Ashe Everly

Basic Info:

Player: ReclaimerCurse

Demeanor: She's determined, sarcastic ,and always getting into places she probably shouldn't be in.

Nature: She's driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure. Having been caged for a portion of her life she prefers open spaces. She enjoys the path less traveled.

Description: Roughly 5'11" with a slight athletic build and a small amount of freckles. Bright red hair cut short in a pixie/bob style and golden yellow eyes. Usually seen wearing cargo pants or jeans of darker colors and a variety of t-shirts. When it's cold she has a heavy jacket that goes down to her knees and has a floofy white fur collar.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Parkour - (4) Agility Thinking and reacting quickly to how best maneuver in your environment
  • Mechanics - (3) Brains General tinkering and understanding of how a machine works through reverse engineering and building from a basic base.
  • Reflex - (2) Agility She's flinchy. Sometimes its embarrassing, and other times it could save her life
  • Martial arts - (3) Agility Having little to no physical strength to back up a punch or a kick she relies on using her opponents momentum against them. A few years of training in Akido and Wing Chun sharpened her precision.

Supernatural Abilities:

Manipulate Gravity - 4 - She can remove or increase the gravity of herself or something she touches. To remove the gravity her limit is 200lbs per power point.

Teleportation - 3 - If she focuses for a second she can teleport to anywhere she's been or has seen. Limit is 50 miles per tier.


  • Heavy objects made weightless or an extreme increase of gravity, for long periods of time, will make her lightheaded and dizzy


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  • Hip bag with fastener around her leg
  • Screwdriver and wrench
  • Cell phone
  • hard candies

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Bunch of different books. From physics guides to The Hobbit.
  • notepads and pens/pencils
  • Photo album of places she's been.

Personal History:

Ashe's powers developed at an early age. Just as she was learning to walk in fact. Her parents, in fact her whole family, prided themselves on being the "All American, Christian, apple pie" family. So finding out that their little girl was teleporting herself across the room and making her building blocks float was a severe crisis.
At first they simply kept her inside and tried to teach her to not use her powers. Firm "NO!"s and taking away her toys, things like that. As she grew older and her powers still didn't go away they decided to keep her in the basement with no windows. Her father refused to acknowledge her existence, her mother made her think that she was an abomination and that going outside would bring the "Wrath of God" upon her. Her sister believed what their mother said but still tried to be nice to Ashe. She dreamed of escaping and exploring the world. But she was terrified of her mother.
It was when she was about 13 when her sister unknowingly gave her her freedom. She came down to the basement with a magazine, like she usually does, but this one had a special feature about their towns harvest festival. She flipped though it and stopped on a picture of several people laughing under a tall oak. It was on a hill overlooking the town. Her sister said that you could see their house from there.
She felt a powerful longing to be where they were standing. And suddenly she was. Sunshine, something she hadn't felt in 7 years, engulfed her. A cool autumn breeze tugged at her hair. The grass beneath her bare feet felt like heaven. Her jubilation was suddenly replaced with fear. After a few moments though she came to the conclusion that she was not going to be smote by a divine being. But her mother might still do it.
She turned her back on her hometown, her family and got as far away from there as she could. She found herself in a big city, with no money, no shoes and no idea what to do. She was found by another Anomalus. An empath who felt her troubled emotions from across town and wanted to help.
Her name was Pat and she owned an auto restoration shop with her partner Anne. They taught her how engines work, how to take them apart and re-assemble them. And they taught her about what she was and that what her mother did was wrong. After a year or so they enrolled her in school and she made friends with kids who showed her all around town. The parks and the best trees to climb, abandoned warehouses, subway systems ect. She was scared to use her powers around them however. She thought that her mother would somehow find out and come to get her.
During this time, she discovered one of her friend's fathers ran a martial arts school and was also an Anomalus. He could harden himself and become impervious to most forms of damage. She asked to be taught by him and he evaluated her potential and recommended Akido or Wing Chun.
Right around her 16th birthday, Anne and Pat decided that it would be best if she were around others like herself. To be in a place where she could explore and hone her powers. They sent her to The Fifth Sanctum, School for the Supernatural.


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