Brett Fion

Basic Info:

Player: ImpKitsu

Demeanor: An uneducated asshole.

Nature: An uneducated, asshole who uses his assholeishness as a defense against feeling dumb. He has a heart of gold and is a great friend to anyone willing to work on his level. Brett stopped attending school in sixth grade to run with his brother's 'gang.' He feels he is too far behind to ever catch up and can be easily discouraged by academic pursuits. He doesn't care about most people's opinion of him. He had an unhealthy emotional attachment to his brother but, in Max's absence he's filling the gaps with others who are quickly becoming important to him.

Description: Six foot tall. Fiery red hair, green eyes. He has a lean, muscular physique. He has two tattoos- both gotten illegally from his brother's friend. The large one on his chest reads "Est.//2001" The other is a heavily designed circle on his shoulder.

He's an attractive young man with clear skin and a tendency to freckle in the sun.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

Health: 12

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 5

Agility: 4

Brains: 1

Skills: (+3 for severe weakness)

  • Acrobatics - (4) Agility Brett has spent a great deal of his life being more active than most. His experience with climbing and then jumping off things has given him a good sense of space and how to use his body. He was taught to stretch before working out by one of Max's friends and became something of a show off- always pushing himself a bit further.
  • Reflex - (4) Agility Brett has good reflexes. He never overthinks things and tends to act on instinct. It helps him react quickly- if somewhat impulsively- to the world around him.
  • Toughness (4) Brawn Brett often has no choice but to power through whatever he is doing. He may be doing it the hard way, but by god it's going to get done.
  • Athletics (3) Brawn Brett has a very athletic background and spends a great deal of time in physical activity. He has spent more time being active than other kids his age have spent in school. He has quite a bit of strength and stamina from this- mostly in functional ways since his hobbies were climbing, running, and other activities instead of just weight lifting.
  • Perception (2) Brains Brett has been on a couple missions now and has learned how to pay a bit more attention to what is going on around him. [T0 - Learning New Tricks]

Supernatural Abilities:

Death-Induced Regeneration - 2 - Brett regenerates to peak form when he dies. It's an automatic process that takes an amount of time that varies with the amount of actual damage that he has. ((My suggestion that additional levels lessen the amount of time regeneration takes.))

Adrenal Boost - 3 When stressed, Brett's adrenaline can give him an extra boost towards whatever he is trying to do. ((Add half the total roll, up to a maximum of half the power rating, to anything adrenaline would logically apply to for the next action.))

Photographic Reflexes - 3 Brett can copy any movement he sees perfectly. These are limited only by his actual ability to move in those ways with regards to his flexibility and strength limits. ((DC is pending the ability performed and he can attempt to copy things physically impossible at his own risk)) +

Life-Force Manipulation - 3 Brett can use his own life force to change the world around him. It drains his life to do so. The life-energy itself regenerates only when he dies and regenerates. He can create force bolts- which vary in strength based on how much life he spends. A small one might be like a bullet. A large one might be like a railgun. He can create hard-holograms of any static object he wants. They have the feel and properties of stone but are actually not dense or heavy at all. He can create a cubic meter total. Holograms stay solid up to an hour and a half even if he dies. In normal day-to-day situations a mental block would keep him from accidentally killing himself through expenditure. +++

Anomalous Generation

Moonsight, Voice of the Caged Mind

Brett named it after a villain weapon on a show he used to watch The Adventures of SumoMan and BerryCool. It has nothing to do the moon, voices, cages, or minds. It is a life-force manipulating weapon that can compress life force into high-desity, super fast bullet, beams, blasts and explosives if the user knows how. Right now Brett can only shoot bullets [T0]. It's able to fade into the ether and be summoned, though there is a half second delay as it materializes.

Each bullet costs 1 HP, is subject to his ability to shoot, but if it hits bypasses physical resistances as the bullets and blasts are pure life force.


*Brett cannot heal at all between deaths. Injuries and illness pile upon him with no hope of recovery. It is all or nothing with him. ((Severe))

*Brett is impulsive and gets himself into trouble. Because he doesn't think anything through, he often makes things harder on those around him.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell phone - A very nice Cellphone given to him by Nate as a gift. It has all his data on it as well as family pictures and other treasured digital stuffs.
  • Wallet - Contains his ID, cash, and bank card.
  • Utility knife/Multi-function tool
  • Chapstick - cherry flavored
  • Paper with reminders scribbled on it

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A wide variety of colorful and trendy clothes.
  • Chrome book - a tiny laptop that can't really do anything. He has download-only internet access
  • Toiletries
  • Parachute - he just happened to have this with him when he showed up since he was coming from a base-jumping expedition.

Personal History:

Brett comes from a distinctly upper-middle class family. A bit of a latch-key kid, his upbringing was mostly left to his brother, Max. Max is seven years older than he is and was born before their parents were well off. The combination of these two things, his advanced age and new-found financial freedom, lead to Max taking Brett hiking, exploring, on road trips, and anywhere except school.

Max taught him to free run and climb. The slow slide into delinquency has included some drug use and minor criminal activity. Brett didn't particularly enjoy these things but the praise and attention of Max and Max's friends has always been extremely important to him.

