Aramie Aridi

Basic Info:

Player: Defined

Demeanor: Cheerful, Optimistic and very much live-in-the moment
Nature: See above

Description: Aramie is a construct, made from a sea blue crystal that would not be known to classic science, She's 5'5'' and appears to resemble a young girl, with a lithe build, and long hair. Her overall body is only vaguely detailed, with the exception of her face, which is fully expressive and detailed. Human, abet one that's blue.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7
Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 2

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Charm - (4) Brains She really is an excessively nice person. Beware!
  • Computer Use (4) Brains She asked the computer nicely to help her out, keyboards are clunky, but usable when she doesn't want to show off.
  • Reflexes - (4) // Agility// She's able to move quickly when she wants to!

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Ghost in the Shell - 4 - One might level the accusation of 'Artificial Intelligence' at Armie, but this would be probably false, or not. Her exact nature would be up for philosophical debate on the nature of souls and what exactly it means to be 'artificial'. But there is a consiousness inside her body, and it is capable of extending out and 'possessing' other electronic devices, to control them as an extension of her body. Of course these days most things are controlled electronically…

Swarm Form- 3 - Her body appears to be a single construction, but in reality it is a network of small interlocked 'Insects', each of which can act independently under Armie's control if needed, though she prefers not to (It itches like crazy until she can get everything settles back properly). Not only will this allow her to remake her body to a degree. (Lose 1 point of brawn to gain flight, burrowing, or to make a simple tool) She can fully disperse to gain immunities to non-AOE physical damage. However, in this form she can take no physical actions, and furthermore takes -2 to all actions for 5 hours after she reforms due to the discomfort


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

  • My weakness is cupcakes


Just herself!

Personal History:

Aramie was once a perfectly normal girl, doing perfectly normal girl things. Until there was an accident. The driver was on his phone, and didn't see Aramie running unto the road chasing a kitty. She was gravely injured, and would surely die soon. However…
Her father was a genius, a robotics expert as well as forayer into the newly discovered mystic arts. Combining the two skills. He was able to bind her soul to a hivemind of nanobots. However..there was a minor little catch. Just as the ritual was completed, and because of a tipoff from neighbours that were worried at his erratic actions after the accident, the police broke in, to see a dagger plunged into the heart of said young girl. It was to save her, but try explaining that to some jumpy policemen. There was an altercation as the man desperately tried to finish the ritual, and he was shot dead. Mystic energies raged around the room, and the order was given for the basement to be sealed, and forgotten, even if it left the body down there.

That was Ten Years Ago. A man died, believing he had failed. He hadn't. His lab had been sealed, untouched for a decade. In the end it was a storm that completed the final action needed. The energy from a lightning strike is important symbolically too, as it represents new life from what was passed in the minds of many..or maybe all that was needed was enough electrical energy. Regardless..down in the basement, tiny little machines would be gathering up…


Any other information you think would be interesting.

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