Corylyn Constance

Basic Info:

Player: Inque

Demeanor: Cory is really bright and outgoing. She will talk to anyone, she's not shy. She's confident in herself and isn't preoccupied with catty nonsense. She'll be cool to people who are. Some of her closest friends call her "Carl" or "Cory"

Nature: Cory worries about the real issues in her life. Whats going to happen now, whats will her powers develop into. Her confidence is still there in herself, but her situation is whats shaky. She probably wont tell anyone about this.

Description: Cory stands 5'11" and is around 130 lbs. She slender but strong. Her thighs are lithe and sculpted. She's adequately endowed in her curvature and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She takes care of her appearance and pays attention to detail. A typical pretty young lady, she isn't here to worry about what others think of her and her stance and form show it.



HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Athletics - (5) Agility Cory is good at various sports. Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, and Track. She is comfortable in just about any athletic situation. She's also quite adept at catching and throwing objects.
  • Manipulation - (2) Brains Cory is pretty good at making things work out for her. Be that flirting, talking to others about things. Generally she's pretty good at social situations where she has to hold her tongue or use it to say the right things.
  • Biology - (3) Brains Cory has a good understanding biology and natural science. This skill gives her a good idea on how to attend to first aid, reactions to poisons.
  • Hunting - (2) Brains Cory's father had taken her hunting since she was a girl. She knows about stalking prey, using a rifle, bow, and snare traps. She's capable of fishing and camping, and she knows how to field dress her catch.
  • Clutch Strike - (2) Brawn Cory's very good at finding out just how to hit the hardest. Cory might be able to tap into this skill when she needs to make a critical strike or push through a physical challenges of strength or might. Cory has picked up a little bit of sword fighting with this one.
  • Resilience - (5) (Growing with Kinetic Nullification Power) Brawn Cory has been injured in the past. She knows how to get through pain, play through injury. She's been scraped, cut, bruised, and battered, and she will still get up and get back in the game.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Kinetic Nullification - 5 - Cory's atomic structure was changed at the genetic level. Her atoms are unaffected by the kinetic energy of other atomic bodies. Therefore incoming kinetic energy is nullified as it touches her. She can still be thrown, electrocuted, irradiated, and cosmic and magical energies still affect her, but physical forms of energy, including temperature extremes, are negated to a scaling affect.

Passive: Resilience Skill Replacement (gives skill equal to power rating free)
Passive: Reduce damage taken from kinetic physical attacks by 1/3 rating rounded down.
Active: Negate 1/3 tier + rating damage from kinetic physical attacks for 1/3 roll rounds rounded down.

What just happened! - 1 - Cory can listen to the past. Its almost as if the world has an echo that she can tap into. She's able to get an audible replay to what happened in a location. The longer ago it happened, the harder the echo is to pick up. So far the maximum time she's gone back has been about a week.

Right Back Atcha! - 4 - Cory is capable of manipulating incoming energy and redirecting it to her whims. She'll catch an energy beam or if she knows it's coming redirect the path of a bullet. If she can't see whatever it is due to how fast it is she'll have to set up a manipulation in advance, like a catchers mitt, to handle whatever it is.

Just a flesh wound - 1 - Cory heals up pretty well. She can't bounce back in a matter of seconds but most often then not the few injuries she does get she's able to battle through by the next day.


Cory has claustrophobia. She will lose her abilities, panic, and eventually pass out if enclosed in some sort of space. It doesn't matter if she can see out or not, the restriction of movement is what triggers her. Being bound and gagged will have a lesser but similar effect. Severe +2 power points


The typical Teenage setup kit.

Various school supplies
She has her ID under her phone case on the back of her phone.
Purse - small for the simple things..
Nike Backpack

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook.
Cory came to SunnyBrook prepared. There were more clothes than anything else. A close second was shoes tho. It was as if she was prepared for every situation. Her wardrobe was complete.
Cory also has a macbook air from her parents to keep in touch. She hardly uses it though, her iPhone mostly taking the bulk of her digital life.

Personal History:

Cory was born into a loving family on October 7th 2001. She was a loved child all her life. She was pretty, always fun and happy. She showed a particular talent with athletics at a young age. She was smart too. Gifted was the words most commonly used by her teachers. She grew up quickly in a glorious rise to promise. It wasn't until she was 12 that she had her first injury, then another, and another. It was startling to think such a promising athlete able to be hurt so much so easily. Cory often lied about her injuries as well. Playing and performing at a high level through pain in order to continue participation. It wasn't until she had a clean break in femur that stopped her whole world. She spent her 14th year of life having tests done on her only to show she had a type of early onset osteoporosis. It was caused by a new virus they had no name for yet.

