Basic Info:

Name: Elizabeth Adrianna LaCroix

Player: Nemi!

Demeanor: Wry, sly, confident, possibly arrogant and vain, but with a seemingly genuine desire to help.

Nature: Anthiel is a horrible liar and what you see is what you get. That said, its 'good nature' is on a scale somewhat skewed from others, and it really does enjoy making people squirm just for the sake of it. Nonetheless, the entity is very attached to its humanity, and does what it can for others' sake. Appears to be very strongly bonded to Leah Nasser.

Description: Anthiel typically looks like a tall (at 5'6"), lily-white young woman with long platinum blonde hair, dark stains around its watery blue eyes, and a startling bodytype. It has pleasantly Germanic features and similarly looks as if in terrible need of vivid flowers-and-vines tattoos.

Anthiel typically dresses in fashionable, albeit perhaps 'hipstery' outfits, featuring a lot of white, blue, and cream colours.


HP: 12/12

Psyche: 12/12

Brawn: 5

Agility: 3

Brains: 5


Thine Wrath…: 6 (Brawn) (4+3): Imbibing Her Tears infuses the drinker with terrible strength. General acts of Strength, Fitness, and Endurance. Does /not/ provide fisticuffs benefits.
… be Done.: 6 (Brains) (4+3): And so too does it provide incredible surety and mental might. Willpower, General Academics
Wondrous Rapidity: 6 (Agility/Brains) (4+2) The Tears accelerate near all functions to near superhuman levels, from reflexes to target recognition, all the better to serve His will. Speed, Reflexes
Divine Wrath: 4 (Brawn) We enter the fray.

Supernatural Abilities:

Thine Will: 7+5T (4 +5). Being a conglomerate of human consciousness empowered by His Tears, Anthiel possesses formidable and flexible psychic abilities. Beyond continually projecting a subtle psychic haze from its numerous wills leaking forth, Anthiel can focus to perform assorted incredible effects, telepathic and telekinetic alike.

New Flesh: 4+5T (4+1). Anthiel's Filth-composed internals render them unnervingly resistant to common forms of injury. Being technically boneless and without those pesky 'vital organs', Anthiel's also capable of performing incredible feats of contortion. Some more specific effects may have a DC.

  • Fluid Form: Passive. Anthiel's body is soft and can easily deform, making it able to squeeze into all sorts of improbable places. Its movements are similarly smooth, sinuous, and unsettling to look at.
  • Surface Tension: Passive. Once it takes a shape, Anthiel's body tries to stay that way. This can be exploited to some degree: Adding mass and then shifting it about to sculpt the body profile into one humanoid shape or another.

Liar’s Mask: 7+5T (1+4). Anthiel is able to assume both its favored appearance, a Magical Girl form, and to adjust its features to look like any human of roughly the same size and shape quickly and easily.


Soul Parasite: The parasite inside Anthiel eats at its soul, slowly, from the inside. Anthiel increasingly often suffers from the inability to feel thirst, hunger, or pain and spells of dizziness. Sometimes the link between body and mind will shut down completely for a time. Upon GM discretion, a GM can choose to have Anthiel roll a severe penalty on or automatically fail any Brawn or Agility roll. Severe


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A white and orange Motorola smartphone.
  • Student ID
  • Billfold
  • Gold-tone iPod Touch
  • Gold-tone Beatz by Dre Headphones

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Copper-finished laptop
  • Tablet PC
  • An absolutely gobsmackingly large wardrobe
  • Similarly excessive volume of shoes
  • Humidifier
  • Oodles of cosmetics
  • Standing mirror
  • Playstation 4 and backlog of classic horror and RPG games
  • Gold-Tone iPad Mini
  • Silver Charm Bracelet, from Cin

Personal History:

Anthiel was born an only child as Aiden Adam Hampton on October 1st, 2002 to lower-class parents Timothy and Marina Hampton in the city of Troy, New York. His father was a longshoreman at the Albany waterfront and did work as a salvager in the slow season, while Aiden himself alternated between being cared for by the local public school or causing mischief on the street.

Come 2014 and Aiden's father was called in from his usual longshoreman's work to attend to the salvaging of a wrecked cargo ship at the bottom of the Hudson. What should have been a routine job turned tragic, as it turned out that the cargo ship in question, the Queen of Prussia, bore within its hold an ancient and unearthly force: the Unclean Heart.

The Heart exuded black tears, which dazzled and infected the salvage crew. When they returned to their homes in the wake of the salvaging, they underwent a bizarre transformation, and promptly spewed forth the Tears into their family members and cohabitants. These new Tear Drinkers would have proven to be quite a terrible threat had the GWU, at great cost of life and materiel, successfully routed their most-changed and destroyed the Heart.

Some of the infected were salvageable, no longer linked to the Heart. One of these was Aiden Hampton, at this point a young teenager. While the infected had begun to develop the strange reality-disruption abilities and strange physical traits of Tear Drinkers, they were severed from the Unity.

