Ambrose Syl-Falaren

Basic Info:

Player: Duno666

Demeanor/Nature: Quiet, reverent, peaceful. Not prone to a fight, but great at patching things up afterward. Prefers plants and animals to other sentient beings. Wears simple clothes in muted browns and greens, usually without shoes unless required.

Description: Of medium height at 5’5” and lanky build at 115 lbs, Ambrose, age 15, has few features that immediately distinguish him from humans. His red-gold hair and liquid silver eyes lacking pupils are two of them, as are his elongated ears and sharp, planes-and-angles face. His bronze-toned skin could be explained away as always getting his hours in the sun.

Animal Companion Description: Lanten has a thick, greenish coat, spotted with brown, weighing in at around 160 lbs. His huge paws house equally huge, curved claws, and his ears come to a point on the top of his head, giving an attentive, intelligent look. Lanten barks only to alert Ambrose of danger, staying quiet for the most part, or growling softly as a warning to others.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 5


Information Sponge (Brains): 3 - The ability to rapidly and accurately absorb information from multiple sources simultaneously, and later recall it in perfect clarity is a boon to any heavily invested in Academics and Research

Discipline (Brains): 3 - Having experience with controlling one’s own thoughts grants solid Mental Defense

Determination (Brawn): 2 - Not all Endurance comes from raw strength, some find it in the willingness to get up one more time.

Special Eyes (Brains): 2 - Elves are known for their especially keen Perception

Perfect Innocence (Brains): 2 - Ambrose has a knack for using his features to display innocence when Persuading others


Ancestral Knowledge (Brains): Animal Handling, Gardening, Survival

Supernatural Abilities:

Druidic Wizardry (5)

Higher Powers (3)

Sun Elven Heritage (4)
Sun elves do not require sleep, instead entering a trance state that provides the same functionality. Ambrose requires two hours of trance per night.
Allowance: Ambrose has a $50 weekly allowance from his family. This arrives Sunday morning.
Ancestral Knowledge: (skill replacement) Access to the carefully curated tomes and teachings of the Sun Elves, including topics such as Animal Handling, Diplomacy, Gardening and Survival.

Animal Companion: (Elven hound) Some elven children are drawn to, or draw to them, animal companions. The companions are generally stronger, faster and more intelligent than others of their kind, and serve as companions, mounts, pets and defenders to those they befriend.

Ambrose must take an action to direct Lanten in combat.


Fey-Touched Lineage(severe): The Syl-Falaren lineage has roots in the near areas of the Fey world, and has gained their intolerance of cold iron. Any damage done by primarily iron or steel weapons cannot be healed by non-magical means, and touching iron is extremely uncomfortable.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Mobile phone, one of the oldschool Nokia impossible to damage types
  • Leather haversack
  • Change of clothes
  • School items - Fountain pen, notebooks, etc
  • Wallet
  • Pocketknife, "Swiss Army"-style
  • Animal treats
  • Plant food
  • Water bottle

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Dress clothes (elven)
  • Dress clothes (human)
  • PC, low end, but lots of monitors
  • Several changes of normal clothes
  • Books on Druidic Wizardry, in Elven

Personal History:


Any other information you think would be interesting.

Scene Guide


Money: $508
Allowance: $200

Income/wk: $36

XP Log

Cur: 1 Tot: 9

16/06/16 - +2 DarnellJermain's run "Underneath Haven"
16/06/17 - +1 June Training XP
16/06/19 - +1 Weekly XP
16/06/26 - +1 Weekly XP
16/07/01 - +2 June CW XP
16/07/03 - +1 Weekly XP
16/07/10 - +1 Weekly XP

Upgrade log

16/06/15: Power Tutor scene with Moby White (Crayola) - Heritage +1
16/06/19: Upgrade: Power Boost T0
16/07/13: Upgrade: Moving to Perfection (Brains) T0

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