Carter Raskolnik

Basic Info:

Player: Wisdom

Demeanor: It generally seems that Carter has a kind of reckless, adolescent aura about him. He's playful, maybe a little invasive, and rather careless about most other than himself. He's also quite a party-goer, and loves to drag as many as he can along for the ride for a little fun. Carter is also very out-going with the public. First time you see him, he's probably already seen you, and is suddenly getting into full-blown conversation, or inviting you to go get drunk or something.

Nature: Carter is, as aforementioned above, very outgoing and reckless in behavior, focusing more on his desires and disregarding most common sense. His exterior personality is strong, in order to hide his deepest being. Inside, he's a little frightened and unsure of others. He invests his time in strangers, but does not try and get too personal with them, in fear of making friends, only for something to happen.

Description: Carter appears to be of Native American descent, judging by his tan skin, and darker hair. He is at a thin build, maybe lacking in some muscle. He stands at 5 feet and 11 inches. His hair is, of course, a jet black, scruffy, and unkempt. Not to mention greasy. Someone doesn't spend much time taking care of it! His eyes are black, too. Carter typically wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a picture of George Washington playing beer pong on the front. With this, he also wears some shredded blue jeans. And below, some dirty, scratched up black tennis shoes. Interestingly enough, he wears gloves, too. White, comfy gloves that keep both of his hands secure and warm. Or maybe, he's hiding a particular detail…His right hand is completely coated in a jet black color. He doesn't like talking about it, much less showing it off. Carter is approximately 17 years of age.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • Dirty Fighter - (4) Brawn Melee combat. Carter isn't afraid to use any means necessary to get his target down. Any means. Knives, brute force, blunt objects, what have you. Don't hold back for anything.
  • Usain Sort-of-Bolt - (4) Agility Movement. Being a limber and lightweight young man, Carter is fairly quicker than most! You're too slow!
  • Observancy - (4) Brains Hey! Don't think I didn't see that…

Supernatural Abilities:

UNLEASH - 3 - This is Carter's primary ability. Using this will change him into a humanoid beast made of a black tar-like substance. This will grant him a boost in Brawn by 1/3 its current power rating. It will last for three rounds.
Ink Away - 3 - NOPE! Screw that thing in particular! I'm just gonna turn into a puddle of black goo, and get the HELL outta there. A +2 in Agility for one round.
Elasticity - 1 - Carter can turn his limbs into the tar-like substance, and stretch them across a fair distance.


  • Fire. Screw fire. Spreads on him a little too easily.
  • Naive. Could be easy to sway, or bribe, somehow.


  • A wallet. With all that fancy stuff in there.
  • A dog tag with his name. Made of plastic.
  • A pocketknife. Just in case.


  • A copy of Crime and Punishment, vintage edition.
  • A photo album of every party he's been to from the first to the last. Plenty of blank pages!
  • A nifty cat-themed calendar on his wall, for reminders.
  • A secret box of snack cakes under the bed, for a sugar boost.

Personal History:

No, nothing considerably tragic happened. No parents were killed, no item was stolen, no experiment gone wrong. At least, as far as we know. But it depends on what you'd call tragic. If Carter had a serious loss in the family, or if he was merely given a payback for doing wrong things. This is because the latter is the spark of the past. Only shortly before he found himself in Sunnybrook, he'd been attending a boarding school, since, clearly he needed to be straightened up before he entered adulthood or sought a career. In schools like that, it's possible to mix yourself up with the wrong crowd.

In this case…some very, very strange males at his age. They didn't associate with anyone but themselves…and Carter. Three, white-haired, green-eyed teens. What kind of trouble they might've gotten into didn't cross our subject…Carter thought they were just in a kind of fashion rebellion. But then, for being so nice, Carter was invited for a little after-school hangout. Chill near the bathroom, talk, maybe grab some fast food, and a smoke. That sort of thing. Now, Carter wasn't new to these little doo-dads. He's picked up a blunt and what have you in his day, and still does, when he can. But what he got was…a little different.

They all pulled out a thin cigarette, but, immediately, it looked quite strange. It was wrapped in a deep red, and the contents were a deeper black. It looked more like dried far then it did for any sort of mashed up plant. No one seemed bothered, save for Carter. What kind of Mexican goods did they get their hands on? Still, it was worth a shot. He took one with a swift hand, and lit that thing up…The last thing he remembered was one of the teenagers giving him a thumbs up from a completely blackened hand.

Carter awoke, collapsed on a splintered office desk. The room was completely tattered. Chairs ripped apart, windows smashed, deep gashes in the wall, and some blood spatters sprinkled on the floor. A hot wash of faint memory comes to the seemingly hung-over young man, and he brings a hand to his forehead…It was a black color, like a rotten corpse's. Obviously a little spooked, he shot straight up and on to his feet, staring down at his hand…and at the pool of viscous, black liquid on the desk.

The report came in quickly, and within an hour, police found the young man still staring at his oddly-colored hand. He came clean, and did not make an attempt to shove the cops away, or try and flee the cuffs. In cooperation, he was taken outside to the little law enforcement vehicle…The black-handed young man was getting taken out for a ride.

But he wasn't dropped off at jail, or juvy.

Class is in session.


His last name, Raskolnik, means "schism."

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