Elspeth Sullivan

Basic Info:

Player: SavanahHolland

Demeanor: She's become smaller now, if more metaphorically, she can't seem to become any smaller physically than she already is. Her air of authority isn't as strong as it once was, replaced more with an aura of monotone emotion. Her presence may even be depressing if you're not careful, and how can someone not be depressed by just looking at her? If it weren't for you trying not to stare, you might even notice something that may be important. Her shadow is missing.

Nature: Different, she's odd now. The same Elspeth that can be remembered, arrogant, yet cutesy. She can manipulate at the drop of the hat, and yet let her emotions come from a honest place. Despite all this, something isn't the same, or right rather. She doesn't speak of her missing months. It's like she acts like they didn't happen. Like she's been here all along. Things are wrong.

Description: Young fourteen year old Elspeth was born with luscious curly light blonde hair that almost appears white, that has never been cut because of her family believing it was bad luck for a woman to ever cut her beautiful hair, and that's how it was, growing long and longer. She sometimes keeps it up in buns, or down, up in different ways, though usually seen together on the top of her head in a braid. Unlike the rest of the long lineage of Sullivans, who all had lovely bright blue eyes, Elspeth was born a bit, different to say the least. She has gorgeous deep emerald green eyes that shone in the sunlight and glimmer as she stares up at the moon on a dazzling night. He family had always found it strange, some of her cousins always being overheard speaking about Elspeth as if she were a freak, but she surely did not care, she after all, was the lucky one that would succeed her family.

Elspeth was, and still is alarmingly small at 4'10, though certainly not underweight for her size, having all her life been a big eater. Slender and pale limbs that make her German origins heavily obvious. Though, another interesting thing is, her feet. Always hidden under extremely small little shoes that don't look like they'd fit anyone, because, she had grown with her feet in bondage. Having been born under her family's pact, from a very young age her feet were bound very tightly, and growing that way, they stayed bound, never being able to give her the ability to walk.

Favorite colors change easily, young girls are so fickle after all. Black and white is the newest disease on her wardrobe, warding away the gold and emerald green that she often wrapped herself in with joy. Black silk dresses, brought on request from home, perfect white lace, ribbons, a monochrome attire that makes you wonder if her eyes sucked the color from the rest of her. Pale blonde hair, porcelain white skin, attire with no color, all for eyes to stand out as if cats eyes among a room of darkness.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

Dexterity - (4) Agility Having most of her life had to rely on her devils to do the walking for her, when she didn't want to bother with them for some petty or trivial task, as had to learn that upper body strength was her friend, and with her hands, she almost could move around purely by herself, almost.
Perception - (3) Brains Living her life with only family and silent devils to speak to, she starts to get quite bored, and as such, she became one with her environment. Soaking in the sounds, footsteps, quiet squeaks, everything, absorbing it all.
Persuasion - (2) Brains Despite English not being her first language, even in her German accent ridden English she can sweet talk in. Learning at a young age that just demanding gets you things, but being sweet as a doll gets you more.
Acuity - (3) Brains Her mind has always been her strength when her body has failed her, and a family that has been intertwined with devils for centuries has quickly learned that protection of the mind is perhaps the most important skill in this life.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.

Ram's Skull - 4 - The devil of strength, of raw power and size, raw aggression bound by a young mistress. Made to serve, to bend it's knee, to her constant beck and call with no voice for outcry. A silent devil with the head of a polished ram skull, forever bound to servitude of the Sullivan family.

Sheep's Heart - 3 - Under the guise of the moonlit winter's night, a womanly figure, perfect, graceful as is it moved with the breeze and the light itself, devil of agile dexterity. Sweet lips silent as a deadly night, not a sound, not a bleat but the sound of a beating heart. Beating, beating, bound to it's mistress, locked in a servitude it will kindly bear for all of it's eternity.

Lamb's Blood - 2 - Under the carnage, under the pain, under all the beating, pulsing gore, she lies. Her voice the only one that dares rings out, just to utter out sweet nothing, lies upon lies. A mind that is always at work, lying sweetly, seeing the world as no one else can possibly see. Oh these sweet eyes that her mistress wields with her voice, with her orders and calls. Oh so sweetly, devil of mind.

