Conrad "Conn" Ory

"My shoulders are broad enough to carry both our burdens."

Basic Info:


Player: Kadmus

Demeanor: Seems calm, collected and level from a distance, but any attempt to talk to him will result in a puppy-like overeagerness to befriend. Takes everything in stride, even the extremes. Always willing to offer help. Talks with a strong rural Louisiana twang.

Nature: Conn desperately wants friends – ostracised for years before coming to Sunnybrook due to his clumsiness, poverty and disfigurement, he hopes that he can genuinely connect with people in this fresh start. He's eager to try and interact with new people. He can't stand people who try to hurt others, or, even worse, endanger others through carelessness. His attitude towards physical injury - that it doesn't matter, because he gets better - extends to moral and psychological injuries too. He's willing to do the things others aren't, because he knows he can deal, eventually.

Description: Conn is a stocky 14-year old, standing at a meagre 5'2”. His mousy brown hair, once long, is now cut neatly. Trimmed short on the back and sides and left longer on top, swept back out of his eyes, it exposes his entire face, which is heavily scarred, especially the leftmost quarter, which is covered in a shiny pink burn scar, running down under his jaw and disappearing into his shemagh. His eyes are a pale green. His skin is dark, in sharp contrast to his eyes.

He usually wears a black, sleeveless t-shirt and blue jeans. His neck is covered with an olive and black shemagh. His feet are typically bare but hidden under his jeans.

If he needs to dress up a little, he has his formal wear from a mission - a grey waistcoat and dress trousers, and a white dress shirt and black shoes.

If given the chance to prepare for healing, he will strip down to his underwear so that he doesn't bleed all over his clothes.

Conn's Important Scars


Tier 1

HP: 10/10

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 5

Agility: 1

Brains: 4


Toughness 6 (Brawn): Conn is really hard to hurt, between his numbness and his acclimation to pain.
Iron Will 3 (Brains): Exposure to continual physical pain has hardened Conn's resolve, making him mentally tough as well as physically.
Academics 3 (Brains): Conn spent most of his time before coming to Sunnybrook reading by himself.
Athletics 3 (Brawn): Conn exercises regularly, but focuses on weights and stamina, things he can actually do.
Medicine 1 (Brains): Conn has had to learn more about the human body than he'd really have liked.
Wilderness Survival 2 (Brains): Conn grew up in the swaps of Louisiana, and spent any time not reading out by himself in the wilderness.

Supernatural Abilities:

"It is harder to be gentle than it is to be strong."

Steal Pain 6

The ability to take on another's wounds. They disappear from the target and reappear on Conn, in the same location they were on the target. If the target possesses anatomy that Conn does not - wings, for example - the injuries will appear on the nearest equivalent location. All the pain from the injury is felt by Conn, one of the only times he experiences real sensation.

Steal Injury
Transfers HP damage from the target to Conn equal to the roll. Cannot drop Conn below 1HP.

Steal Corruption
Transfers an illness or poison from the target to Conn on a successful roll against a DC determined by the GM.

Rapid Regenerator 4

The ability to heal his own wounds incredibly quickly. Every wound he receives - whether from Steal Pain or otherwise - leaves a scar once healed.

Regenerate Injury
Heals 1 HP instantly, then heals roll/2 HP at a rate of 1 HP every 2 rounds.


Flavour: Scarred – Conn is heavily scarred. Although his injuries heal rapidly, every one of them leaves a mark.

Mild: Numb– Conn lacks sensation entirely, making it hard for him to do anything with accuracy or precision, and making it impossible for him to judge how much force he puts into most actions without watching himself do it. (-1 to any Agility-related check)

Flavour: WereMisty- Conn has suffered a bite from the shark-turned-human - the wereshark - Misty Freer. Now, every time The Ocean decides she feels like it, he turns into Misty. Which is awkward.


On Person:
Cheap mobile phone - not a smartphone
Dad's wristwatch (broken)
First aid kit
Whichever book he's currently reading (The Subtle Knife)


Personal History:

Birthday: September 10th

Conrad is the only son of a Creole woman of mixed black and Houma ancestry and a Cajun man of predominantly white ancestry. This immediately led to problems with the families of both his parents – not just because they each were the 'wrong sort', but also because they were still only teenagers when Conn was born. As a result, Conn was never really welcome in either of the families – he just wasn't the same as all the other kids, even before his anomalous abilities showed themselves.

Both of his parents dropped out of school to raise him and to start working. His father found odd jobs as a handyman and on the fishing boats, while his mother worked as a cleaner. Work was never reliable – or necessarily legal – and always paid badly, so Conn grew up in a broken-down old trailer in the middle of the swamp. It was probably illegal for them to live there, as they didn't own the land, but no-one ever wanted to go there, so they were left fairly unbothered.

He was always strange growing up – he didn't care for hugs or kisses, and his parents eventually realised that this was because he couldn't feel them. He couldn't feel anything. They kept as close an eye on him as they could, although he had to be left alone for long hours from a young age while both his parents went out to work or look for jobs, but he never seemed to sustain any real injuries, although he managed to pick up a lot of scars somehow.
Conn first noticed his powers when he was very young, before he started school. A heavy storm one night blew over a tree next to their trailer, and one of the branches crashed through his bedroom, impaling him clean through the stomach. He didn't die, as would be expected, and simply lay there for a few minutes after the tree was pulled off him as his wound closed, healing before his parents astonished eyes until the only sign he'd ever been hurt was a scar.

