Ben Trayson

Basic Info:

Player: DarnellJermaine

Demeanor: Ben is a bit of an enigma. He doesn't speak much unless spoken to, and he seems very quiet and stolid.

Nature: Although typically more inclined to solitude, Ben cares deeply for others at heart, though you'd hardly glean that from the way he speaks and his mannerisms. Nevertheless, he's all ears and open arms to those who need him.

Description: He's large and wide, especially for a 15 year old boy. Standing at 6'2 and weighing in at 400 lbs, he is a pure block of meat. Neither fat nor muscular, just built like a truck. Of course, he is made entirely of nickel. His entire body is the same color as the metal, and reacts just the same. (Image gives a fairly good idea- just imagine a T-shirt and sweatpants instead of the superhero outfit)


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 1

Brains: 4


  • Built to last - (4) Brawn Being built like a wall and made of nickel, Ben has incredible endurance. He can run or do heavy labor for hours on end without feeling too tired, and this translates well into anything athletic, including punching the shit out of people. (Brawling)
  • A bit of a strategist - (4) Brains Ben may be quiet, but his mind goes at a hundred miles an hour, moving from thought to thought. He's incredibly perceptive, as well as great at figuring out the best way to tackle a situation. (Perception/Analysis)
  • Don't leave a dent - (4) Agility Ben doesn't like getting hit if he can avoid it, considering it often leaves dents in his body that aren't easy to fix. Therefore, he figures it's best to just try and dodge out of the way of attacks or run when necessary. (Reflexes)
  • First Aid - (2) Brains Ben wants to help people the best he can, so he's finally buckled down and learned how to take care of people when they're injured.

Supernatural Abilities:

Magnetic Manipulation - (4 +1) - Ben can touch something and choose to give it magnetic properties (either North or South). He, being made of Nickel of course, is magnetic himself and often reacts to the things he ends up magnetizing. He can make any surface, object, or even person magnetic simply by touching them and willing it. The amount of targets he can keep magnetized at any given time is equal to the level of this skill.

Metal Man - (4 + 1) - Ben is made of pure Nickel, and as such doesn't really feel pain or take damage the same way others do. Kinetic (blunt, slashing, or piercing types) damage done to him is reduced by (power level/2 rounded down. Final product can't be less than 1) although any damage done to him is left in the form of a dent, which can't be healed by traditional medical practices or healing magic. Rather, it has to be welded to be fixed or repaired by someone who is practiced in working with metal. (Healing powers or the Infirmary don't work for him)

Metal Detector - (3 + 1) - If Ben concentrates and pays close attention, he can detect different metals, minerals, and ores in the ground and around him in a 5 miles radius sphere. The higher level this skill is, the more detailed descriptions of the minerals and their formations in the ground and around him are.


Ben conducts electricity rather well, and it wreaks havoc on his brain. His body takes no damage, but all electrical attacks become Psych damage and deal double the damage they normally would. (Severe)

Automatically fails any Stealth attempts (Flavor/Severe)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell phone
  • Everyday school supplies
  • A couple extra Nickel nuggets, in case he gets hurt so he can find someone to patch him back up
  • $130

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A laptop
  • Stationery to write letters and such
  • A deck of tarot cards

Personal History:

Ben was born of the Earth and the Stone, awakening one day as a young child of metal in a cavern. There he spent the first 10 years of his life, slowly growing in the rich mineral area he'd awoken in, until he'd accidentally wound up on the surface somewhere in Wyoming. Thankfully, a kind elderly couple took him in rather than reporting his existence and raised him for the next 5 years, until sending him to Fifth Sanctum.

XP Tracking: T1/U0/XP3

Tier 0:
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Training Scene with Nora
+1 for Weekly XP
+2 for "Oh my Darling"
-4 for Power Boost (+1 Magnetic Manipulation & +1 Metal Man)
+1 for "Levi 308"
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Learning New Tricks (+2 First Aid)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Moving To Perfection (+1 Brains)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Anomalous Generation (Magical Med Kit)
-4 for Toughen Up (+2 HP)
Tier 1:
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP


Magical Med Kit: Grants +1 to First Aid checks, and allows 1 healing check reroll per scene/run/event


Loves heavy metal music
Strongly dislikes fridge magnets
Eats rocks
Doesn't go to the bathroom


Aquaintances: Zita, Cat, Wendy, Ambrose, Pia, Peter, Emmett (who promised to create a device that will let him speak normally)

Elissia: (has number) Elissia is very kind to him! She helped him find his dorm room, and even exchanged phone numbers with him. His very first friend, ever!

Bob: (has number) Bob seems to come from similar origins. He is also a nice person. Ben is happy to have him as a friend!

Seiko: (has number) She's a tiny cute little thing, but he sorta may have accidentally seriously injured her. It happens!

Thea: (has number) Very pretty, lots of fun! Ben doesn't know what fun really means yet, but Thea will teach him!

Andrey: (has number) Someone like him! Someone that understands! Andrey has also shown him metal music, which Ben absolutely loves! Andrey may be Ben's bestest buddy yet!

Gheidjin: (has number) Another good friend! Very enjoyable to be around, very nice person!

Momo: She is very nice! Ben may have scared her a bit though at first- sorry Momo!

Elspeth: She's a small girl- but very sweet. She was heavily injured when I met her- but she still found the time to comfort me about my appearance and hug me anyways. I hope she's alright.

Nora: Gave me the idea to find out what 'Fun' is. Seems like a nice person.

Enemies: 0 :D

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