Cindaria Cyaneidae

Player: Lena

Demeanor: Friendly, warm and inviting. Curious and intelligent.

Nature: Unsure of herself and abilities; Afraid of hurting people; Friendly

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 112lbs


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 8

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 5

Brains: 5

  • Research (4) [Brains]: A skill learned from her parents, CC is amazing with research. She takes excellent notes and documents her sources superbly. This includes both through books and the internet.
  • Athletic Swimmer (1) [Agility] - This ability is exactly what it is. She loves the water and everything about it.
  • Reflexes (5) [Agility]
  • Glam & Gore {Fashion Sense} (2) - Not only is she good at coordinating outfits for -any- occasion, event or situation, CC can also do some hella awesome special Fx makeup (and of course glam makeup). Great for disguising herself or anyone else.
  • "Dance Like the World is Watching" (2) - What diva is a good diva if she can't bust a move? This jellygal can certainly hold her own on the dancefloor.
  • Stealth (4) [Agility]

Altered Physiology: 4

  • Deadly Touch - She always has to wear gloves as her bare hands can bring on the painful toxic sting of a jellyfish. Effects of her sting: vomiting, profuse sweating, headache, agitation, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, the sting leaves a welt like a whip mark, which can be very painful for several days, pain in the kidneys and back, muscle cramps, tachycardia (heart failure),fever, shock, and may cause the heart or lungs to stop functioning. In some cases her venom causes so much pain it can put the entire body in a paralyzing shock, causing a victim's body to completely shut down. All in all she cannot touch anyone with her bare hands or she risks killing them.
  • Glowing Skin - Just like a jellyfish, her skin has the ability to illuminate itself in poorly lit environments. Her skin puts off a soft glow of a singular color, or she can "blink" various colors in a strobing pattern that starts at her head and moves down to her toes in a constant blinking pattern.

Jellyfish Powers: 6

  • Ability to detect toxins or impurities in liquids - Another interesting ability she possesses is the ability to detect toxins or impurities in liquids with her hands. With this she can pinpoint the exact toxins/poisons or impurities almost to a T.
  • Breathing Underwater - Like a jellyfish, she is able to breathe through her skin while underwater. Because of this, she can swim for long distances under the water without the need to come up for air.
  • Slime secretion - She is able to secret slime all over her body at will. This helps her in those situation when someone is trying to grab her or grapple her. She can also use this to throw at people if that were ever needed. This slime is not poisonous but it does give a numbing effect to any area of the skin it touches.


  • Dilated pupils
  • Higher or lower body temperature
  • Sweating or chills (“goose bumps”)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Dry mouth
  • Tremors


  • Delusions
  • Visual hallucinations
  • An artificial sense of euphoria or certainty
  • Distortion of one’s sense of time and identity
  • Impaired depth perception
  • Impaired time perception, distorted perception of the size and shape of objects, movements, color, sounds, touch and the user’s own body image
  • Severe, terrifying thoughts and feelings
  • Fear of losing control
  • Panic attacks
  • Flashbacks, or a recurrence of the trip, often without warning long after taking the 'drug'
  • Severe depression or psychosis

Individual Powers:

  • Chameleon (3) - Cindaria has developed the ability to completely change her appearance down to her bone structure. Having to only -see- a person one time, she can change herself into that person, voice and all. The process is very painful as her bones crack, break, and reshape herself. She can't replicate things like birthmarks or tattoos (yet), nor can she take on mannerisms just yet. If she's shifting into another studen or someone with powers, she cannot take on their skills/stats/powers.

Invisibility (3)

  • Bad eyesight. She wears very strong Rx glasses to correct her vision but that only does enough to help her focus. She can focus on stationary objects or people, though movement or anything moving is very hard for her to zero in on and focus on.
  • She has a fear of predatory aquatic animals. I.e. Sharks, seals….anything that generally make jellyfish a meal.
  • Light sensitivity to her eyes. Bright lights hurt her eyes to the point of being unable to see. Dim lighting is preferable if she does not have a pair of Rx sunglasses on.
  • Debit Card (funded by her parents) (Nothing, Cin is a broke joker, poor with ZERO money)
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Extra pair of gloves just in case
  • Pair of Rx sunglasses/regular glasses
  • Internet aircard for wifi on the go!
  • Sketchbook with colored sketch pencils for makeup inspiration on the go!

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Clothing/shoes/accessories (lots of gloves); costumes
  • Makeup…lots of it. Including an overloaded kit of special Fx makeup and necessary things (liquid latex, prosthetics, etc), along with a few binders of cheat sheet notes and whatnot for optimal results.
  • A pretty impressive collection of jellyfish. Stuffed animals, knick knacks, snow globes etc.
  • Marine biology books/journals from her parents.
  • Water pH level testing kits
  • Extra Rx sunglasses/regular glasses (about 4 pairs of each, all different designs and colors)
  • Desktop computer
  • Stereo with tape deck, cd player, record player and 8-track player
  • Several vinyl records (the classics duh), cassette tapes, and 8-tracks
  • Ipod with headphones

List what your character's life has been like, from birth until 2018. The more, the better. Be sure that all of your character's skills and supernatural abilities are mentioned.