Cory underwent clinical trials over and over again. It wasn't until they decided to try an experimental retro viral bacterial injection to try and rewrite her body's genetic code to fortify her bones. The effect was beyond what they had hoped. Her body's genetic code was rewritten at the sub molecular level. They tried the retro virus on other subjects with alarming and horrific responses. They theorized that Cory's DNA must have had an natural mutation already that had a different effect. Cory was unable to get hurt. Her muscles, tendons, bones, and tissues were extremely resilient.

They did some preliminary testing on her to see just how durable her skin, bone, muscles, and tendons were but because she was a minor and it wasn't a government funded experiment she stayed under the radar until….

Gordon Jones Highschool October 31st, 2017….

One… Two… Three.. He counted as he thought about what he was going to do. Mr. Jone's room, then Mrs. Brandts. The glare of the early morning sun glinted off his dirty glasses. He never took care of himself. He never cared about how he was received. They were all idiots. All of them. The only one he cared about was Cory. He looked at his picture of her on his desk. Amid the bullets, magazines, and guns he'd taken from his abusive fathers safe, her picture stood out. He loaded the last round and slipped it into his weapon. "Time to make them all pay.. "

The news anchor came on the TV as Cory's father watched in the hospital.

"And we continue on our update for the massacre at Gordon Jones. Teachers report a student is to credit with the stopping of the shooting. Police are also getting reports that a fellow student confronted the shooter before he got to the cafeteria. We are not allowed to say the students name but reports are they held the shooter at bay for up to 10 minutes before the shooter decided to pull the trigger on them, and them themselves. The student is one of many now at the hospital with life threatening injuries. "

"STOP IT EDDY!" she screamed. Tears ran freely down her cheeks.

"They need to pay Cory.. they don't get a free pass!" he said.. his gun still had plenty of ammo. The cafeteria was just down the hallway.

"NO! don't you dare.. if you ever cared for.. "

"I'VE LOVED YOU!!! DON'T YOU GET IT!" her stunned look was all the confirmation he needed.. she was oblivious to his attraction. Inside he couldn't blame her. She was beautiful, athletic, smart and nice to him. How could an angel like that ever love him. She cried and he thought for a moment that it was because she loved him too..

"I.. I can't Eddy.. you killed Jason.. " she said.. Jason was her dick boyfriend asshole. If it weren't for Jason they might have had a chance.

"Fuck Jason" he said.. He tried to walk past her but she grabbed his arm and stopped him. "Lemmi go! " he said and swung his arm.. catching her in the face with his pistol by accident. Her head recoiled and she let him go but didn't fall down.. she grabbed his gun hand and the gun went off.. she oomphed as the bullet slammed into her tummy.. she doubled over.. Edward dropped the gun.. "CORY!"

She fell against the wall. clutching her stomach.. Eddy rushed to her, "oh my god oh my god oh my god CORY NO!!" he reached for her hands to see how bad it was. Pulling it from her gently there was a hole in her shirt but no blood yet. He hoped against hope until the squashed slug fell from the bottom of her shirt. There was no wound. He blinked.. "Whh.. wha.. what are you?" he asked.. Cory looked up at him.. "no.. Eddy don't tell.. " he recoiled from her.. She was a mutant! she was a monster! "mm.. mmoonster!" he said.. scrambling for his gun.. he leveled the hand gun on her and fired.. her hand outstretched towards him.. His bullets impacted the brick around her left right above.. into the concrete floor. nothing. none of it touched her. He was only a few feet away and now out of handgun ammo.

He grabbed his AR-15 and leveled it on her. "Eddy please.. " he looked at her.. "eddy.. " she said.. her voice contorted with hurt and pain. "Don't call me that monster. Only my friends call me that." She cried.. "But. I am your friend.. " He pulled the trigger. This time, she couldn't make all the bullets swerve..

Jim reached down and grabbed his daughters hand. She had been hit with multiple assault rifle bullets at near point blank range. Her skin was untouched, but doctors theorized she might have suffered a concussion. Her eyes fluttered open softly and he smiled at her. "You ok baby?" he asked. She nodded. "A little headache but, yeah daddy." Other hands came to gently grasp her fathers shoulders from behind him and he dropped a single tear as they led him away. She thought it was a doctor at first but the man wore a black suit. Another man in a black suit presented himself in front of her. "Hello Ms. Constance, I'm Agent Johnson."

And the rest happens now.


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XP Spending

  • Tier 0
    • Power Up
    • Moving towards perfection
    • Learning new Tricks
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