Ashlean Gerrard Greyson

Player: SavanahHolland

Demeanor: Usually a reasonably relaxed guy, if not capitalized by the offhandedly lax formal attire he always wears. At times though, if you catch him in the right mood, he can almost seem bitterly cold, unapproachable, or irritatingly condescending.

Nature: Unlike his either completely relaxed or just very apathetic attitude, he actually has quite the abhorrent temper, saying and doing things that he really doesn't mean while in his rage. Of course, that only happens rarely, it's actually thoroughly tough to get to him. Once Ashlean actually gets close to someone he's notably affectionate, and compassionate to them, if not strikingly protective. Though getting close to him would be quite the task, he doesn't plan to let it happen so easily, especially after Mavis's death.

Description: Sixteen year old Ashlean was formerly born with chestnut brown hair, but overtime it's become a somewhat dark grey colour that gets lighter towards to roots of his hair. You can even still see meager turfs of the still greying auburn near the roots of his hair. He keeps his hair offhandedly disheveled, a reoccurring theme with the young man in essentially everything. Ashlean has happened to always have had currant red irises, some would call it heathanistic and some would call it debonair, depending on the person of course. His height is a little taller than most males his age, at 6'3 and with a natural body weight, if not a little skinnier.

His face is symmetrical, a gift from the gods of attractiveness some would even say. His skin pasty, reasonably sickly looking thanks to his time living in cities that were hardly hit by the glow of sunshine. From his mouth usually hangs a lit cigarette, a noxious habit that he doesn't really care to get over. He consistently wears a faintly ivory dress shirt with the sleeves pulled back but not buttoned and the collar popped, a light black vest, and a black slackened tie. Also wearing matching light black slacks and shiny onyx dress shoes. Ashlean also has a gold watch on his wrist, it's defective, but still satisfactory enough for him to look at it and make up some excuse to get out of a situation if the need arises.

On his shoulder he has a small round scar from a bullet wound he sustained when he was younger, still to this day not fully healed. Ashlean also happens to be mostly colour blind, only able to see shades of the colour blue, which has mellowed out his view of the world around him and it's beauty considerably. Ashlean Gerrard Greyson.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do

Melee combat: (4) Brawn
Accuracy: (4) Agility
Reflexes: (2) Agility
Medical Aid: (2) Brains
Perception: (2) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

Vivid Monochrome - 4 - Ashlean, despite his nearly monochrome vision, harnesses the ability of colour, able to drain it from objects both animate and inanimate alike. He can use this draining ability to use the colour in solid form, able to create a sword from it, or shards to throw like needles. If he drains colour from a living creature or object, the drain isn't permanent; whoever or whatever he had drained slowly regaining it's colour in the span of a hour or less, the colour of the original creation with go back to where it came from formally, the object still left but now pure light or dark grey in colour.

Striking Revival - 3 - When Ashlean drains colour from another living thing, usually a person, he can also drain mental or physical health from them when he chooses, using it as his own and leaving them with less than they had started the battle with. The colour he drains from the person returns in a hour or less, the physical and mental health he drains is also permanent unless he loses it in battle the natural way.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

Ashlean is blind to approximately all colours, only being able to regard certain shades of grey, everything else being monochrome in his view. It makes socializing rather troublesome, because he has a bit of a aversion to having to actually admit this to people, in most first meetings, he's noticed how often it comes up. Well at least if you asked him his most preferred color was, he would say blue, for obvious reasons. Mild


  • Damaged gold watch
  • Fake cheap wallet that he keeps in his back pocket for muggers, so they don't find his real wallet
  • Real hidden wallet filled with cash, counterfeit IDs and a picture of Mavis
  • Mint chewing gum
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Package of unopened cigarettes he's somehow managed to keep on him
  • Vibrant blue lighter

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Dress shirts, vests, scarves, and other assorted clothing items fit for a noir stylized gentleman
  • Black Dell laptop
  • A few movies he keeps on his desk next to his laptop, just for when he's in the mood
  • A few empty black journals and ordinate pens
  • Simple colognes, luckily for everyone it's not the cheap stuff
  • Soaps and shampoos that are mostly scentless
  • A shoe box crammed with pictures of his Family, but mostly of Mavis
  • Black Fedora he was given as a joke present Mavis
  • An assortment of noir detective novels and movies Mavis