"Paging Dr. Sorensen! Dr. Sorensen you're needed in emergency delivery 4C!"

Margaret Cyaneidae was rushed into the ER with a swollen pregnant belly, screaming in agonizing pain. Her husband Arthur, running next to the gurney holding his wife's hand trying not to panic. Several members of the medical staff were gathered around, all yelling various medical jargon that Arthur drowned out as his focus was utterly on his wife. Was he going to lose her? Would he lose their daughter? Would he lose them both?……

9 Months Earlier:

Margaret and Arthur Cyaneidae are marine biologists, both respected individuals in their field. Their entire lives surrounded the study of the oceans and it's inhabitants. The current subject of study was jellyfish. The known 200 species weren't their targets. Oh no, something much more groundbreaking was on the horizon. The study of toxins in the jellyfish was being conducted with hopes that there could be medical benefits if particular parts of the toxins were isolated.

A pipe dream that Margaret and Arthur were doing everything they could, devoting every aspect of their lives to fulfill. But on this particular day, a day with the sun shining bright over Rosslare Ireland, Margaret had something special to share with her husband. They were going to have a baby. Arthur couldn't be more excited.

The couple celebrated their good news with their fellow scientists and many friends they had made during their stay in Rosslare over the previous 4 years. A joyous occasion. Yet even still, Margaret was determined to continue her research while she carried. Rather than going on dives for specimens, she was kept on the boat to analyze data and ensure the specimens they recovered were carefully and safely handled.

Her pregnancy went normal, regular checkups proved the mother and child to be very healthy. Not a worry in the world. The two parents-to-be had even moved into a larger home, a nursery created with crystalline blue walls, jellyfishes painted on the walls along with other marine life. They'd created an aquatic paradise in the bedroom their child would call home. Everything was going perfectly.

An associate of Arthur's, Dr. Appleton, paid the couple a visit one morning. Bringing with him a specimen all the way from Australia. Three of the world's tiniest jellyfish known in existence, and quite possibly the most toxic by far, carefully brought to Rosslare. Dr. Appleton was a quirky kind of scientist who meant well but was very socially awkward in all senses of the word. But the gift was well received. The specimens were added to the lab for study.

One fateful day, one of the tiny jellyfish fell out of the specimen bag it was being held in and right into a glass of water Margaret was drinking. Taking her prenatal vitamins, she drank down the little jellyfish without even realizing it. This specimen had been subjected to various chemicals to try and alter it's toxins and environmental stability. It was, in short, not an ordinary jellyfish.

After that day, Margaret began to feel strange. The child she carried was more lively than ever before. Kicking and moving as if swimming in her belly. Margaret's urine turned an iridescent color, though they attributed it to the vitamins she was taking and the exposure to some of the chemicals in the lab, yet nothing to worry about. Even still, she visited her doctor who only confirmed that mother and child were in perfect health. Still not a care in the world for these two. Until…..

"Paging Dr. Sorensen! Dr. Sorenson you're needed in emergency delivery 4C!"

Margaret Cyaneidae was rushed into the ER with a swollen pregnant belly, screaming in agonizing pain. Her husband Arthur, running next to the gurney holding his wife's hand trying not to panic. Several members of the medical staff were gathered around, all yelling various medical jargon that Arthur drowned out as his focus was utterly on his wife. Was he going to lose her? Would he lose their daughter? Would he lose them both?

Dr. Sorenson and his team worked quickly, opting to do an emergency c-section. After 4 gruelling and painful hours, a baby girl was brought into the world. Tiny and beautiful. Her skin a pale blue in color, her veins visible beneath her skin. Margaret wasn't out of the woods. A perplexed Dr. Sorenson realized Margaret appeared to have been stung by a jellyfish….inside her body. With the quick thinking of Arthur, they were able to stabilize Margaret, though she would be watched closely for the next few weeks. But everyone was so confused about how Margaret was stung by a jellyfish inside her body. A question that was never answered. A question that Arthur soon stopped thinking about while he worried more about his wife who would need constant watch and care and therapy until she fully recovered.

Arthur named their little girl Cindaria. And she was the most precious little creature he'd ever held in his arms. Over the first few weeks, she stayed in the hospital with her mother, both under constant watch. At this point Cindaria showed no signs of being any different than any other newborn child.

Toddler Years:

Cindara grew like any normal child. Dark hair and brilliant blue eyes that seemed iridescent in the light, chubby cheeks and the sweetest laugh. It wasn't long before Arthur and Margaret realized that bright light hurt their daughter's eyes. As she grew, it got worse and worse for her. Doctors finally concluded she had photophobia, though the reason for it was never learned. Along with her horrible vision that was only corrected with glasses, she had to wear dark sunglasses. She displayed a vast intelligence…..which only grew as she grew…

Childhood (5-11 years old):

As the years went by, Cindaria grew and grew. She loved being in the lab with her mother and father, loved learning all they had to teach her. From the native language spoken in Rosslare (Irish), to Latin, Italian, Greek and French, and of course English, languages seemed to be something she picked up quickly and easily, though it helped that her parents were excellent teachers. Though as time went by, they realized something was different about their daughter. She loved the water, more than any child they'd ever seen before, but more so….she stayed underwater far longer than the human body should allow. She could easily beat the world record and then some. Her skin would sometimes glow in various colors and when she was frightened the glowing colors strobed and blinked in various patterns. Her pet yorkie died mysteriously after she petted and hugged it. After a bit of time, Margaret and Arthur became painfully aware that her touch was toxic….the same toxicity of the very thing they were studying. Their daughter displayed many qualities of a jellyfish but yet they couldn't explain it.