The Bound - 2 - We are bound, I am just as bound to you as you are to me. I am just as much as a slave to you as you are to me. Our worlds are intertwined. What they say is true, Till Death do Us Part…

Partner of Nevermore - 1 -

  • Another's Power: This power cannot be increased normally, but eventually will on its own as the Demon gets stronger.
  • Supernatural Revelation: Nevermore's demonic nature lends him to magical abilities as such, she can give his familiar the ability to preform minor magical feats. They can select up to 3 spells to use at rating.
  • Underworld Gate: Nevermore can summon familiars to him from a distance. Most demons can do this by innate power, non-demons not so much. He can only summon each contracted non-demon to him once every 24 hours.
  • But It Refused: Once per day the familiar may reject failure, and reroll any one roll that they themselves made that had a failing result, however having a target's defense beat your roll does not count unless you critically failed - that isn't failure, it's just them being better. The reroll ignores critfails, and the dice cannot show less than 0 - any lower result instead becomes 0.
  • Supernatural Conduit: If the familiar is within about arm's length of Nevermore, they get +1 to a power of his choosing.

Mistress of Summons - N/A -


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

Twinkle Toes, Elspeth is bound. Her feet having been crushed from being binded with cloth since she was very very young, growing up like that, her feet stayed that way. Crushed and mutilated, unable to move, yet still able to feel. It makes things quite hard, also having never in her life used a wheel chair, always being carried around by family members, servants or, her own servants. Severe.

Familiar Partner of Nevermore, Elspeth is contracted to a Demon… and must obey all orders given by it, when given the command phrase before said order. Each character's phrase is unique, but will work for anyone who knows and says it. The Demon, Nevermore, can speak into their mind as well and issue commands that way - this communication cannot be cut off, or rather in this Demon's case, it cannot 'fail'. Severe


  • Golden Heart Locket {Inside, there's no pictures, just a small razor}
  • Free-bird Brooch
  • Little empty canvas pouch
  • Box of Matches {Dried blood drops stain the box}
  • Mini homemade sewing kit
  • Smartphone with Totoro Case and Teddy Bear Skelebaby Keychain {From Zeke}

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Assorted hair ties, ribbons and black hair accessories
  • Multiple dresses, almost all a midnight black or heavanly white with silver accents, also a plethora of petticoats, corsets and other similar items
  • A confusing amount of homemade bars of soap, bath salts and candles
  • Books, all in German, most appearing to be fairy-tales, other appearing to be copies of Holy Bible, though one in particular happening to be a diary, filled with entries in German
  • Two extremely expensive looking porcelain dolls
  • Hand-woven light wooden basket filled with sewing needles, thread, thimbles and cloth
  • Old sketchpad filled with light sketches of a pitch black human figure
  • Salvation Army Alligator Stuffed Animal {From Skix}
  • Get Well Soon Card {From Skix}
  • Green Leather Journal {From Gungnir}
  • Cute stuffed Rabbit {From Theo}
  • Four foot tall Giant Teddy Bear {From Anonymous}

Recent Horrors History:

Elspeth disappeared, everyone that knew her knows that. One day is was there, and the next, she wasn't. Paling skin, paling hair, eyes that only became more than they ever could. With squinted eyes up at the new blinding light, she knows what happened, and she'd rather keep it that way. It's fine, she's back now. It's not like she ever left.

Personal History:

Ever since the day Elspeth had been born to Adrian and Cassandra Sullivan, she had a silver spoon in her mouth. Every whim and desire she could ever believe to think of, all done without a word. Elspeth quickly learned, that she could get much more by playing the sweet little girl. And that she was. Listening to her parents always, being polite and kind, a sweet little catholic girl every parent dreams of having. But in truth, she was never quite that. She never felt deeply religious as she acted, she felt there was something, but never quite knew what. So she lied.

While she was still growing, her parents had to bind her feet, a promise and deal passed down her family line for centuries. Her mother, before she was born, remembered seeing her husband's sister before she died young, her feet also bound. So was the fate of the daughters to the Sullivan linage. Elspeth didn't complain, she smiled and told them it was alright. She was never alright with it, and a deep hidden grudge was formed, dark and twisted in it's own right.

Elspeth wielded the power expected to her years before it should have occurred, the first summoning, was the ram, accidentally pricking her finger, and a strange feeling washed over her, causing her strange thoughts. And there he was, the Ram. She wasn't afraid, looking up at it with dark eyes no four year old should have, she understood.

