Basic Info:

Player: WetBeard
Name: Dracaz Valer
Aliases: Dracaz, Obsidian Tongue, Silver-Tongued Friend

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

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Appearance: Dracaz is 6'1 and weighs a good 152 pounds. He has soft sunken blue eyes and short brown hair that's kept rather wild. Even though he comes from a place known for distinct features, Dracaz seems to lack both the accent and facial features of the area. Though he does have rather sharp and dashing features that he uses to keep an upper edge on people - Outside of that he's nothing short of average looking.

Personality: Dracaz lets himself be read like an open book - At least, the side he wants people to read. He comes off as friendly and curious, interested in fixing people's affairs and watching over those who need it. He may come off as some kind of background friend, the one who would rather listen than talk.
Though, this of course is all false. Dracaz, mentally is… Short of healthy. He is rather manipulative and controlling, finding a joy in knowing everything about people's lives so he can better control them. To the point it blinds him, and he doesn't seem to care much for any potential consequence for doing such to people…

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Dracaz adores manipulation and getting his way. He also likes knowing every little thing about people. Dracaz hates touch, so much.


Brawn: 2 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 2 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 3 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 4 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 4 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 5 (Default: Finesse+Acuity)

Health: 9 (Default: 5 plus Brawn, plus half of Resolve)

Psyche: 10 (Default: 5 plus half of the sum of Acuity, Resolve, and Charisma)

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 2
Reflex Total: 2
Willpower Total: 7
Parry Roll: 2

Mundane DR:
Ability DR:


  • Perception - (3) Acuity
  • Persuasion - (5) Charisma
  • Analysis - (3) Acuity
  • Willpower - (3) Resolve


Speech Weaver - 5 (Gift) Optional Flavor
Dracaz elaborately mocks a person's speech or steals their ability to understand one.


  • Force of Personality - 5 - Use Charisma instead of Resolve for mental defense checks and the Willpower skill


Total Currency: $_ CAD

On Hand

  • Coat
  • Mask made of marble, always kept on the inside of his coat, never worn.
  • Pen
  • Small pocket journal


  • Books
  • Textbooks
  • A single crude knife
  • Lots of candles

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