Cass Walker-Handal

Basic Info:

Player: Antichthon

Tier/Stage/XP: T1/S2/8XP

Demeanor: Brash, cavalier and confident.

Nature: Beneath that overconfidence is more confidence. Underneath that confidence is the fear they will never be worthy of the amount of money spent keeping them alive. And beneath that, an unrivaled well of emotional pain.

Description: Sickly, stunted and frail well beyond the point of disability. Usually in a high-tech wheelchair. Feminine facial features. Deathly pale. Scraggly, shoulder-length neon blue hair. Intimidatingly bright and expressive green eyes. Metallic left shoulder. Presented gender varies. 4'0", 50 pounds.


HP: 6

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 5


Pro Gamer (6) Agility, Cass is a top-tier gamer across all genres and is ranked as one of the best RTS and MOBA players in the world. Their skill in Shooting games isn't far behind.
My Brain's My Only Organ That Works (3) Brains, And work well it does. Even without their technological advantages, Cass is a reservoir of Knowledge.
Actually My Senses Are Pretty Good, Too (3) Brains, Perception is a necessary skill for any gamer.
Charisma Has Nothing to Do with Looks (3) Brains, Confidence is key when it comes to Social Stuff, and Cass has confidence by the truckload.
Don't Even Try It (2) Brains, Want to control Cass? Implant your suggestions, subjugate their will? Yeah, you've bit off more than you can chew. Cass' Mental Defense will more likely turn your brain into a pretzel.
Half Australian, Half Saudi, Half Robot (2) Brains, Cass knows Computers.

Skill Replacements from Powers

Reflexes (3) Agility, ((That's Some Wheelchair))

Supernatural Abilities:

That's Some Wheelchair - 3 - Cass' wheelchair is on the very cutting edge of technology and provides a battery of abilities. Includes Hex, a detachable six-legged helper robot capable of merging with Cass Doc Ock style. (Reflexes skill replacement)

Biomorphic Implants - 3 - Cass has a variety of NextGen implants, constructed via the nanomachines from their scapular implant. Includes:

Neural Lattice: Cass' brain-computer interface, or "neural," can connect with most anything electronic, and even attempt to hack it. Provides Cass with full VR/AR capabilities, perfect recall, and AI augmentation.

Voice Changer: Cass can change their voice across a wide spectrum. Includes the ability to perfectly mimic most any sound.

Backup Organs: Cass' scapular implant replaces the chemical functionality of their organs. In the case of organs with a mechanical component (such as heart and lungs) Cass has separate synthetic backups. And backups to those backups. And backups to those backups to those backups.

Chemical Analyizer: It's in Cass' tongue. Perhaps not the best location for it, in retrospect.

Nanobots - 3 - Cass' body is infused with nanobots from their scapular implant. These nanobots can attempt to neutralize any foreign substance in the bloodstream, as well as attempt to heal any damage to Cass' body. This power can heal others as well, from direct blood-to-blood contact. (1 + 1/2 roll healed over (roll) rounds)


Cass is entirely dependent on their wheelchair/Hex for most activities. Without them, Cass is effectively helpless and automatically fails any physical roll. (Severe)

Most of Cass' organs don't function properly, and their scapular implant works as a miniturized life-support system to make up for it. Vials of biochemical compounds must be replaced regularly. Without access to refills, or in the event of the implant's failure, Cass will die within minutes. (Flavor)


  • NextGen wheelchair with robotic assistant
  • NextGen phone with holographic display
  • A variety of implants
  • Refills for Cass' scapular implant
  • Backup refills
  • Emergency backup refills
  • Secret Emergency backup refills
  • Electronic wallet

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Beast of a NextGen computer
  • NextGen Nanofactory (3d printer with added ability of making refill vials)
  • A plethora of cool gadgets
  • Virtually every gaming console known to man
  • Lots of stuffed animals
  • Wardrobe of clothes across the gender spectrum

Personal History:

Doug Walker and Tariq Handal had each spent their lifetimes building upon their families respective multibillion-dollar companies, Walker Enterprises and Handal Industries. Walker and Handal were hailed as real-life Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, and so when Walker and Handal fell in love, married, and merged their companies into the multi-industrial conglomerate NextGen, it caused quite an international stir. NextGen has since gone on to produce technology so advanced its existence has been deemed classified by the GWU.

Cass was born Cassandra Helen Walker-Handal on December 1st, 2003 in Perth, Australia, the product of artificial same-sex reproduction. The technology was tested. It was supposed to be safe. Only after Cass' birth were they diagnosed with a disease never before encountered, an unpredictable fluke of the combination of Walker and Handal's specific genes. As Cass grew, their body began to fail on the biochemical level.

But against the combined genius of Handal and Walker, did the disease ever really stand a chance?