She only discovered the other two around ages ten to twelve, having started getting rather interested in the dark arts, never letting her parents know, they knew about what the Sullivan family carried, but they almost pretended it wasn't what they were bound to, and continued their little charade with a god that would surely never forgive any that bear the Sullivan blood.

A few months after her fourteenth birthday, men came. Men came to take her away, no one knew how they found out, no one knew how they had gotten there. But they had, and she was forced to join SunnyBrook, though, she didn't truly mind, just a new experience.


  • Elspeth smells like peppermint oil and butterscotch.
  • Has a odd love of spiders despite crippling fear of other insects.
  • Elspeth has terrible English, though she speaks fluent Danish and German.
  • Was born and has lived her entire life in a area near Munich, Germany, a rather secluded area populated by German's that follow a older way of life.
  • Elspeth is a talented violinist, but doesn't bring it up ever and is extremely modest.
  • Maybe it happened over night, maybe it didn't, but Elspeth doesn't seem romantically the same, no drive unlike before.

XP - 22

Currency - $350.00

Important Logs:

Training -

Tutoring -

For My Amusement -
Zeke and Elspeth Sweet like Candy
Pom, Mads and Elspeth Guise of Innocents
Sebastion and Elspeth Consenting Choices
Desoph, Theodore and Elspeth Innocence Lost
Jinxy, Sam, Sierra, Markus, Cass, Nevermore and Elspeth Yet Nevermore
Jason, Maqor's hand, Remnant and Elspeth To the Highest Bidder

Relationships to Others:

