DaneTrace Shadewell

Player: cassiopia/becka
Demeanor:cold distant scared of everyone
Nature: extremely shy and scared more a friend to animals than people at first .
Description: dark messy hair, dark amber eyes , physically fit body
as wolf http://cole444.wikispaces.com/file/view/black-wolf.jpg/220711258/black-wolf.jpg
health 6
Psyche: 6
Brawn: 3
Brains: 3

Fighting: (3) Brawn
running: (3) Agility
Reflexes: (3) Agility
Perception: (3) Brains
Supernatural ability:3
Here Puppy puppy: at the utterance of the pharse In Carnum Retorum Septumis Percretum Etorus he can transform to a wolf form .
Oh Good God NO He Did`nt: if angered or hurt he can shift to an form known as a dire wolf,to fight .

Personal History:
police report:5 -18-2013
A small boy looks up ,to the policeman, his tiny body covered in blood.
His parents lay , in a mess of gore,in the front room .He doesn't know why.
But only said , he saw a monster do it .
A big hairy black monster ,with red eyes and big pointed teeth.
The boy`s name was Leon Colton . The report read death due to wild animals

That was the summer of my junior year at Sutter`sville high.
I was in senior, then when the other reports, started to appear. Most people said, it was a rabid dog or wolf .But my family knew better . We had a secret ,a family curse so to speak. Once in every twelve generations ,it happens to a male of the family. A genetic defective gene goes beserk,and a form of shape shifting occurs.
That is compounded by the use of alchemy from my family forefathers. Like a curious little pixie ,I again awakened that gene, in my blood. When I discovered, the old silver etched book ,of strange writings. While looking for a costume ,in the old steamer trunk , of my grand father`s.
I made the mistake of opening the red leather ties that held it shut, and reading aloud the words on the first page. In Carnum Retorum Septumis Percretum Etorus , was the words I read from that cursed book . A strange feeling over took me, as I closed the book. The room started to spin, my mind was a whirl, with strange sounds, and lights flased rather brightly. I felt my bones ach and pop as the took a new form. i was now a wolf a wild animal. as i changed i heard my parents return and out the open window of my sisters room i sprang landing in a ball stuned as i awoke i darted off into the woods scared of what could happen .
need practice to change back to original form.may exhibit the same fears and or desires of taken form. and is limited only the animal he imagins.

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