Cass' Impressions Corner

  • "'Sup, I'm Leah. Pretty sure I'm baked. I have some weird issues with robots because of a traumatizing childhood encounter with a vibrator. But hey, I'm chill, can take a joke, and have a fucking sweet ass."
  • "Hello there, my name's Cin. I'd rather be nice than say what I really think, which makes me a giant pushover. Oh, my glasses? I stole the lenses from Yerkes Observatory. If you ever need your hair styled or colored, come see me. I've been gifted by the fucking goddess of hairdressers herself."
    • "Unfortunately, I'm also a grade A whiny bitch who needs to be taught a lesson. Don't worry though, Cass will show me my place."
  • "Konnichiwa, I am Aiko-chan. I'd say more, but my tiny brain has been destroyed by the brutal skullfucking Cass gave me."
  • "Yah, hey, name's Andrey. If you could not tell from the paleness and the blondeness and the being awkward, I am Scandinavian. And yah, I have a hard-on for machines, but what is the problem with that? I look so fine, the machines have hard-ons right back."
  • "Hi.. I'm Jordan.. I've got muscles like Hercules and a jawline to match.. I probably have a huge cock.. I'll be doing porn once I turn eighteen, so look me up.."
  • *Bagpipes start* "Ach, Ah am Sam, frae th' highlands ay scootlund! mah legs gang oan fur days! If Ah catch ye snorin' Ah will sheer ye loch a sheep! an' remember: They main tak' uir li'es, but they'll ne'er tak' mah ruby!" *Bagpipes stop* "Seriously though, I'm aloof, intelligent and hot as fuck."
  • "Hello, my name is Casta. I was gravely wounded, but don't worry, I repaired myself using spare tin cans. I also suffered heavy brain damage, but I've since replaced the broken bits with gum and dog shit. Heaven knows why the GWU sent me to Sunnybrook instead of a long-term care facility for the mentally disabled. Perhaps it's because of my magical ability to always be wrong."
  • "I'm Callum. I'm a good ol' farm boy from Kansas. I'm so well-mannered it's almost suspicious. I love baseball, have absurd muscles, and can carry an entire Ferris wheel. Do I remind you of anyone?"
    • "Yup. good ol' farm boy. Nothing suspicious at all. Certainly not being slowly corrupted by my girlboyfriend. Nope. Definitely not going to turn them into a cocksleeve and make them live under my bed, eating out of a dog dish. That would be the worst."
  • "Hai! I'm Fujishima Yukihime, but I'd prefer if you call me Yuki! I'm the most weeby weeb to ever boo, and I like to schlick to terrible romance manga! I'm straight out of an anime, perhaps literally so! I mean, who knows with this crazy-ass school?!"
    • *BRRRRRUUUP!!!*
    • "Oh, did I mention I'm insane? It's only a matter of time before I go straight-up Yandere Simulator on this school! Wahahaha~! Wahahaha~! WAHAHAHA~!"
  • "I'm Ellie. I'd do a better impression, but any personality traits I have are dwarfed by my MASSIVE FUCKING TITS."
  • "Durr Hurr. DURR HURR! BRETT! Durr."
  • "Oh, uh, hi! I'm Mads. And it's like, mads how crazy my abilities are! Get it? …No? Um, I mean…Yeah. I'll just, um. Be going now." *Nervously laughs, trips, falls over.*
    • "Hey, uh, do you mind if I murder you a little bit?" *Semi-automatic fire* "Thank you! And, um. So sorry!"
  • "Hey there~, I'm Fuck-Me-Kemi. I'm always flirting~. I'm basically a cross between Tamamo and Alma Elma from Monster Girl Quest, but with slightly fewer vore scenes~."
  • *Giggles* "I'm Malissa. Cass called for a slut, and I just so happened to be around! And I just so happened to have three liters of lube for them. And I just so happened to be so terribly flirty~." *Giggles* "I bet I would look so cute with my arms and legs and wings torn off."
  • "I'm Katherine Fox, and one day I'll be dead. That's it. That's the end of the impression. One day i'll be a rotting, maggot-filled corpse and Cass will dance on my grave. One day, hopefully very soon."
  • "Wah. Wah. I am cryink, ya? I am Elspeth, I am dark, I am myzterious, I am emo as fuck. I vill commune vith Devils, vhen I am done beink anksty over shit zat doesn't matter."
  • Nora's 'impression' is just a video clip from one of her cam girl shows with Cass' head crudely photoshopped in place of her own.

Money: $1198

Kitty Cat Cosplay Cafe ($11) x 30
Office Clerk Shift ($15) x 12
Don't Blink + $500
Leah's help (and a brownie) - $10
Moving to a new school + $200
Fight Club - $100

Career Cash: $1208

XP History

Current XP: 8

Weekly x 27
Don't Blink + 2
Training Session (March) + 1
Moving to Perfection (Brains) - 4
Training Session (April) + 1
Learning New Tricks (+2 Pro Gamer) - 4
Power Boost (+1 Biomorphic Implants, +1 Nanomachines) - 4
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) - 4
Summons Under the Blood Moon + 1
Moving to perfection (Brains) - 4

Career XP: 32

Tier: 1

Tier 0

Moving to Perfection (Brains) I'd say I feel smarter, but that'd be ridiculous; I'm already perfect.
Learning New Tricks (+2 Pro Gamer) I'm settled in and back in the zone.
Power Boost (+1 Biomorphic Implants, +1 Nanomachines) I don't need to read the manual. I am the manual.
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche) Fuck all y'all, you ain't getting to me.

Tier 1

Moving to Perfection (Brains) I'd probably be even smarter if nine-tenths of my thoughts weren't about Callum.
Learning New Tricks (+1 Actually My Senses Are Pretty Good, Too, +1 Charisma Has Nothing to Do with Looks)

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