Emmett W. M. P. Epstein

Basic Info:

Player: Knave

Demeanor: Erratic, absent-minded, periodically manic. Emmett presents the perfect picture of the mad scientist.

Nature: Common sense dictates that nobody who acts so obviously deranged and unhinged could -really- be an evil genius. Emmett finds common sense to be very useful in others. Of course, he wouldn't describe himself as evil. More morally ambiguous.

Description: Emmett has bright, carrot-orange hair, curly, long, and as wild and untamed as can be imagined. His skin is remarkably pale, and his face stark and rodent-like. Emmett's style is, like all parts of him, inconsistent, the only certainty being that he will always look like he got dressed in a hurry. In the dark. In a historical costume shop. Slash laboratory equipment store. He stands at 160 cm when erect.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • Behold! - (4) Brains – Emmett's greatest skill lies in the creation of artifacts that follow his own bizarre logic.
  • Student of All Sciences – (3) Brains – Emmett has a loose grasp of most fields of natural philosophy, as he's pursued knowledge in just about every school.
  • Vector Calculation – (1) Brains – For instance, he's dabbled in aerodynamics and ballistics, allowing him to predict projectile attacks.
  • Chirurgie – (1) Brains – He's studied anatomy and illness, practical for first aid.
  • Principles of Goldberg – (1) Brains – From construction of his own projects, he gained a practical knowledge of engineering.
  • Strange Games – (1) Brains – And where would a boy of the modern world be without a working knowledge of computers?
  • Rubik's Hypercube – (1) Brains – Plus he solves puzzles.

Supernatural Abilities:

The Goggles Do Everything – 2 – Emmett is rarely seen without a pair of goggles over his eyes or pushed up to his forehead, updated to whatever mad science aesthetic currently holds his attention. Consistent across every model is that they grant thermal vision, night vision, zoom functionality, and analytic readouts of objects being viewed. Additionally, tinkering with his goggles as an action has a chance to overcome a given supernatural visual effect (i.e. unveiling illusions, seeing an invisible ghost)

Catastrophe Waiting To Happen – 3 – Mad scientists need death rays, and creating spares is Emmett's chief preoccupation between projects. As long as Emmett is not currently carrying a death ray, and he could conceivably have one about his person, Emmett can draw a concealed death ray as an action. Additionally, while using weapons of his own construction, this power functions as a Marksmanship skill replacement.

Improbable Materials – 1 – Emmett is the kind of genius who can make a seismometer out of three empty soup cans, a yard of elastic, and a Tamagotchi. When producing artifacts, no matter what he's making, as long as he has enough materials, it doesn't largely matter what those materials are.

Wonderful Toys – 4 – Emmett likes to keep his favourite inventions around for as long as possible. Happily, his favourite changes with the wind. When creating an artifact, Emmett may mark is a favourite. As long as it remains a favourite, it is not single-use, and can be used indefinitely. The sum of the rating of the powers emulated with Emmett's favourite artifacts cannot exceed the rating of this power.

Brain Storm - 1 - Emmett's brain sparks with ideas that push the boundaries of possibility, further fueled by the impossible things accomplished by anomalous beings. With enough time studying and drafting blueprints, Emmett can successfully emulate just about any effect with his artifacts. For a given project, Emmett makes Brain Storm checks and adds the result to that project's research total, whether positive or negative. Once a project's research total passes a certain threshold, he becomes capable of emulating the intended effect with his devices. If a project's research total drops below -10, Emmett gives up in frustration, and suffers a -1 penalty to future attempts to research that effect. Emmett may only make one research check per project per day, and suffers a -1 penalty to all research roles for each project beyond the first researched on a single day.


Don't Touch That, You Fool! (Severe) – Emmett's creations run on insanity masquerading as science. When being handled or closely inspected by someone who is skeptical of his ravings, Emmett's creations are prone to malfunctions and sudden breakage. Successful Knowledge/Science checks that reveal that his creations shouldn't work will cause immediate failure, possibly even destruction, possibly even explosion. Consult appropriate malfunction table.

They Called Me Mad… (Flavour) – Emmett's brilliance comes at the price of madness – inconsistent, undiagnosable, Hollywood madness. In practise, he is simply mercurial to the point of absurdity, but can also go through periods of intense obsession with a given goal – he gives the impression, in fact, of knowing that he is playing the role of a mad, evil genius, but not knowing exactly what his condition or motivation is.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Science GogglesTM
  • Science ToolsTM
  • Bits of components (i.e. wires, cogs) depending on whatever aesthetic Emmett is currently using

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Monogrammed luggage
  • Chemistry equipment, machinery pieces
  • Up-to-date laptop
  • Historical volumes on natural philosophy

Personal History:

Born in a fairly wealthy family to a German father and an English mother, Emmett grew up with the luxury of trying anything he wanted to – the Epsteins have always wanted the best for their son. As a child in Ingolstadt, Emmett was the kind of smart child who believes and hopes he might be a prodigy. He had a wide vocabulary, he read for pleasure, he made things in his spare time. He was ahead of his classmates. Surely, he was special? Alas, his classmates caught up with him quickly enough. He was merely smart. Others were smart too. What was the point?

