Alice Li

Basic Info:

Player: Soulless

Demeanor: Alice comes off as thorny and somewhat spiteful, making herself purposefully a tough nut to crack. She is independent and strong-willed. When she’s transformed, Alice comes off as more soft-spoken and impassioned.

Nature: Alice is terrified of her own oncoming mortality, with a strong martyr complex. She carries with her regrets she fears she'll never accomplish before she dies. She's caring, almost too much so, and gets lonely easily.

Description: Alice is a 5 foot tall Chinese American girl of 15 years of age. She has long black hair, dark eyes, and often wears hoodies. When she is caught in a t-shirt, it’s often a fandom shirt, such as homestuck. None of her clothes are particularly flattering to her form and thus she often looks fatter than she actually is. She has a necklace that seems partially fused into her skin:

When Alice transforms, she looks more 19-20 years of age, well developed and curvaceous at a tall 5 foot 10 inches. Her hair gets longer and becomes a bright red-pink in color. Her eyes also become pink. Her skin becomes paler. In her transformed state, she wears her magical girl outfit consisting of a frilly pink and white dress that rides up to her mid-thigh and reveals enough at the top to show cleavage. Picture:


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1 +2 = 3
Agility: 1 +2 = 3

Brains: 1 +1 = 2

Skills:+3 severe bonus +1 upgrade

  • Clockworks are Cool: (Brain) (2) Alice has a secret adoration for everything clockwork and mechanical engineering as a whole. Despite her slacking in any other study, she’s a go-to for anything that goes tick tock.
  • Fast Reflexes: (Agility) (3 + 1 = 4) Alice is a bundle of nerves and will react to the slightest thing. Most of the time it’s overreacting, but sometimes it can save her skin.
  • Hypervigilant: (Brains) (3 + 4 = 4) Alice has a habit of always watching her surroundings in case she’s caught off guard. She hates to be surprised by anything and scrutinizes anything she’s told before believing it herself.
  • Brawler: (Brawn) (4 + 1 = 5) Alice’ll get into fistfights over the smaller things in life and would literally shove a nerd in a locker.
  • Parkour Artist: (Agility) (0 + 2 = 2) Alice likes to climb things. She’s part cat, or part monkey, or something. She’s happiest when she can climb somewhere and survey, or a place where she can run the rooftops, jump off walls, and everything that makes her feel connected and in control of her body.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Magical Girl: (5 + 1(Upgrade) = 6) Alice can transform into a magical girl(takes 1 turn), which summons her parasite in the form of a large gold-and-white raven capable of speaking. She gains pink, silver and gold wand, which can morph into two Katars, a whip, or a large shield. She chooses one weapon when she transforms, and can only choose to switch weapons once during her transformation. Her roll here determines how long the transformation lasts for, after which she must re-transform. While Alice is transformed, jpop plays in the background with happy, sad, and intense fight variations.

Katar form: She wields two punchy Katars that shine white and glow pink, with little wings on the handles. This allows her fast attacking movements, with subsequent hits resulting in a voice echoing “combo!” and increased damage with continued successful hits. After every second consecutive successful hit, Alice gains a +1 bonus to her attacks. She loses all bonuses if she misses or is blocked.

Whip form: She wields two whips which appear to be pink-and-white striped ribbons. They can also be used to lasso faraway objects or tie people up. They lengthen and shorten at her will and regenerate if cut with a flash of sparkle and light. They leave sparkles in the air as they move. Alice cannot deal damage with her ribbons.

Shield form: Alice lugs a big shield around with a faint holy-sounding singing around her. She gains small, incorporeal angel wings that appear to be made of sparkles. The shield is big enough to defend herself and a second person. While she can bash someone pretty good, its mostly for defense. Alice allows an additional interception roll to a person she protects.

Wand form: Team up and Dazzle! Alice can use her wand while in her transformed form to team up with a team member, donating a third of her roll to an ally’s roll as a bonus. Alice can also use her wand to temporarily disarm an enemy through the sheer power of cute and adorkable for a turn, rolling against mental defense. This is her looking very intensely at the enemy and forcing them to feel her aura of love and passion, while she talks about how goodness will always win.