Aiko Minami - I believe I met her once thanks to Zita, not many thoughts on her, however her hair is interesting, I wonder if it's natural, I bet it is.
Ambrose Syl-Falaren - He's sweet, we don't get to talk enough but I like being around him, plus his green dog thing is adorable. I should take him to the cat cafe too soon.. I bet he'd like it.
Andrey Maijala - I remember the one time I met her months ago when I was playing with chalk, she was huge, kinda wanted to climb her.. maybe. I should do that still.
Austin Silver - What a hard head! He says he has all these fancy sounding titles, but he obviously gave him them himself! He even admitted! Well I'll show him, even if I have to write three different news stories, which I will. I have to get interviews from willing students though.. So much to do so little time…
Callum Ellis - He's a sweet guy, I can understand why Cass likes him so much. Too bad their relationship is basically Cass very slowly corrupting the poor guy, not that it's really my business, they're cute together.
Cass Walker-Handal I like to think he's one of my better friends, only because we sorta talk to eachother.. normally I guess. I get to talk to him about stuff I couldn't with others. Plus he's sorta my boss now.. he's gonna make me weird a bunch of embarrassing and dumb stuff..
Celeste Filaluna - Knowing Markus's taste in ladies, I bet she's weird.
Cindaria Cyaneidae - She seemed to have a problem with Zita too, not that it matters. But she's pretty fun, has a salon too that I might try to stop by sometime with Theo.
Ellie LaCruix - She's awesome! Well, she seems too perfect, which can be sometimes, weird, so maybe not perfect! But she's really nice, a teacher's aid too which is super neat! I hope one day I can become a teacher's aid too and help her and teachers out, she's accomplished and I plan to follow suit!
Bob Mazzetti - He is a large person, I love it and want to climb him.
Brett Fion - He's my big brother in spirit, so I treat him as one, I recently saw him again, he's still a big idiot, but that's okay. He didn't ask why I was gone and I really did appreciate it, he probably didn't mean it as if he was trying to respect my privacy, but that's okay too.
Daniel Vitan - A mega meany that is also nice sometimes, he made me a ice corgi briefly and flew paper planes with me at the old school, he's all weird now, very silly. He's got horns and little chicken wings on his back, and his hair is stupid now too. He's stupid, but he's a good stupid friend.
Desoph Dechain - It's odd, I have a lot of older brother figures here in this school, Des is one of them sorta. He found out the things in my mind, what happened where my memory had left me. He watched the memories of my torture while I was in his mind. Des's mind was much more twisted than most would just assume, and it's really scary.. especially seeing that mind at work when we were in Vietnam.. I know he wanted to kill them for what they had done. I don't want to turn into someone like that. I love him, but I can't be like that.
Eponnie LastNamenie - I think she's dating Zita, might have to give her a talk, haven't met her yet though. Only heard about her from Zita, rumors and of course the ad put up saying she makes dolls, which of course I'll be a popular patron with her, I love dolls.
Gungnir Gun - He promised he'll protect me. He found me in the hallway after what happened with Zeke and that other man. He comforted me and took me to the infirmary while I was treated and didn't even leave like he promised me. He's really sweet.. we bonded with this weird power thing he made.. we can talk from our minds with each other- I can even summon him when I feel in danger.. I'm really grateful so many people care about me.. I just.. don't know how to thank anyone of them. I'm such a weak brat.. and everyone cares about me even then…
Jacob Houston - At first I thought he was going to attack me, but he was nice, made me feel better after I got scared.
Jonathan Aeris - I do not care for him. He is Cindaria's boyfriend apparently, I still think he is a mewling coward, but it does not matter.
Jose Joaquin Umaro Marron - He's odd, I believe his father may be a goat, but that's just a theory, I doubt his mother could be so easily swayed by a goat's seductive noises, but who knows!
Lisa Kawajiri - Only met her once, she was cute, I should try to become better friends with her maybe.
Madeline Maddox - I went on a few missions with her, she's odd, I guess, it feels weird talking about her since our interaction was mostly on missions.. she killed a lot of people.
Markus Singer - We're really close I like to think, but he's more of like a younger brother than the others.. he was hurt by a dumb girl and I had to do what I could to protect him.. I think I did okay.. I just want him to be safe.. if he died, I don't know what I'd do. He's not allowed to be that selfish and just let himself die when so many people love him.
Moby white - Selfish little boy, I've heard how he's treated people in the past, selfish, selfish. It's okay Moby, if no one else cares, I will. A little puppy must be broken trained after all.
Nathaniel Peirce - He is not human, no, he is less than human, he is mine. My little dog, I tried so hard to train, he broke.
Momo - Did I steal from her? Yes. Do I feel bad about stealing from her? No.
Rainbow - Weird but funny. He stripped down into the nude in my room and passed out. Theo came and brought him back with the power of a drink that I'm pretty sure is toxic waste.
Samuel Jordis - He's fun, I tried beef leather for the first time with him, he's got a pocket space too. Neat.
Sandra Skix Brown - She's really sweet, really tall though which is okay, I'm really short so it balances out. I got her a little bunny stuffed animal, when she hugged me I sorta.. panicked and screamed.. I was in the infirmary for a bit because of that, but she left me a little alligator plush and a get well soon card.. I should talk to her again..
Sebastion Church - He is my love, we have been together for perhaps a month now? I must be a terrible girlfriend for not keeping track, but I do love him dearly, and I hope he will stay with me till the end. I wish I could write more, but in truth, it's simple. I love him, he loves me.
Seiko Williams - She's quiet, hard to keep a conversation with.. but she has cat ears!
Sierra Aurum - Huge boobs, and weird angel wings, she's gross and is all prideful. She wants to act like she's doing good, well maybe she should busy herself actually protecting kids in danger instead of chasing after people too far gone.
Tessa Nikolaides - I know, I know that maybe if you ever come back, you'll feel like you had left only Zita alone. You didn't, you left me alone. You were a sister to me, and you leave and never come back. You left me, and I don't even know why.
Theodore Grundlewood - As I said before, he's still strong, awesome and as sweet as a strong sugary drink. He's another big brother figure of mine and I love him a lot, even if he sometimes gets busy, I'll have to get him something nice sometime to thank him for everything.
Violet Song - I had to pull her off Zita, Zita kept telling her no and that disgusting harlot kept trying to continue. I stepped in, people were staring, I should have beat her head in, I don't know why Zita is dating her, Violet is a criminal, how is what she did any different from a boy doing the same and being arrested. She is disgusting and I will never look the other way.
Wilhelm Xander Dietrich - Fancy boy isn't he, also a true blooded mean butt face, I'll get revenge one day… one day he'll regret ever calling me childish… one day.
Zeke Ward - He scares me.
Zita Jasper - She says I left her, that's not true, she forced me away because she's selfish. I fell in love with someone, she made the brand about herself.. I want to be friends with her again.. but it's not fair. She's terrible and not fair.

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