Brett discovered his powers during a botched rock-climbing trip when he was fourteen. He took a fall off the side of a cliff while free climbing. A compound fracture of his leg necessitated he be carried out of the wilderness- but not quickly enough. He died before they reached civilization… and then came back. And he came back stronger. Better in every way.

Max and his friends found this to be awesome. They would often goad him into doing dangerous and stupid things and took some great pleasure in hurting him or watching him hurt himself. Brett adores his brother and thrives on his praise whatever form it may take.

Brett came into GSW custody while heading to an unsanctioned base jumping event. He had never been one to hide what he could do- but the addition of a girlfriend of a friend to their hiking group lead to a bit of hysteria.. He was snatched from his tent in the middle of the night. His parents were informed that he'd been captured and he was brought to Sunnybrook.


Brett could be an average student if he somehow managed to catch up and apply himself. Either would be nearly impossible for him to do alone.

Brett is as gay as the day is long.

Brett likes to shop online. Whether it's for clothes or camping gear. His amazon wishlists boast thousands of items of all sorts.

Brett is skilled with rock climbing equipment and knows how to pack a parachute. He also has good wilderness and camping skills.

Brett's phone is many years old because he doesn't know how to transfer his pictures, videos and other memories to a new phone or his computer and he is too embarrassed to ask anyone.

When he can, he prefers to throw stuff rather than get up and put them where they belong.

Brett has a bad habit of leaving his shirt and sometimes his pants in random locations. He usually keeps his underwear on- not because he is shy but because he thinks it's the polite thing to do.


Zita [Silvors]- He thinks Zita is funny and happy. He likes that. He saved her life when she fell in the pool. They fought the Albert-Imps together and both got brain-drained.

Tessa [Kadmus]- He's uncomfortable around her wheelchair but once he gets talking to her he relaxes. He's setting up a date night for her and Zita.

White [Crayola]- He thinks White is funny. He is perfectly willing to give him dating advice- whether it is good or not is up for debate but it seems to be working so far. He is trying to fix the whole thing with him and Cind. White has killed him once.

Cindaria [Lena]- He 'helped' hook White and Cindaria up but didn't interact with her at length. They drank together. A Lot.

Elspeth [Savy]- He thinks she's funny. He loves the Lamb- the cute kitty demon who loves pets. He introduced her to Disney movies and has a friendly relationship with her so far. She's his "little sister."

Zeke [Piper]- He needs to give Zeke the shovel talk on behalf of his little sister, Elspeth.

Credo [CZ]- He thinks Credo is 'Cool as shit' because he can turn into a massive, friendly bird and fly around. They went on a flight together. It was great.

Kevin [Legacy]- Kevin is his best fishy friend. He thinks Kevin's power is cool and hilarious and likes to poke him. They've hung out a couple times. He may have a little crush on Kevin.

Conn [Kadmus]- He and Conn have gotten into some trouble together. They tried to climb the clocktower. It went badly and he died- freaking Conn out. They also have hung out in the woods, catching fish and cooking them on a fire. They did that because Conn went into wereMisty form. Conn can't heal Brett. It just causes a fiery pain in Brett's body and has no real effect.

Daniel [Silvors]- He's found a kindred spirit in Dan, as people who get resurrected. He was disappointed that Dan couldn't teach him magic.

Violet [Crayola]- She's his new little sister along side Elspeth. He thinks she thinks he's a girly gay and resents that a bit but won't do anything he doesn't want to do.

Lisa [Gumbal1]- He played instruments with her in the music room and chatted. She seems nice. It's sad she can't go outside much.

Jon [CZ]- He thought Jon was a meanie for not getting him milk. He's only met him while he was in dumb mode. They met again and cleared it up.

Sam [SGF]- She's funny, weird looking. Seems to get him.

John [Crayola]- Tried to cut him the first time they met. Second and third times were quiet. Fourth was with Sam. He doesn't get this dude. Too short a fuse, uses too big of words.

Triyana [Marc]- She's cute, sweet enough. She plays him like a fiddle but he's not attracted to her.

Emelia [UltimixRed]- They have similar humor and both are childish- He enjoys her company and her bed is comfy. Exactly like his.

Richard [Blackheart]- This guy is a super asshole. He is to be knocked around whenever possible.

Eleissa [TrisSebell]- She is a terrible person and he doesn't like her. She took Richard's side. They watched some TV and tentatively got along- for the moment.

Akemi [Kioku]- Bitch extreme, probably dating Richard since they're basically the Adam and Eve of stupid, mean people. They deserve each other. She gave him a misfortune curse. He doesn't know it. They do not get along. He will probably attempt to make her life hell if given a chance.

Andrey [Nemi]- Really cool dude. Basically Brett's Replacement-big-brother. He feels pretty close to him.


$$$ : $ 398.00 (-100 tourney)
Total XP: 13 (32 used)

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Tier 0
Power Boost - -4
Toughen Up - -4
Learning New Tricks - -4
Anomalous Generation - -4
Moving to Perfection - -4

Tier 1
Power Boost - -4
Toughen Up - -4
Moving to Perfection - -4

Run [XP] [$$$$]

Spidergirl [2] [300]
Went to a bug-covered church. Saved three people, brought Paige back with them.

Mr Mad [1] [300]
Brett and Dan fought an angry guy - it was a spectacular mess.

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