After four years of isolation and study, through which Hampton's mutations continued (along with the characteristic warping of mind that led Hampton to insist on being referred to as 'Anthiel'), GWU researchers decided that the salvaged would-be Tear Drinkers could be potentially returned, in controlled circumstances, to the anomalous humanoid population.

Anthiel is no longer recognizable as the person it (he? She?) was once, but has already responded positively to being placed in a supportive social environment. Tear Drinkers, as much as humans, seem to need company.

It certainly has little in common with its host beyond memories anchoring it to Hampton's childhood. Memories of other Tear victims meld with Anthiel's own- it really is a unique being all its own.

A lot's happened since Ellie came to Sunnybrook, most of it for the better. Being part of Pomeline's Angels is certainly a thing.


Money: 1400$
Total Exp: 92
Tier: 5

T0 Expenditures:
-4: Power Boost, +1 Liar's Mask, +1 Thine Will
-4: Learning New Tricks, +1 Thine Wrath, +1 Wondrous Rapidity
-4: Moving to Perfection, +1 Brains
-4: Clear Mind, +2 Psyche

T1 Expenditures:
-4: Power Boost, +1 Thine Will, +1 Liar's Mask
-4: Moving to Perfection: +1 Agil
-4: Learning New Tricks, +1 Be Done, +1 Thine Wrath
-4: Toughen Up: +2 Wounds

T2 Expenditures:
-4: Power Boost, +1 Thine Will, +1 Liar's Mask
-4: Learning New Tricks: +1 Be Done, +1 Wondrous Rapidity
-4: Moving to Perfection: +1 Brains
-4: Toughen Up: +2 Wounds

T3 Expenditures:
-4: Moving to Perfection: +1 Brawn
-4: Power Boost, +1 Thine Will, +1 Fluid Form
-4 Leaning New Tricks
-4 Clear Mind: +2 Psyche

T4 Expenditures:
-4 Clear Mind: +2 Psyche
-4 Moving to Perfection: +1 Brains
-4: Power Boost, +1 Thine Will, +1 Liar's Mask
-4 Learning New Tricks

Thoughts and Relationships:

  • Where have you gone..?
    • This is going to always eat at me. You were my first best friend.
  • I fucking love Leah.
    • I don't even think you know how much I need you. You're a lighthouse shining in the dark.
    • When I'm lost you always guide me home.
  • Alice, you did more for me than you'd ever know.
    • And you can go home again. I hope everything's well. Miss you.
  • And why does Lisa trust me?
    • Well then. You're adorable, and so deeply over your head.
    • You really think you can challenge me? I'm not even playing the same game.
  • How do you do this so effortlessly?
    • It's not even easy for you, huh. You do a good job at hiding it.
    • Great baker. Glad I started going to this club.
    • My shrine's better.
  • Aiko's cute and a total dork. Who has the entire SMT series on emulator. Love ya.
  • Well. I've never met someone who manages to be so interesting and so boring at the same time.
  • Now how does Katlyn manage to be at the centre of everything that goes badly here?
    • I could fix this so easily. But I'm that idiot who wants to get people to fix themselves.
    • I think I can even trust that she'll help herself.
  • Twelve is like a mini-me.
    • Adorable in a vaguely uncomfortable way. And apparently artificial. There's a similarity here.
    • Now where have you gone?
  • I have never seen anyone so simultaneously broken, cute, and out there at the same time as Zita.
    • When her girlfriend left I did something I'm not proud of to put her back together. I'm still not sure it was the right decision.
  • Sigh.
    • You've taught me a lot about what I can do and how badly it can work out.
    • You really deserve better.
  • Wilhelm has very real issues with self-image. I can sympathize.
    • Oh my God lighten up already.
    • Well, you taught me a lot about broken people.
  • So, a High Priestess of Sals walks into a bar…
    • It's not right to make jokes about you, really. You're alien, sure, but you're strong, you know your purpose, and I know your pantheon's real.
    • You've seen more of me than a lot of people. I hope you don't abuse it.
  • Life is becoming increasingly anime.
  • Cass's bluntness is refreshing.
    • Now I know why. Tragic, but there's a lesson here in not giving up. You can hold on ten years. I know you can.
    • Hahahahahaha.
    • I have realized that I don't think of the scale of numbers anymore when words like "billions" start being thrown around.
  • Okay, I'm wrong, life is becoming some kind of hentai.
    • This girl needs help, and it's help against herself. It reminds me so much of me…
    • It IS just like me. She's fighting against everything nature tells her she is.
    • She saw me at my weakest and she still sees me as mentor, almost idol. I'm going to try to prove myself worthy of that.


Contains Petra's Warmth, Yohan's Pride, and Elizabeth's Violation. Only three of her children remain.

Carries an envelope, sealed by the symbol of the woman gathering roses, its purpose yet unknown.

Wedding for a Tear Drinker

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