Ashley Cole

Basic Info:

Player: Ragazzo

Demeanor: Brisk. Structured. Conscientious.

Nature: Sharp. Calculating. Paranoid.

Description: 5'6, 132 pounds, black slightly frizzy straight hair that she keeps back in a ponytail most the time. Wears brown contact lenses. Her outfits tend to follow a certain formula. Well sunned almond skin. Ambiguously not white. Jacket, loose fitting long shirt, and a knee lenth skirt/skorts. Ashley with her father shortly before her capture


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Academics. (4) (Brains) Ashley is a voracious student, devouring and incorporating knowledge at an excellent, but not extraordinary, rate for a teenager her age.
  • Athletics (4) (Brawn) Ashley is very keen on gymnastics and remaining in good shape.
  • Ciphers(4) (Brains) Ashley keeps all her notes and private writing in distinct and separate coded languages. A novice at the use of such, but avidly practicing and polishing her skills, both in implementing them, but also in cracking such things.
  • Survival(3) (Brains) Ashley has a moderate amount of practical knowledge when it comes to survival without modern luxuries or goods.

Supernatural Abilities:

  • New World Order (3) Ashley can wrest control of pending or imminent events for a few brief seconds, reshaping circumstances, and pushing reality down less chaotic, more predictable paths. The more plausible her desired result is the simpler it is for Ashley to enforce. Use of this ability is deeply taxing for Ashley. In terms of mechanics, use of this power allows Ashley to remove fudge dice from the rolls of everyone in a scene for it's remaining duration. This effect can be resisted by a successful contesting brains defense check.
  • Sequential Thaumaturgy(4) Ashley is capable of learning a wide array of magics, but requires sustained and structured rituals to cast with any meaningful potency. Every turn Ashley spends channeling her magic beyond a minimum of two turns(or equivalent out of combat time) grants a +1 to her roll. Types of magic Ashley becomes familiar with will be listed below. Channeling can be interrupted and if done so early enough will cause Ashley's spell to fizzle.

Minor telekinesis- Briefly and lightly pushing, pulling, or otherwise manipulating objects.


  • Chaos(Severe) Sufficiently unpredictable or chaotic situations render Ashley's abilities non functioning. Severe cases can lead to Ashley herself shutting down and blocking out external stimuli, in an attempt to preserve or re-establish her inner sense of order.


Ordinary average person things.

A backpack with student stuff.

  • Laptop
  • Inconsequential frippery
  • Clothes and stuff
  • So many notebooks

Personal History:

Ashley's birth was fairly unremarkable, barring the fact that she was born the child of a former member of a international terrorist and activist. She came into the world at 10:00 AM on a Sunday in a secluded cabin somewhere in northern michigan. Her earliest years were spent in her father's wake, a well cared for bit of luggage. It was on Ashley's seventh birthday that her father began to mentor her personally, in a wide variety of studies as well as more unconventional training. Swiftly making up for the years she had been kept from school. Ashley was an intelligent 15 year old when her father told her to wait for him on a bench outside of a doughnut shop in Dubuque, Iowa. She wasn't surprised when she was taken into custody and even less so when she was inevitably placed into Sunnybrook. In between, there had been the questioning, repeated ad nauseum by a stormcloud of people in dark suits. Nearly always the same ones. The questions and the suits. What was her name, her father's name, did she know where he was, had she a means of contacting him, had he contacted her, and so on and so forth. She had eventually cut short the whole mess by preparing a written statement and asking that anyone wanting to question her first review the document. Ashley is now 16 and despite having had no contact whatsoever with her father after his apparent abandonment of her, she has been fastidious in keeping track of his exploits and the erratic progress of the various organizations seeking to capture the man. While unaffiliated with any particularly faction or organization, Ashley's father has cooperated with each at one point or another. At the very least he has often loaned undesired aid typically in pursuit of some inexplicable goal. It's not quite known what the man's abilities are but many suspect some form of pyromancy given how often his appearance leads to explosions and flames.

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