For their own safety as well as hers, Cindaria's parents immediately pulled her out of primary school and opted to homeschool her. From that point on she was forced to wear gloves so she couldn't hurt anyone. Her life had become a little lonely as her parents made sure, for the sake of everyone's safety, that she didn't get close to anyone. The lack of social interaction weighed heavily on her and she spent more and more time at the beach. The one place she could not have to wear her gloves and worry about hurting anyone. As long as she stayed in the water, she was happy.

Through her time with her parents, being homeschooled, she spent a lot of time with them in their lab. Always with her gloves on, she was able to spend lots of time with them and learn from them all at the same time. They taught her many things, but possibly the most important thing thus far had been how to conduct thorough research through scientific means. Along with these studies, she continued to expand her learning in the various languages though wasn't taught anything beyond what they'd already begun to teach her.

Even in her child ways she was a little diva. She loved clothes, shoes, accessories…fashion. A completely strange thing for someone with her intellect. She wanted to be around other children, she wanted to be social. So many nights she would cry about being unable to have a friend. Over the years her parents had become indifferent to her emotional dismays.

Around age 7 is when both of her parents started treating her less than like a daughter and more like a specimen. Drawing blood, running tests…it was a daily thing. She'd often be told to sit for hours while they poked, prodded and did various things. They'd begun to bribe her with a new bag or new shoes, something that caught her fancy. Anything to get her to sit still for them.

Teen Years (13-17)

Over time Cindaria grew and grew and so did her abilities or what she liked to call her "curses". Her parents had completely distanced themselves emotionally from her. She was no longer their precious little girl, but instead she'd become their ground breaking science experiment. And it made her miserable. She often wished she could be someone else. Anyone else. So she took up the art of makeup. Anything from glam makeup to the goriest grossest special effects makeup she could ever dream up.

The years passed and nothing changed except that she grew up, continued to learn and hone her skills in languages, makeup and research. She’d already become more than used to the treatment from her parents, having even begun to call them Doctor instead of "mom" or "dad".

During a visit, Dr. Appleton noticed the way Cindaria was being treated. Even in his awkwardness, his heart hurt for the girl. Without a word, he contacted the local authorities about neglect and abuse. Though instead of the local authorities coming in to investigate and take Cindaria away, she was taken by some people from GMU. She went willingly….however her parents weren’t too happy or cooperative in the ordeal. By the by, there she is, on her way to GMU along with all her belongings. Saying goodbye to the only place she knew as home.


Available XP: 0
(Total XP 44)

Tier 0
Power Tutor: +1 Jellyfish Powers
Power Boost: +1 Jellyfish Powers, +1 Chameleon
Learning New Tricks: +1 Research, +1 Reflex
Moving To Perfection: +1 Agility
Clear Mind: +2 Psyche

Tier 1
Power Boost: +2 Invisibility
Moving To Perfection: +1 Agility
Learning New Tricks: +2 Stealth
Toughen Up: +2 HP

Tier 2
Power Boost: +1 Chameleon, +1 Invisibility
Learning New Tricks: +2 Stealth
Moving To Perfection: +1 Brains


Desoph:"I think I found a best friend in the most unexpected place…And I'm not complaining."
Jon:"I'm not even sure what to say right now."
Zita:"We used to be best friends and now we're not even friends. But then I realized that you're selfish, self-centered and self-serving. You don't care about anything that doesn't revolve around you and you're an attention seeker. Why didn't I see this before?
Wilhelm:"My love! I'd be so lost without you and your ever caring and loving ways! You are my fashion partner, my mirror, my muse and above everything my best friend and I adore you. <3"
Andrey"Beautiful and amazing, I'm so lucky to be able to work with you! And you treat Wilhelm so great, he's head over heels for you! Thank you for making him happy, you're the reason he smiles now. <3"
Ellie:"You're too good to me. We should hang out more often."
Kevin:"My sushi buddy. We don't hang out enough. I miss you."
Brett:"You're the peanutbutter to my jelly. Pun intended."
Bob:"Gentle giant."
Val:"You're my Buffy buddy. We should finish up those episodes sometime and start a new series."
Athene:"You're one of my best friends and you've got -magical- hands. One of the BEST people I could ever ask to work with. And beautiful at that!"
Cass:"No, Cass, I will destroy /you/. Are you seeing things yet?"
Kat: "Everything and everyone tells me to hate you but I don't. I thought we could be friends but I'm not sure I could do that either."
Violet** "I swear if you get in my way again, I will kill you. Or find someone who can."
Akemi: <placeholder>
Lisa: <placeholder>

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