Catriona Stewart

Catriona Stewart

Basic Info

Player: SarahH
Demeanor: Shy until you get to know her better…Dry humor, outgoing, and friendly, with a flirty tone.
Nature: A survivor and deep thinker.
Description: Standing only 5'4" and weighing about 120 lbs. Cat is built athletically dancer ish…curves and all. Her shocking blue eyes look out from under dark auburn hair…so dark it looks black unless back lit. She had pale peaches and cream skin.
Health: 7
Psyche: 6


Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Brains: 3


Academics: 2
Athletics: 2
Computer: 3
Investigation: 3
Lores and Conspiracies: 2
Occult: 2

Supernatural Powers

Opening the Senses - 2 Cat's eyes become cat like and her eyesight/hearing/sense of smell improve to match the lyx's.
Totem Gift - 2 Cat's fingernails grow into powerful claws like those of the lynx and her teeth become fangs.
Adaptation - 2 Cat' becomes more resisitant to the cold.
Wisdom of the Spirit - 2 Cat gets a bonus to survival checks.


Afraid of spiders. (+2 skill points)


On her:
Necessary books
Purse (so ID etc)

in her room
Portable Hard Drive
Extra clothes
Shower stuff
the basics of life that ain't food

Personal History

Catriona Marie Stewart was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada in July 2002 to James Alexander Stewart and Margaret Anne Stewart (nee Wallace). Her father is a stodgiy finanical advisor places high up within a company. Her mother amore free spirited Pagan who raised hr daughter to think for herself. She is an only child. She's a recent graduate of Penn State in Journalism. She's working in Philladelphia as a waitress until she can get a job in her actual field. She's 5'8” tall, weighs 134 lbs. , has long dark hair (black but shines red in the sunlight) and has shockingly blue eyes. Her skin is fair and she has no tattoos…yet. She tends to dress fairly casual unless either at work or at parties. She was a member of PRS…though no one ever saw her on camera…She was “too pretty for camera” . She's lower-upper class and has no allergies. Shes right handed and has a low, throaty Alto that could charm the fur off a cat. She tends to swear only if really pressed and has no catch phrases. She always carries a lighter, penknife, keys, and wallet. She tends to bite the inside of her lower lip when thinking.

She had a pretty boring, average childhood as far as they go…Her earliest memory is of her mother singing her to sleep. She is a college graduate. She loved school and did decently at it, earning most of her skill there. Her role model growing up was Christiane Amanpour, who she wished to emulate by becoming a great reporter. She got on very well with her mother….Her father, however, was a bit stodgy and they often argued. She always wanted to be an investigative journalist or detective. Her favourite activities as a child were games with other children and reading. Even as a child she showed an almost limitless curiosity about things. Her first kiss was with a boy in grade 6. She is still a virgin, owing mostly to her slight shyness.

The most important event in her life so far was being accepted into Penn State for their journalism program. The person who gas had the most influence on her so far is her mother. Her greatest achievement thus far is graduating with honours from Penn State. The most evil thing she's ever done is lie to some of PRS about one of their cases. She has no criminal record, although she came close to getting caught for trespassing once. The most frightened she has ever been is at an abandoned asylum, which was VERY haunted…just ask her. Her most embarrassing moment was during a game of 'never have I ever' when she went four rounds of being sober during the dating portion. If she could change one thing from her past she would likely have never joined PRS but started her own group to show the truth about things better than they ever did. Her best memory was when some random guy punched Ryan in the mouth for being an ass. Her worst memory is of almost getting caught for trespassing.

She is a basically optimistic person. Her greatest fear is not being trusted. She's an openly Pagan person, which lead to a lot of awkward feelings in PRS. She is liberal when it comes to politics, she is all for equality. Her view on sex is she isn't against it…even if she's never had it. She isn't one for killing….Unless it comes down to her or the other person/animal/whatever. In her opinion the most evil act humans can do is two fold…murder and neglect. She believes in true love to a point…Soul mates she questions. She is honest to a point about her thoughts and feelings…if they don't need to be shared she doesn't share them. She is unbiased and without much prejudice. She will NEVER EVER hurt a friend or family member…It's just not in her. She would die for her friends and family if it meant they were safe in the end.

She is generally shy but polite to start with…The better she knows a person the more she opens up to them and she teases you if she likes you. The most important person in her life isn't really a person, per say, it is her cat Smudge. She respects anyone who is willing to speak the truth. She has few close friends at the moment, her shyness has prevented that, though she has a best friend Lilly who works with her. She is single and has never yet been in love. She looks for honesty, humour, loyalty, and friendship in a lover and has no children. If she were desperate she would turn to her parents, with who she is fairly close. They are also the people who would look for her if she went missing and care if she died. She doesn't HATE anyone and tends to take a secondary role in social situations. She will debate a point but if it goes to yelling she's done. She prefers smaller groups to large and doesn't particularly care about how others view her if it means standing up for her ideals.

Besides being and avid blogger and ghost hunter she also enjoys puzzles and things when not at work. Her most treasured possession is her pentacle, which is made of silver and amethyst and was given to her by her mother. Her favourite colours are red, blue, black, and white. Her favorite food is sushi. She will read anything and everything at a voracious speed. She likes most music, movies, art and such…She'll tell you if she doesn't. She doesn't smoke…does drink but not to excess, and is anti-drugs. Her typical Saturday night is…whatever she chooses it to be. She has a wicked sense of humour, and doesn't shock or offend easily. If she had insomnia she would put on some good music and read. To unwind she tends to either go for long walks or read. She can think on the fly but prefers to have a basic plan in place. Her pet peeves are posers…like Elfie.

She's an early riser, though not without coffee does she become a functioning being and her days fall into either work then blogging or searching fro real work WHILE blogging. Her schedule is flex so she has no routine except for her caffeine addiction. Her greatest strength is her convictions and mind, her weakness is her stubbornness. If she could change one thing about herself she would be less shy…and her extroverted nature would shine through. She is an organized chaos sort who is good at puzzles, thinking outside the box, and problem solving but DO NOT ask her to do math…it ends poorly. She likes herself and is out to see the world someday. In her lifetime she wants to be a great reporter. In the next 5 years she at least want to be on a recognized news outlet as a writer. If she could choose how to die it would be in her sleep of old age. If she knew she was dying in 24 hours she would try to see one good movie, read one good book, listen to one good song, and get her cat a good home. She would like to be remember for her work (the real stuff) after she dies. She is sweet, funny, and nerdy and she will say it as much as will anyone who knows her. If the player could tell her one thing…it would be to keep shooting for her goals, no matter what.

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