Not discouraged, Emmett requested that in addition to attending Gymnasium he be given private tutelage, in an ever-changing and expanding curriculum. He devoted himself obsessively to being different, being better. His parents, proud of his intelligence and his drive, indulged him for a time, even allowed the less traditional studies that fascinated him. He spent more and more time, and more and more of his parent's money, on experimenting with various theories and ideas, to the detriment of his grades in school. Particularly, he grew obsessed with the idea of proving what had been disproved – finding some debunked, obsolete science and testing it, making sure. Hoping to revive it.

By the time his parents were worried enough about him to put a stop to it all, call in professional help, remind him of what was important in life, it was too late. The proverbial switch had been flipped in his head. The metaphorical lightning had struck. The symbolic maniac in the labcoat was cackling madly, declaring to the heavens that it was alive. As was Emmett, hunched over the remains of a lamp and the former remains of a frog, now hopping merry and confused around the floor of his upturned bedroom, when his parents walked in.

What do you do with a son who practices mad science – real, working mad science? Emmett's parents were wise enough to know that talk of fixing him would only push him away, or turn him against them – and a part of them feared what he might do. A part of them feared what their son had became. Forgive them, then, for indulging him – inspiring his mind with talk of a school for the wonderful and magnificent, charging his imagination such that he practically demanded to be sent there. The Epsteins have always wanted the best for their son.


Heterochromia and Pyromania - Emmett meets Wendy Strauss, requisitions her aid in moving his luggage.
Photosensitive Haemovore - Emmett meets Zita, decides she is a fool.
Sinister Transhumanism - Emmett meets Markus, recruits him as an apprentice/assistant.
Recreational Automata - Emmett meets Eponnie, arranges to study her.
Haemotolangia - Emmett meets Elspeth, is awkward.
Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual - Emmett attends the Post-Valentine's Singles Dance, leaves with Elspeth.
Infernal and Lingual Studies - Emmett observes Elspeth and her magic, kisses her.
Resistance of Fluctuation - Emmett retrieves Elspeth from the infirmary, lies with her.
Introductory Dephlogistonation - Emmett begins teaching Markus, requests that he retrieves parts for him.
Comparative Adoration - An alternate-universe "chibi" Emmett flatters Elspeth.
Inherent Amorous Uncertainty - Emmett almost kills an alternate-universe "chibi" Elspeth.
Caffeinated Bonding, Felines Adjacent - Emmett has a pleasant afternoon with Elspeth at the Kitty Cafe.
Transhuman Misanthropy - Emmett meets Casta, discusses her flawed viewpoint.
Oneirological Experimentation - Elspeth invites Emmett to sleep with her.
Stereophonic Irritation - Emmett meets the Bobbies. They are unhelpful.
Floral Manufacture as Gesture of Affection - Emmett presents Elspeth with a flower he made.
Humanoid Artifice and Sonic Assault - Markus approaches Emmett about producing robot bodies, plays music for him.
Prophylactic Amnesia and Colour Theory - Emmett and Elspeth take a stroll together.
Educational Injustice - Elspeth tells Emmett about the way Fifth Sanctum is treating her.
Pyrexia Remedy - Emmett takes care of Elspeth while she suffers a fever.
Speculative Anatomy - Emmett meets Milli, polls her on desires.
Artifact Weaponry - Emmett meets Gungnir, discusses Elspeth.
Nickel Exchange - Emmett meets Ben, discusses volume.
Romantic Longevity - Emmett and Elspeth discuss mortality and the lack thereof.
Futurology - Emmett and Elspeth discuss what the future might hold for them.
Theological Injury - Emmett encounters Siobhan, is baffled by her.
Cervical Measurement - Emmett solidifies plans for his device with Ben.
Domestic Invitation - Elspeth sees Emmett's room for the first time.
Inaugural Business - Emmett delivers his first commissioned invention to Ben.
Developing Technokinesis - Emmett observes Kira discovering new powers.


Emmett's full name is Emmett Walter Montgomery Percival Epstein.


XP Etc.:

2/6 XP

T0 Upgrades:

  • Power Boost (Wonderful Toys and Brain Storm)
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