Chaos Summon: Sword of Colada
Chaos Summon: Lance of Olyndicus


Chaos Magick- 3 (Power) What is that strange buzzing in my ear?
With the user's will the user is capable of temporarily creating a physical embodiment of a thought and summoning weapons temporarily.

Chaotic Mind- 2 (Power) What's wrong with your mind?
As a practitioner of chaos Magick the user's mind is a jumbled mess that only makes sense to them. This reduces psychic attacks effectiveness. -3 mental attacks.

Possession - 4 (Power) Since when were you the one in control?
One of the two souls may leave the body in order to enter another's body. Algol is plenty experienced while Thomas is capable but is weak currently.


  • Transhuman Senses (-3) - Senses like a Bloodhound/ Allows for senses to go beyond their normal capabilities
  • Eidetic Memory (-5) - Great Memory / Allows player to remember instances when not pressed for time without rolling. With a roll +3 to roll.


Total Currency: $200 CAD


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