Multi-form: Multi-Transform Team Go!! Alice can choose to transform an extra person. Both people will take up one turn through this transformation, and the roll will last as long as a regular bout by herself.

  • Magical Movements: (3 + 1(Upgrade) = 4) Alice can use her wand without transforming in order to adjust her movement/momentum in space. At its most flashy, she can teleport in bright sparks of glitter, with higher rolls meaning father distances. She can also leap farther distances, gracefully fall from stunning heights, and perform aerial acrobatics that would make an Olympic athlete jealous.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Fuck Off I’m Dying: (Severe) The parasite on Alice eats at her, slowly, from the inside of her soul. If she isn’t cured, she’ll likely become a catatonic doll before she’s 30. In the meantime, she loses things when the parasite takes bites. Sometimes its memories. Sometimes its bits of her personality. She increasingly often suffers from the inability to feel thirst, hunger, or pain and spells of dizziness. Sometimes the link between body and mind will shut down completely for a time. Upon GM discretion, a GM can choose to have Alice roll a severe penalty on or automatically fail any Brawn or Agility roll.
  • Fuck Off I Feel Like I'm Dying: (Severe) Alice's parasite has moved over to her friend, and in turn she is stuck with permanent connection to the Teardrinkers. Being not a Teardrinker herself, her mindscape occasionally breaks and melts down entirely. Also sometimes ghosts of her previous weakness show up, as continued memories or delusions of her state. Upon GM discretion, a GM can choose to have Alice roll a severe penalty or automatically fail any Brains-related roll.


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  • Bandages, a small medkit
  • Study material, including several manuals
  • A diary, along with a box filled with pictures of herself and another, frailer looking girl
  • Some decorations from home, a photo of her family
  • Research notes on her own condition
  • Pieces of clockwork and mechanical pieces everywhere

Personal History:

Alice was a mundane Chinese-American girl, daughter of immigrants. Her father was a surgeon and her mom stayed at home to raise her in the chinatown of a heavily populated city. She lived a pretty great life on the salary of her father, who worked hard enough to sustain everyone in the family, plus a little extra to send back home to China. Alice studied hard, mostly because her mother forced her to. Her little brother always got better grades, though.

Alice started to get into anime at around the age of 12, but her mother's disapproval caused many arguments as Alice demanded to purchase cosplay outfits and go to conventions unattended. After that, she started hanging out with a parkour crowd partially to spite her own mother.

There, she met a girl a little older than her, named Stacy. Stacy was a Japanese-American girl who always had a scarf around her neck. Stacy was always boisterous in mannerisms, though she looked somewhat frail, she rain with the best of them. It was Stacy that taught Alice the ropes. With Stacy, no one got hurt, not even in the craziest of tricks. Stacy was everyone's good luck charm.

One night, Alice saw Stacy make a trick, and fail to catch herself in time. Alice caught her instead, and saw metal embedded in her friend's skin. When confronted, Stacy confessed everything, having found this strange object and how it laced into her flesh. How it ate at her, and how terrified she was.

Stacy wasn't like Alice. Stacy did parkour, but she studied, too. Got good grades all the time. Wanted to become a doctor, save lives. Alice watched Stacy's condition deteriorate and made a decision. Stacy would become a doctor, and Alice, the useless Alice, would become a magical girl.

When Alice's parents found out, there was much crying and calling of scientists to try and cure her condition. It got the attention of GWU, and from there she was enrolled into SunnyBrook on one condition: that the GWU figure out what the necklace was and neutralize it, so that no other girl must ever suffer this way again.


Alice doesn't actually speak any japanese and only some mandarin. She hates jpop.

Alice used to have a pet cat that she named after her long-time anime crush. The cat was run over shortly before she arrived at SunnyBrook.

Alice's favorite food is mac n cheese. Her favorite color is green, much to her ire, that her outfit has not a speck of green.

Her favorite saying is "I didn't choose the kawaii life".

XP And Upgrades

XP: 0
4 XP - Skills (5 - 4 = 1 XP remaining) [+1 Brawler +1 HyperVigilant]
4 XP - Power Boost [+1 Magical Girl +1 Magical Movement] (0 remaining)

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