By the time he started attending school, he'd managed to severely disfigure his face through a series of accidents – he pulled out the cutlery drawer and covered himself in knives, he fell a lot and often landed badly, he even startled a wandering Florida panther once. And, as before, all his wounds scarred and the scars never got better. As a result, he was immediately the odd one out at school – he was clumsy, he was ugly, he was poor. No-one wanted to associate with him, so he grew up lonely, ostracised by his peers and his family.

He took to wearing concealing clothes and grew out his hair, covering his face to conceal his scars. This didn't really help, as it just made him weird in a different way. And there's always been something off about him. The way he approaches things is just wrong, somehow, likely because of his total lack of sensation and casual attitude towards severe injury and maiming.

Most of his free time was spent exploring the swamps around his home, foraging for food, learning about the plants and animals, and climbing trees (badly), or working out in the makeshift gym he'd put together next to the trailer out of scrap metal and wood.

Whenever he was at school, he would bury himself in books to avoid the mocking of his classmates, preferring to get ahead in classes. He knew it was futile – not like anyone would ever do more than look at him, and say he wasn't 'suitable' for the job, especially with his last name. The Ory family are notorious as petty crooks where Conn grew up, and his mother's side didn't exactly have the best reputation either.

His ability to take wounds from others onto himself was revealed when he was older, around when he started puberty. His mother managed to cut off the tip of her finger while teaching him to cook, and he instinctively grabbed at the injury with his mind. Suddenly, her finger was fine, and his was bleeding.

This was the first time he ever felt pain. It didn't last long, as he healed as fast as he usually did, but it was a shock. And, contrary to what Swayze may have said, pain does indeed hurt.

He soon started healing his parents every day after work, however, as it helped them feel better after a long day and a little temporary discomfort for him was nothing compared to the help they got from it.

He was discovered by the GWU after he returned from exploring the swamp one day to find his trailer ablaze, with his parents still inside. He rushed in and dragged them out, and the fire service and police arrived half an hour later to find him cradling his father's body, his own body covered in slowly healing burns, his mother unconscious next to him.

He never got to say goodbye to his mother, as he was shipped off to Sunnybrook that evening.



Austin (Slick): Really nice guy. The first person I met, he even gave me a cool codename! I totally saved his life when we went on a mission. He's pretty cool. Doesn't mind my face.

Liz (Little Wolf): She seems cool.

Daniel (Cold Spell): He's a little standoffish, but seems pleasant enough.

Madeline: Knocked her down by accident and I think I scared her. My first failure since I got here. She seemed nice, if a bit insecure. UPDATE: Made it up to her with a gift of gumbo, hot chocolate and flowers, and got a hug! She's really nice.

Nadia: Really kind. Also a healer! I think we have a lot in common.

James: Odd, quiet kid. Brave when we got into a situation that needed it though.

Claire and Akemi: A couple of pleasant young women. Claire's a demon, and Akemi is a fox… thing? They seemed interested in my meeting with Altesse Faim.

Katlyn?: I think I scared her. She gave me some bad news, and I lot my temper for a moment. She didn't react well. I have to make it up to her somehow.

Hyacinth?: I scared her too. Despite saving her life from those gas grenades, I managed the most embarrassing first meeting possible - I was trying to give her first aid and slipped. Not the best way for her to wake up. Then I crashed into her outside the kitchen. Then I broke my nose and she started crying. I really need to make it up to her somehow.

(Not Friend)Strange Italian Guy: He's suspicious, and a smirky asshole. I do not like him.

Zita: Nice girl. I made her gumbo, then I took her to the forest to pick some flowers. She's scared of blood.


Voker: A man I ran into on the outskirts of town. I healed him, and he implied he was the legendary Wandering Jew. He said a pale, sharp-featured man with a metal hand was the one who stabbed him and stole from him a bag of things I should not know about. As we parted ways, he mentioned something about '36'.

Altesse Faim (Hunger Card): A fox-themed demon princess lady. Slick, Daniel, James and I beat her in a game of riddles, and she gave James her card. She was summoned by some crazy guy called Avalon, who we arrested and handed over to the GWU people. We also ran into a real vampire! She's called Amanda, but she seemed to prefer KissShot. I let her drink my blood so she would help us fight this guy with a gun that nearly killed Slick. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me. We also met a cool (but lazy) lady called Komargo, who said she was a Reaper, but she didn't seem interested in doing her job. She judged our riddle competition!


24XP spent

Tier 0
Power Training: Steal Pain +1
Advancement: Power Boost (+1 to Steal Pain, +1 to Rapid Regenerator)
Moving to Perfection (Brains +1)
Learning New Tricks (Toughness +1, Iron Will +1)
Toughen Up (Health +2)

Tier 1
Moving To Perfection (Brawn +1)
Learning New Tricks (Toughness +1, Academics +1)

25XP total Earned
3 from run (UltimixRed) 13/09/15
1 from Sunday 13/09/15
1 from Sunday 20/09/15
3 from run (LipstickThespian) Friday 25/09/15
1 from Sunday 27/09/15
2 from run (LipstickThespian) Friday 02/10/15
1 from Sunday 04/10/15
2 from run (SGF) Sunday 11/10/15
1 from Sunday 11/10/15
1 from Sunday 18/10/15
1 from Sunday 25/10/15
1 from LGBT+ Meeting
1 from Sunday 01/11/15
2 from run (LipstickThespian) 03/11/15
1 from Sunday 08/11/15
1 from Sunday 15/11/15
1 from running for Katlyn LeBlanc (LipstickThespian)
1 from Sunday 22/11/15

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