Andrey Maijala

Basic Info:

Player: Nemi!

Demeanor: Bright, sly, confident, clever. Prepared for everything. Impulsive. Iffy common sense. Little thought to consequences. Veiled anxiety and insecurity that often leads to temper.

Nature: Sly, smart, but more absent-minded than he thinks. Tries to be self-aware but often with a dearth of common sense. Surprisingly intellectual and bright but not as well-read as he'd like. Generally confident but with an anxious, nervous core that sometimes exposes itself when surprised or upset, and often transitions into anger. Actually does think that his powers are awesome.

Description: Andrey's a tall girl standing at 6'1". With gold hair, green eyes that glint metallic, and a sharp and well-defined jawline, Andrey looks very Scandinavian indeed. Some oddities are clear at closer inspection; the bronze sheen to the skin, the impossible metallic smoothness to the hair, the platinum teeth and silver nails.

Andrey has your usual Finnish soft vaguely sing-song accent.


HP: 11/11

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 4

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Slayer - (5) Agility, Brawn Andrey is an excellent Fighter, despite lack of real formal training. He knows how to move, how to take hits, and how to deliver them.
  • Motley Crew - (3) Brains For whatever reason, Andrey just gets /along/ with people, having acquired friends from all walks of life. General Social Stuff.
  • Pantera - (3) Brains, Agility Perception
  • Machine Head - (3) Brains, etc Andrey has an inherent affinity for machinery. Tinkering, understanding metal and physics and maths. While not a trained engineer, he's got an intuitive grasp of it, and would love to get to mess with someone's car or take a machine apart to see how it works.
  • Dancer of the Frigid Valley - (3) Agility It's parkour. Yeah.
  • Ain't Never Scared - (2) Brains Willpower and stuff.

Supernatural Abilities:

Andrey's not actually aware of the extent of most of his superpowers due to inexperience. The powers that ARE there are pretty sweet, though.

Iron Maiden- 8+3T - Andrey can summon, control, and even transmute his body into metal. This has all kinds of purposes- phase through metal walls and doors, make a huge steel block to absorb an incoming impact, seriously mess with a car. So many uses!

Oomph! - 7+3T - As if metal creation and manipulation wasn't enough, Andrey has the unusual ability to manipulate and produce sound waves of incredible force and potency. This has varied uses, from propelling his speech a long distance and yet with focused enough band as to only reach a single target, dampening sound to render an area silent, or just blasting something with a sonic wave.



List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • Pocket knife (ahem that's a multitool)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Excessive sound system
  • Desktop PC
  • Synthesizer
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Lots and lots of posters.
  • Gift from Mary: It is a framed full color drawing of him in plate armor, playing an Axe (the guitar kind… get it?) His hair blowing in the wind and a bolt of lightning coming from the top of the guitar. Also in the gift box would be a sheet music copy of the song she wrote for him along with the guitar chords.

Personal History:

Andrey Maijala was born on May 21st, 2002, to parents Mattias and Annikki Maijala, in the Finnish city of Lahti. With an older brother and sister, Simo and Erika respectively, Andrey was the youngest and often most-doted on child, which led to some bullying from Simo and Erika bonding with the boy to protect him. Nonetheless, Andrey simmered quite a bit at Simo's teasing, which manifested in a tendency toward minor rebellion fostered only by his resentment of the parental attention that he saw as responsible for Simo's bullying.

Andrey was an average student going through primary school, not because of any particular lack of smarts but due to a lack of care. Andrey rebelled in small ways- wearing black, listening to heavy metal (much of it actually imported from the United States and thus a bit more acceptable to his parents than the Satanic overtones of much Finnish metal), experimenting with other genres and playing at art. Never particularly good at any of his distractions, Andrey nonetheless indulged in the advantages of a middle-class living and Lahti's own particular facilities and became a fairly avid skier. And though he'd never admit it, he was fond of the local jazz movement.

All in all, Andrey's life was fairly ordinary. He played video games, he hung with friends, he pretended very hard to be a cool and hard bad-ass out of spite to his older brother, and he'd fool around on the internet or get into fights just for the sake of it, not for any real malice.

Until about a month ago, where sixteen-year-old Andrey woke up one morning on summer break to find that his hands and forearms up past the elbows were covered in blackened steel and that he was mostly a girl. The scream woke his parents, his siblings (his older brother living with the folks after dropping out of college, having decided that studying literature wasn't going to get him a job), the neighbors, and broke windows for five miles around.

The GWU, fortunately, responded fastest.


XP Log: 50

Salon Work: $48/week, $240 so far

+2 XP, +$500, Red's TEE VEE Mission (1/30/2016)
+1 Skill (Parkour) - Training with Bob, (1/31/2016)
+2 XP, +$500, LT's SPORTSSSSS Mission (3/31/2016)
+3 XP, +$500, Knock Knock (4/29/2016)
+2 XP, +$300, Orientation (5/8/2016)
+1 XP, +$200, Under Haven (6/16/2016)

T0 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Iron Maiden, Oomph!)
4 - Growing Skills (Slayer, Dancer of the Frigid Valley)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Agil)
4 - Gettin' Tuff (+2 HP)

T1 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Iron Maiden, Oomph!)
4 - Growing Skills (Slayer, Dancer of the Frigid Valley)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Brawn)
4 - Gettin' Tuff (+2 HP)

T2 Expenditures:
4 - Power Boost (Iron Maiden, Oomph!)
4 - Growing Skills (Never Scared)
4 - Getting Better (+1 Brawn)
4 - Psyche Up (+2 Psyche)

T3 Expenditures:

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