Aoi Ryoukai

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Basic Info:

Player: tripl3dogdare/tripl3_
Name: Aoi Ryoukai (領海 青い Ryoukai Aoi) lit. "Blue Waters"
Aliases: Siren

XP Unspent/Total: 1/28

Brief Description: Aoi is a tiny, shy girl who prefers books to people. She is mute, which makes communication hard. Attempting to interrupt her in the middle of a reading session will likely result in a slightly annoyed look and a return to her book, along with her business card by way of an introduction if you're lucky. She rarely seems to show emotion, and uses a pad and pen to talk most of the time.

Sex and Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Sometime in late 2002, she's not really sure herself.
Height and Weight: 4'11.5" (151cm) and sensitive about it, 95lb (43kg)
Hair: Shoulder-length, straight, black with a permanently-dyed blue streak in the right side of her bangs.
Eyes: Deep blue
Additional: Aoi is literally a few centimeters taller than the qualification for being considered a dwarf and significantly underweight. Basically, she's freaking tiny.

Appearance: Beyond her basic appearance, Aoi has two small black cat ears perched on top of her head and a long matching tail attached near her waist. She dresses mostly in black clothes with blue accents, though she's occasionally seen wearing something more fancy (blue if at all possible). She prefers to wear a black half-mask over her mouth when going into battle, not unlike the lower half of a ninja mask. She's rarely seen without her signature pair of fingerless black leather gloves, which she specially designed to help channel her powers. She's fairly athletically built, and while she isn't particularly strong her size and speed make her a formidable opponent.

Personality: Aoi is quiet, shy, and reserved, preferring to spend her time with her nose in a book (if you can't find her, the library is a good bet). Her disability makes it hard for her to make friends, so she keeps to herself for the most part. When she makes friends, however, she proves to be loyal and reliable, always the steady rock of the team. She has an almost legendarily long fuse, sometimes seeming almost emotionless. However, the last thing you should do is mess with her friends - it will likely win you a quick, silent, and unexpected end. She is often labeled as unobservant, but this is a guise; she is almost always the single most aware person in the room, no matter what she's doing. However, despite seeming like an immutable, unbotherable rock at first, she is really quite vulnerable. Perhaps partly because of how difficult it is for her to communicate, she tends to bottle her emotions up, which later results in huge and violent blowouts. As such, she spends rather a large amount of money on training dummies. She tends to be overprotective and motherly, which can get on her friend's nerves from time to time and makes her prone to putting herself in unnecessary danger for her friends. She also shows promise as an excellent tactician, often finding the fastest, most elegant, safest way through a fight or situation with seemingly little trouble. She also suffers from a mild form of PTSD (reason explained in Personal History), which sometimes causes her to break down. She is a closet lesbian and somewhat of an androphobe due to the same incident that caused both her muteness and her PTSD.

Hobbies: Reading, guitar, tinkering with weaponry
Likes: Books, music, nature, being petted (by friends)
Dislikes: Water, men, liars


Brawn: 1 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 4 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 4 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 4 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 2 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 8

Health: 8

Psyche: 10

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 1
Reflex Total: 8
Willpower Total: 4
Parry Roll: 8 (9)

Dodge: 10
Mundane DR: 1
Ability DR: 1
Equipped: Katana


  • Bladework/Hand-to-hand Combat - (5) Finesse Aoi has proficiency in various types of combat, especially unarmed and swordplay.
  • Reflex - (4) Finesse Aoi, as a part-cat, has reflexes surpassing that of a normal, untrained human, though not necessarily superhuman.
  • Stealth - (3) Finesse Quiet kitty footsteps :3
  • Perception - (4) Acuity Aoi is usually the most aware person in the room, even when distracted.
  • Weaponcrafting - (3) Acuity Aoi can build or improvise various types of weapons from most materials due to her time alone in the wilderness.


Broken Silence - 9 Gift
Aoi, ironically, has the ability to scream so loudly that anything and everything nearby will be holding it's ears at best, and torn to pieces at worst (reminiscent of Black Canary's "Canary Cry").

Aqous Blade - 6 Gift
Aoi can control and create water in all it's forms to a small extent, usually manifested in channeling it through her sword or other tools.
Resolve (takes a lot of concentration)


  • Muteness (-2) - Aoi is mute. About the only sounds she can manage are cat-like purrs and hisses, and of course her Broken Silence.
  • I Won't Let That Happen Anymore (6) - Aoi is very protective of her friends and will fight to her last breath to protect them. (+1 to attack, +5 to intercept when an ally is <= 2 health, or when two allies are < 1/3 health)
  • Transhuman Senses (3) - As a cat, Aoi's senses are heightened beyond that of a normal human. (+3 to resist sensory impairment, ignore most environmental reductions to perception)
  • Near-photographic Memory (5) - Aoi has a nearly photographic memory, allowing her to store and retrieve information faster and more effectively. (No rolls for memory when not under pressure, +3 to memory and always accurate under pressure)


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand

  • Her prized katana (usually worn on her back)
  • Gloves designed to channel her water powers into ice shuriken (worn)
  • Four steam-based smoke bombs, replenished manually during her free time (clipped to her belt)
  • A specially designed holster on her belt containing:
    • A stack of business cards bearing her name and information, mainly used for low-effort introductions
    • A pen and notepad to allow her to communicate
    • A smartphone

In her dorm

  • Way, way too many books of nearly every conceivable subject and genre
  • Materials for making her smoke bombs/repairing her gear
  • An old acoustic guitar
  • Paper, spare notepads/pens/pencils
  • The rock candy/salt stuff/pixie dust given to her on arriving at the dorms
  • A diary that logs advancements in her research on how to cure her muteness (see Quest for a Cure)

XP and Advancement

Additional Information

Bibliography / History:

Interpersonal Relationships:

Quest for a Cure
Aoi has been searching for a cure for her muteness for years. Her personal diary logs advances in her research.

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