Basic Info:

Player: Antichthon

Tier/Stage/XP: T3/S1/5XP

Demeanor: Friendly, caring, sometimes anxious.

Nature: Turbulent and insecure, with an inferiority complex. (She's found her confidence.) Evil by nature, good by nurture. Always hungry. Struggles in school, but not for lack of effort. Sometimes overwhelmed by her monstrous side.

Description: Egyptian from the waist up, snake from the waist down. 52 feet long, 2400 pounds (claims to be half that). Looks to be in her late teens, with an adult figure. Dark skin, black hair, dark brown eyes. Red body scales, pale green belly scales.


HP: 15

Psyche: 10

Brawn: 6

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do.

  • Heavyweight (7 (6 + 1 from Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact))) Brawn, Being a metric ton of Echidnean has its advantages. Melee attack and Strength.
  • Intimidation (5 (4 + 1 from Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact))) Brawn, Her size is formidable, and you wouldn't like her when she's too hungry.
  • Reflexes (6) Agility, If it isn't too cold out.
  • Willpower (4 (3 + 1 from AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian(Artifact))) Brains, Thank you, Ellie.

Skill Replacements from Powers

Endurance/Toughness (6) Brawn, ((Echidna's body))
Athletics (6) Agility ((Echidna's body))
Perception (7 ( 6 + 1 from AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian (Artifact))) Brains, ((Echidna's Senses))
Persuasion (3) Brains, ((Echidna's Lure))

Supernatural Abilities


Athene has all the strengths of a giant mythical snake, though some come more naturally than others.

Echidna's Body - 6 + T3 - Superhuman stamina, armor-hard scales, the ability to swallow objects much larger than her head, and surprisingly adept swimming skills. (Endurance/Toughness skill replacement, Athleticism skill replacement)

Echidna's Senses - 6 + T3 - Athene has a keen sense of smell and is sensitive to infrared and vibrations. (Perception skill replacement)

Echidna's Lure- 3 + T3 - She inherited a powerful magical affinity from her mother, but has just begun learning how to apply it.

She's learned how to plant suggestions in the minds of people and animals. (Persuasion skill replacement)

She's learned how to enrage a single enemy into attacking her in melee combat. (+1 to roll if made within three turns after defeating an enemy due to Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact)

She's learned how to detect the presence of minds.

She's learned how to locate the position of minds.

She's learned how to speak telepathically.


Athene has all the weaknesses of a giant snake as well, among them her size, intolerance of the cold, periodic molting and strong animal instincts. (Severe)

Athene is reliant on her medication to keep her more monstrous side in check. Starved of medication for long enough, she becomes hostile, territorial and power-hungry. (Flavor)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cheap cell phone
  • Networkless smart phone (yay, texting!)
  • Fur-lined jacket
  • Jean skirt
  • Belt of the Fashionable Defender (Artifact)
  • Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact)
  • AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian (Artifact)
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Silver necklace with ruby pendant
  • Wallet, with all appropriate identification
  • Quality camera

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A large assortment of cute clothes
  • Cheap notebook computer
  • A library of terrible YA novels
  • Photography supplies
  • Collection of squirming, eldritch photographs
  • A lot of meds. A lot of meds.
  • Oodles of Battletech-based games and merchandise
  • Awesome punk rock outfit complete with fingerless gloves and spiked headscarf. Also comes with a beautiful gold head chain. Thank you, Cin!

Personal History

Athene was hatched to Echidna, the Mother of Monsters, on April 30th, 2004. She spent her early years with her mother in her underground GWU prison on the Greek island of Keros.

Due to her nature, and partially due to her sheltered upbringing, Athene's mental development is not on par with her peers. While communicative and sociable, she has issues with abstract thought and is completely inept at math.

Through hard work, therapy, and the supportive social environment of Sunnybrook, Athene had learned she can do most any mental task her peers can do; it just takes her longer. She is still particularly slow at math.

As Athene progresses, her mind is quicker, her thoughts are crisper. She can no longer be considered "slow" for her age. …Except at math. Still a little behind, there. She's caught up at math!


Kerensky's Favorite: Athene is virtually unbeatable in any Battletech-derived game.

Master Masseuse: Athene gives great massages.