Personal History:

Ashlean Gerrard Greyson was born in Seattle, Washington, to two loving odd parents. His mother suffering from both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and his father being a paranoid retired cop. His childhood, at least the first part of it, was entirely normal. Around the time when he was a preschooler, his family was transferred to London, England. He went to a private academy, where he ultimately met a young girl that was about his age. A little cutely chubby girl with short golden curls, and sparkling green eyes. He decided to talk to her and they quickly became friends. Her energetic and bubbly personality bouncing perfectly with his calm, collected and all around cool demeanor he's kept his entire life. The young girl's name was Mavis, constantly teasing Ashlean for his girly first name and the fact that he looked straight out of a noir detective novel.

After an incident that took place in the academy, his father took it upon himself to teach his son how to protect himself and others. Taking him to shooting ranges he could find to teach him how to use a gun, among other things such as simple throwing needles, or hand to hand combat. If there was a weapon, his father taught Ashlean how to use it, even if it was obtained by less than legal means.

As young Ashlean grew, he became much closer to Mavis, especially after what he did for her at the academy on that day. Discovering his powers came easy to him, as something fluid that he's known how to use his entire life. Making Mavis little flowers made of green, that eventually faded to grey, but she didn't seem to mind. Keeping all his little creations he made for her. His hair slowly started fading from a pretty auburn to a grey colour more and more each day that past, skin getting paler though that could be attributed to living in a city where the sun doesn't shine. His family didn't bother taking him to the doctor, seeing as he didn't display any physical weakness, and it's not like his father even trusted doctors in the first place.

Around fifteen years old, Mavis and Ashlean had become to closest they had ever been. Him being rather affectionate and overprotective, the two quickly being in this strange limbo of dating and being best friends. Not really dating, but just as affectionate as if they were, never really holding themselves down to the idea. Though, after a few months, Ashlean, Mavis and her family members sat in a office. Mavis really only needing him there for moral support. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, the tumors rather aggressive in that she had a very low survival rate.

Ashlean was by her side through it all, keeping calm and collected while he held her in his arms, softly petting her head and telling her it would be alright, even if he knew it wouldn't. The chemotherapy took it's course, Mavis losing her golden curls, becoming an almost sickly pale colour. Eating become a chore and she lost far too much weight to be considered healthy. Ash stood by her side, being strong in the face of everything, despite how much each day tore him apart. The chemo didn't seem to work fast enough, eventually Mavis was just a frail girl on a hospital cot with wires hooked up to her just so she could survive. Ash stayed in the chair by her side, skipping school and staying with her all day and all night.

Weeks past, as he saw the once sparkling green eyes dull with pain, clouding over. On a certain day, he knew she wouldn't survive, it was already over. He walked to her side, running a hand down the side of her face lovingly, his other hand sucking some colour from the stem of a flower gifted to her by one of the nurses, making a pure green Lilly, placing it into her hand and closing her fingers around it. He moved in to kiss her on her forehead, closing his eyes slowly, taking a deep breath of the hospital air that reeked of hand disinfectant. Leaning down, he unplugged everything, every cord, every wire hooked up to the poor girl. The heart monitor flat lining as he looked at her, her last little gift to him was a weak smile. As the green colour drained from the Lilly he gave her, the life drained from her as well.

Eventually him using his power so carelessly in the public eye caught up to him, being hauled away from his home by grabby guards. Ashlean actually having no problem with going, however his father put up quite the fight with the government going to take away his only son. Coming on the bus, on his way to SunnyBrook.


  • Ashlean was born on October 28, 2002.
  • He smells like a mix of not-so-cheap cologne, cigarette smoke, and man. Don't ask what man smells like, he just smells like it.

Money - $0.00

XP - 3

Tier - 0

Upgrades -

Toughen up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2 (must split between two powers, you can add new ones)
Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2 (you can add new skills)
Anomalous Generation- (special) create an artifact with the permission of the GM

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