Chloe Gass

Basic Info:

Player: mrs_padri

Demeanor: Shy and soft-spoken.

Nature: Shy and soft-spoken. She's rather self-conscious.

Description: Tentacles. Twenty three of them. All radiating out of a central "body," much like a sea urchin. Each tentacle is two and a half feet long and the body is barely a half a foot in diameter. This is Chloe Gass.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Research - (4) Brains
  • Analysis - (4) Brains
  • Brawling - (1) Brawn
  • Perception - (2) Brains
  • Clarity - (3) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Dream Time - 3 - With a touch, Chloe can induce sleep in a target and enter the dreams of anyone that's dreaming and watch what's going on. She can also affect things inside the dream the same way she can affect things outside of dream world, minus supernatural abilities.
Day Dream - 2 If she has time to concentrate, she can create a dream-like illusion in the waking world. Her illusions can be any sized singular thing (not a whole scene), but they make no sound and have no physical substance.
Octopus - 2 Chloe has a body much like that of an octopus. It's squishy and able to squeeze through tight spaces, good at climbing, and hides her vulnerabilities well. Roll to see if she can wiggle through a small space or as a defense against an aimed attack.


  • Tentacles - Chloe is made of tentacles. There are twenty three of them. This is rather monstrous, and even the people who don't mind don't know how to treat her: there's not a clear face to look at when talking to her, for instance. This is a huge social and emotional hindrance for Chloe.


  • Security blanket
  • Pen light
  • Phone
  • Books
  • Photos
  • $200

Personal History:

Chloe has never looked exactly normal, and her history has never been that of a normal child. She spent much of it in a cage in a circus side-show (she didn't live in the cage, it was just for show, but still). Her favorite thing was always getting books from the library, and she would hide them in the straw to read when no one was looking. Though no one was ever mean to her, Chloe never liked being a freak in a circus side show, and when she was thirteen (and tired of crying herself to sleep), she was ushered to the school under the promise of being able to fit in.



  • Firebreather (Charlie)
  • Strong Man
  • Bearded Lady
  • Lion Tamer



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