Champi Machaca

Basic Info:

Player: Antichthon

Tier/Stage/XP: T1/S0/13XP

Demeanor: Laid back. Often blunt, with no consideration towards the feelings of others.

Nature: Unmotivated to the extreme. What little motivation Champi retains is directed towards hedonism and shattering the illusions of others. Underneath it all, however, he respects passion.

Description: Aymara Native American. Plain. Dark skin, black hair, brown eyes with glasses. 5'1", 130 pounds.


HP: 7

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 5


  • Knowledge (4) Brains, Before his revelation, Champi studied many things. Many, many things.
  • Computers (6) Brains, Is there a more powerful tool?
  • Analysis (4) Brains, Yes, there is. Logic, reason, and experimentation are the most powerful tools with which to probe reality.
  • Macgyvering (3) Brains, The average human mind can't see but a fraction of the potential uses for any object. Champi's mind is anything but average. (Inventing, engineering, etc.)

Skill Replacements from Powers

Mental Defense (3) Brains, ((Apathy))

Supernatural Abilities

Apathy - 3 - Champi doesn't give a shit, and now neither do you. Champi is able to psychically disconnect the motivative factor from any process, be it man or machine. Objects and individuals affected by this power are unable to do anything that requires calculation, such as higher thought or computing. Effect lasts for (1 + (roll - defense)/3 rounded down) turns OR for as long as he focuses on them. He is able to turn this power inward, providing protection from mind control. (Mental Defense skill replacement)

Base Code of the Universe - 3 - Champi is aware of the very bedrock of reality, and with effort can extrapolate data based on very little input. This manifests as an intuitive understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and general capabilities of objects and entities.

Infinite Universes, Infinite Possibilities - 3 - Everything that can happen, does happen, in some reality. Champi can take you there. By appearances this manifests as control of probability. Champi can give a -2 penalty to a single opponent, OR a +2 bonus to himself or a single ally OR a -1 penalty to multiple opponents OR a +1 bonus to multiple allies for a minimum of two rounds. Greater success will increase the duration up to a maximum of (Power) rounds.


Champi has very meager motivation and finds it difficult to care, even when his own life is in danger. As such his physical defenses suffer. -1 to all physical defense rolls (Severe)


  • Top-end phone
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Hole-filled Khakis
  • Wallet, with all appropriate identification
  • Old shoes

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Top-end computer
  • A single change of clothes
  • Cooking supplies
  • Wiphala quilt
  • Alpaca poncho

Personal History

Champi was born to a poor family of farmers on September 27th, 2003 near El Alto, Bolivia. While not having access to a formal education, his thirst for knowledge lead him to research any and every topic he could, from physics to fashion to underwater basket weaving. Beyond gifted in all things mental, Champi's greatest talent was in mathematics. By the age of thirteen he had solved most of the Millennium Prize Problems using nothing but a pencil and a notebook. By fourteen he had moved on to something bigger: Understanding the origin of reality. He planned to go public with all his mathematical findings once he had solved that, the greatest question. One night he thought too hard, and discovered the answer. It was an answer that brought him supernatural power, but an answer no mind ought suffer. He would never be the same.


Proficient cook.


Money: $360

Weekly Stipend ($50) x 2
Monthly Stipend ($20) x 3
Moving to a new school! + $200

Career Cash: $360

XP History

Current XP: 11

Weekly x 28
Training Session (March) + 1
Moving to Perfection (Brains) - 4
Learning New Tricks (+2 to Computers) - 4
Clear Mind - 4
Power Boost (+1 Base Code of the Universe +1 Infinite Universes, Infinite Possiblities) - 4

Career XP: 29

Tier: 1

Tier 0

Moving to Perfection (Brains) I'd rather get dumber. Turns out, hard to do.
Learning New Tricks (+2 to Computers) Aiko is somewhat gifted. Hacking into her devices is almost fun.
Clear Mind (+2 Psyche)
Power Boost (+1 Base Code of the Universe +1 Infinite Universes, Infinite Possiblities) Maybe I should stop holding back.

Tier 1

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