Celeste Filaluna

Basic Info:

Player: Cezar

Demeanor: Celeste is calm, tranquil and soft-spoken. She doesn't usually let her innermost emotions about people out and likes to keep a neutral mind about others' arguments and problems, trying to find a middle ground in the situation. She likes to keep the peace in each situation and approaches her own problems with a clear, open mind and a calm attitude.

Nature: She might be the daughter of the moon and seem tranquil, but on the inside, she's pretty much human. She will seem calm and peaceful on the outside, but when her patience wears thin, she can loose her temper and exert her wrath. When threatened, her demeanor can shatter into a more active, aggressive character to defend herself.

Description: Celeste is pale with white hair and silver eyes, both hair and eyes would glow blue when using her powers. Celeste dresses fairly decent, usually donning a cool blue, red or green jacket, a pair of white jeans and matching blue or deep pink tennis shoes. To formal events she wears a nice white and blue dress. She wears a variety of makeup, which… really, she doesn't even need it.



HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Quick Feet - (4) Agility (Celeste is quick when threatened and can dodge attacks with efficiency. Dodging)
  • Sweet Girl - (4) Brains (Celeste is just a sweet girl, she uses this to her advantage. Social stat, primarily Persuasion)
  • Sea of Tranquility - (4) Brains (Emotions is one of the realms of the moon. As such, trying to manipulate or sway Celeste's can be particularly difficult. Mental Fortitude)

Supernatural Abilities:

Daughter of the Silver Moon - 1 -Celeste has two forms that represent different sides of the moon, darkness and light. She can only choose one form each day. Each form has their own look, powers and personality. In these forms, it's as if she takes on a completely different person while still retaining her memories and thoughts/opinions.

Pure Moon: Celeste takes on the aspect of the light side and dons a pure white, shining robe. Her eyes turn a shimmering white and her hair glows white.

Dark Moon: Celeste takes of the aspect of the dark side and dons a pitch black robe. Her visage is covered by the darkness of her hood. She becomes depressed and pessimistic, always doing what she thinks is necessary for the situation.

Lunar Energy Manipulation - 2 - Pure Moon - Celeste is able to manipulate lunar energy in such a way to make it a tangible object. This allows her to create tools or weapons or a shield to block physical attacks. Shields will disperse upon blocking a single attack. She can only have one construct at a time. She can only use this in Pure Moon form. Dark Moon - Celeste uses dark lunar energy to manipulate the shadows. With this, she can travel through any shadow that is not her own, create shadow images of herself that are basically dummies (and do nothing but confuse), and summon a dark entity to fight in her stead. The dark entity will replace her in combat entirely. She can only use this in Dark Moon form.

Lunar Attacks - 2 - Light Energy - Celeste can charge up lunar energy to project as beams of damaging light, white light projectiles and even charge up lunar energy directly from the moon to attack enemies (The moon must be visible for this. Like an orbital cannon). She can only use this in Pure Moon form. Dark Energy - Celeste uses the aspect of the Dark moon to make people see things they fear, to disorient them, and to cause temporary confusion and panic among her enemies. She can only use this in Dark Moon form.

Healing Moonlight - 1 Dark or Light Energy - Celeste uses either dark or light lunar energy to heal either physical or mental damages. When in Pure Moon form, she can only heal mental damages, when in Dark Moon form, she can only heal physical damages.

Lady of the Tides - 3 - A lesser power that is derived from the moon is Celeste's ability to manipulate water. She can cause it to alternate its flow and lash out against her enemies. This power is detached from her first ability and can be used at any time, even in her other forms. She can only use water that already exists and cannot generate her own. If there's no water she cannot use this ability. This ability isn't as reliable or as powerful as lunar energy, but it can be used for general utility purposes like making an air bubble underwater.


Curse of Apollo - Celeste's lunar energy powers only work when not standing in broad daylight. Meaning, she can only use her last power when in the sun. She also becomes sick when in the sunlight. Prolonged exposure become more severe over longer exposures.

  • Upon first contact, Celeste will feel a slight burning sensation. This feeling isn't as painful as actual burning, but it is an extremely uncomfortable sensation.
  • After about 2-5 minutes of exposure, Celeste will start having headaches and possibly a fever.
  • After about 7-10 minutes of exposure, she will experience nausea, migraines and vomiting.
  • After about 30 minutes of exposure, Celeste will become weak and experience fatigue, high fever and circulatory shock.
  • After one hour of exposure, Celeste will lose consciousness altogether and eventually die.


Personal Effects
  • iPod with a massive variety of genres
  • Books on classic literature
  • Various paintings and posters

Personal History:

Celeste Filaluna was born on December 23, 2003 during a new moon. She was born to a single virgin mother in a strange case that baffled scientists. It was unknown as to how Celeste was born in the absence of a father. In her childhood, her powers were dormant, although her mother claimed that her daughter would 'glow' when she sat in the moonlight. Most people joked that it was because of how pale she was. Her mother only began to worry for her child's health when her hair started turning solid white and her eyes began to loose their blue color. When she turned fifteen, her powers had finally manifested. One night, on a beach with her friends, they waded in waist-deep water under a full moon. In the moonlight, Celeste's hair and eyes began to glow blue and she caused the water around her waist to ebb around her body. Then, she heard a voice from the moon itself. It told her that she was a daughter of the sacred moon and told her of her powers and how she can use them properly. She was soon picked up by the GWU and taken to Sunnybrook. There, she can still contact her father, the moon, and continue to practice her powers.



Tiers and Progression

Tier 0
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4


Current: 29

Weekly Total: 31

Soft RP Total: 0

Hard RP Total: 0

Total: 31

Spent: 2


— Celeste is broke, man.

Current: 0

Job Allowance: 0

RP-Gained Allowance: 0

Total Earned: 0

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