Money: $333

Campus Safety Trainee ($14) x 45
Campus Safety Officer ($17) x 12
Make 'Em Jelly ($48) x 10
Gardening Auxiliary ($14) x 15
Weekly Stipend ($50) x 4
My Friend the Iapetian + $50
Finding the Pithos + $300
Networkless Smart Phone - $120
Half payment on a PS4 - $150
Leah's wonderful weed brownies - $50
More brownies -$20
Wait? Magic Peaches? + $300
Sporting Life + $500
Life, Death, and Fette + $500
Salon Treatment - $15
Status Nova + $400
Discounted Networkless Smart Phone (because Aiko is nice) - $20
Moving to a new school! + $200
The suite life of Athene and Mary (And Akemi and Suzy) - $1400
Orientation + $300
Athene gets her Christmas shopping done early - $600
Fight Club - $100
Idina Menzel's actual costume from Rent, oh my. - $200
LT's Total Mindfuck + $200
Pixie Panic + $380
Jenny + $200
Scales - $2100

Career Cash: $4085

XP History

Current XP: 5

Weekly x29
Training Session (February) + 1
My Friend the Iapetian + 2
Moving to perfection (Brawn) - 4
Finding the Pithos 1 + 3
Belt of the Fashionable Defender (Artifact) - 4
Training Session (March) + 1
Wait? Magic Peaches? +2
Toughen Up (+2 HP) - 4
Sporting Life + 2
Learning New Tricks (+2 Heavyweight) - 4
Life, Death, and Fette + 3
Power Boost (+1 Echidna's Body, +1 Echidna's Senses) - 4
Training Session (April) + 1
Status Nova + 2
Moving to perfection (Brawn) - 4
Hel on Earth (GMed) + 1
Bond with Akemi (Create) - 1
Bond with Akemi (Gift) +1
Power Boost (+1 Echidna's Body, +1 Echidna's Senses) - 4
Writing Challenge the Third + 2
Orientation + 2
Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector (Artifact) - 4
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) - 4
Bond with Akemi (Gift) +1
Traing Session (June) + 1
Toughen Up (+2 HP) - 4
Bond with Akemi (Gift) +1
Moving to perfection (Brains) - 4
Bond with Akemi (Gift) + 1
LT's Total Mindfuck + 1
Writing Challenge, Gumbal1 Edition! + 3
Learning New Tricks (+2 Reflexes)
Pixie Panic + 2
AR Glasses of the Guardian (Artifact) - 4
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) - 4
Jenny + 3
Toughen Up (+2 HP) - 4
Moving to perfection (Brains) - 4
Dreadnought, I Wont Frigate You (GMed) + 1

Career XP: 70

Tier: 3

Tier 0 Upgrades:

Moving to Perfection (Brawn) It's okay. I don't need to hold back.
Anomalous Generation (Belt of the Fashionable Defender) I don't even…how the hell did I make this?!
Power training (Echidna's Lure) I'll never have Mother's skill, but I can learn to control my ability.
Skill Tutoring (Willpower) My mind is stronger than I think. Ellie helped me see that.
Toughen Up (+2 HP) I need to be tougher if I want to protect my friends.
Learning New Tricks (+2 Heavyweight) I love fighting. I hate it, too. Sometimes I'll have to.
Power Boost (+1 Echidna's Body, +1 Echidna's Senses) I'm more powerful. It'll be harder to control myself.

Tier 1 Upgrades:

Skill Tutoring (Willpower) I still have a long ways to go, but I can do this.
Moving to Perfection (Brawn) No one will overpower me. Not Mother. Not Charlene. No one.
Power training (Echidna's Lure) This power is starting to scare me.
Power Boost (+1 Echidna's Body +1 Echidna's Senses) I can feel the power coursing through me. I can handle it.
Anomalous Generation (Tail Axe of the Terrific Protector) Hope for peace, prepare for war.
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) I used to think my mind was weak. How wrong I was.
Toughen Up (+2 HP) Lisa sure can dish it out. It's rare for me to ache like this.

Tier 2 Upgrades:

Skill Tutoring (Willpower) Sometimes the greatest test of willpower is knowing what not to resist.
Moving to Perfection (Brains) So many times I mistook success for failure. I'm smarter than that now.
Learning New Tricks (+2 Reflexes) My blood boils. My muscles tighten. It isn't just the mating season; I'm more.
Anomalous Generation (AR Glasses of the Watchful Guardian) You can't defend against what you can't see.
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) The chibi thing never happened, alright? It. Never. Happened.
Toughen Up (+2 HP) I care more about my looks than I ever knew.

Tier 3 Upgrades:

Moving to Perfection (Brains) Either I got smarter, or math got easier.

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