Basic Info:

Quiet, shy and rather untrusting. Flighty, one might say.
Scared, of everyone around her, but mostly of herself.
Reddish Brown hair, short -barely 4'5'', rather plain, looks like she's got a native ability to bake cookies. Russet wings from her back.


HP: 8
Psyche: 6
Brawn: 1
Brains: 3


  • Bladed Things (2) Agility For playing knifeyhand
  • Reflexes (4) Agility Also for playing knifeyhand
  • Survival- (2) Brains Bird Grylls
  • Thiefy Stuff (2) Agility Stealing from the rich, give to *mumble* *mumble*
  • Sneakying(Stealth) (4) Agility People just don't ever look up, do they?(+1 Jacket, 5 total)
  • Medicine (2) Brains She can't quite kiss it better, but she can maybe cures what ails you
  • Perception (2) Brains All the better to see you with my pretties!

Supernatural Abilities:

Altered Physique 5 (+1)
Wings- The skies are the limit! Also Ceilings. Her alterations all for flight, her exact airspeed hasn't been clocked yet, but likely to be quite high if she's properly prepared.
Improved Eyesight - All the Better to see you with
Improved Hearing - Still probably can't hear that one teacher that talks waaay too quietly
Speech with Birds- Except with Crows. Not because she can't, they're just assholes. Notably she can't command birds, only make requests, but she's a polite young birdgirl, so hopefully at least some birds will be willing to lend a wing.

Wind Control 2 (+1)
A very mild instictive wind control, currently limited to propelling herself by generating small gusts beneath her wings.

Personal Power Nullification 7 (+1)
She did not clap. She does not believe. Resists any powers attempting to affect her directly, the powers will be fully functional,however, by expending an action, she can shake off the effects on any supernatural powers affecting her (Passively roll against power instead of defense if it's higher than the defense in question, actively roll to shake off a power or negate it even if it hits by using next action)


Required Secondary Weaknesses Hollow bones, she'll also always be small and light. Currently only weights about 20kg. Also, this makes her quite weak physically, and can't lift much, and even less if she wants to fly (-3 to all rolls relating to physical strength) <Severe>
High Metabolism Even with her light body, she's a big eater. On the bright side, she can eat pretty much as much chocolate as she wants. Flying burns a lot of calories.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Basic Clothing. For keeping warm and stuff. No shoes though, they're uncomfortable.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.
*Charm Bracelet- Hand Carved from wood, and spelling out her name. She knows its hers. She just doesn't know where it came from.

Custom Hoodie This hoodie is hand stitched and designed to your specs. Wearing it will really help you blend into the shadows, or into a crowd. +1 to stealth based rolls. ~ by Comp1l3Cloth
150 Dollars.

Personal History:

Some years ago, searching for a better life, a couple moved from the greek islands to America, chasing the dream. They were poor, but they got by, selling charms and trinkets from the 'old country' in a little store in Boston.Perhaps they worked, more likely they were just pretty. Eventually, a child was born. Annora, named after a distant ancestor, as is the custom. For a few years they continued, getting by until disaster struck. Leukemia. There was no hope of a cure, even if it existed, they certainly couldn't afford it. Poor as they were.

They tried to make their daughter as comfortable as they could, but hope was gone. Until one afternoon a man in a suit arrived, inviting himself in, and offering a proposal. They could perhaps cure Annora, but the procedure was experimental and likely to fail. What choice was there? They accepted

Some weeks later, a coffin was returned. The man apologized, and advised them not to open the coffin, it would be better that way for them. The parents grieved, but at least their daughter's suffering had ended. They could all move on.

Except they had not failed. Though the previous dozen had failed, Annora had lived through the work Eternity had done to her. That was the good news, the bad news was they didn't know why. The techniques they had used on her failed on everyone else, leaving twisted monsters, not the fusion of Avian and Humanoid that they had created with her. Experiments needed to be done. If they could crack this secret they would have a cure to a crippling disease that plagued humanity. This was for the greater good. Sacrifices must be made.

One day however, Annora was left roam a little too far, the handlers growing complacent, she was the perfect experimental subject, the mental controls over her had her well in hand, however that nobody had realized was she had developed an ability to null such things on her, she only obeyed from obedience, not from any control, after all, she knew she was just an experiment, working, again, for the greater good. What she found was simple. A little wooden charm bracelet in a store room, spelling out Annora in little bits of wood. She couldn't read, she didn't understand it..but it was that push she needed. She took to the skies, flying away. She didn't know who she was but she was a person. She was not an experiment. Annora. That's all she knew for sure.

Of course, she still needs to work for the greater good. Eternity have so, so many failures. They aren't going to let a success go easily. For now they wait patiently. They expect her to return home eventually, or show up on one of those fascinating teams of 'Heroes'.

Meanwhile, one foggy night a small winged figure lands in the courtyard of a rather extraordinary school….


Doesn't like cats. Cats like her, but in the way they like any other kind of bird.
Dogs too.
Eagles are just assholes.
Really, any predator. There is a food chain, and she sadly does not appear to be at the top of it.
Asking her if she has feathers 'Down there' will result in a slap.

++++XP Tracker
Annora- 29

Tier 1
4 XP +1 Wind Control, +1 Power Nullification
Power Tutor +1 Null
4XP +1 Agility
4XP +2 HP
4XP +2 Stealth

Tier 2
4 Xp-Power Boost +1 Power Nullification, +1 Altered Physique
4Xp- +1 Agility
4xp- +2 Perception

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