Eponnie Niza

6spotNote: pronounced eh-PAWN-nee

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: a very proper, shy, precise woman. Her every movement is exact, and her speech pattern is almost alienly stiff.

Nature: Eponnie is a somewhat fragile, but very determined woman. She's very happy to just be alone and do her thing, but she's often among friends. While she tries to help everyone, and especially defend those close to her, she has a dark side she's trying to hide. One that wishes to kill and manipulate. One that has no pity.

Description: Eponnie is 65Lbs and 4'5", with very dark hair and unnaturally dark blue eyes, which make it hard to spot her pupils. Her skin is very creme, with permanent light blush painted on, and unnaturally smooth complexion. Her body is very lithe, looking unnaturally tiny, even for her height. She has a very tiny, barely visible bust. She sometimes will wear an extremely large bow in her hair.

She is, of course, made of plastics and synthetic fibres, and it's very visible on her.


HP: 15/15

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 6

Agility: 1

Brains: 5


  • Crafting - (6) brains (Eponnie needed to learn how to make dolls for her power. This skill transfers to building most other objects. She still can't draw, though.)
  • Endurance - (6) Brawn (Being regenerating plastic, Eponnie is kinda hard to actually hurt. Or even move. There was a time when she thought she was as durable as anyone, but now…)
  • perception - (6) brains (Eponnie's eyes and ears are designed with precision and delicacy as a focus. In fact, her mind even keeps things in a sort of buffer, allowing her to keep track of exactly where the are relative to her, based off their movement when she last saw them.)
  • First aid - (1) Brains (Eponnie knows a lot about biology, but mostly only the basics of how to treat injuries)

Power replacements:

  • Mental Defense (5 - Doll Servant) Brains (Eponnie's mind is very difficult to alter, its nature being unlike most entities. She is required to roll at least the modifier of the power whenever a mental influence is attempted on her)
  • Combat prowess (3 - Destructive core) Brawn (Eponnie's hard-wired to know how to fight. It's something she can't help but know, and calculate.)

Supernatural Abilities:

Doll Master - 5 -

Eponnie has the power to infuse dolls she (and only she) has created with supernatural qualities. Any doing of such will allow her to know, pretty accurately, where it is. She can also give it orders through this connection (if applicable). To maintain the supernatural powers of a specific doll, it requires spending Doll Points (DP). She gets 5 DP per power rank+tier. There are various types of dolls listed below, with different functions and costs. Dolls can be made of virtually any materials, as long as they're replicas of living animals, and they have fairly accurate proportions. If they are made after specific people Eponnie knows, they will take traits of the person (specifics depending on the type, listed below). Eponnie can deactivate a doll temporarily to distribute the points elsewhere, or strip a doll of their type, presumably to give them a new type. Any adding or removing powers from dolls requires a turn, but as many of these transactions can be done simultaneously.
  • Basic Doll (1DP): these dolls have moderate motor skills and will perform basic tasks, the method usually based off how the person they're made of would interpret and carry out the orders. They have basic logical reasoning, can identify common objects (or the target of their orders) and are capable of writing.
  • General Doll (2DP): these dolls improve on Basic dolls by being able to focus on one task each, as well as being able to read with a simple vocabulary and the ability to perceive things more conceptually
  • Status Doll (2DP): This doll will be an accurate physical display of the person it's made after. Its clothing will always match their current outfit, and any physical injuries will be displayed on the doll (through a hole/rip in the clothing, if necessary). It costs an additional DP for each doll of this type made after the same person.
  • Observation Doll (2DP): this kind of doll, very simply, allows the target to see and hear what the doll would be able to. They will know it's from the doll, and while the hearing is automatic (they may also choose to mute it), they will require focus to see from it
  • Attack doll (3DP): This doll will latch onto a target of Eponnie's choice. While attached, when the target is hit by an attack, the doll will cause it an additional 1 damage (must wait one round for cooldown, a 0 damage hit counts as long as it is something that is able to damage)
  • Protective Doll (4DP): this kind of doll will follow whomever Eponnie desires, intercepting the first attack against them each round. Its defense modifier is equal to 1/2 the power's rating (rounded up), with a modifier from -2 to +2 based off its materials, determined by a GM (0 is equal to some sort of fabrics). It will have 2 health, but Eponnie can spend more DP on a specific doll to have it gain an equal amount HP.
Doll Servant - 5 -

Eponnie is a living doll. She's 90% plastic, 8% synthetic fibres (the remainder of her being supernatural in origin). She's a completely solid mass, with nothing resembling a biology, or even living matter; as such, there are various positives and negatives of this. Her mind and body are powered by her core, which is incredibly dense and hard to damage, able to survive the heat of a supernova and impacts of 0.8c. This core is always equally active, and it cannot be safely suppressed without risk of permanent destruction or explosive outbursts. Obviously her makeup makes her incompatible with many supernatural powers, and even more things that are non-supernatural, especially as she was designed to be impervious to as much as possible (more weaknesses available in the weaknesses section). One of the more prominent ways that this near-humanity is show is with her mind: It works somewhere in the void between human thoughts, and machines. It is very difficult to affect her mind; almost impossible to do so without specifically trying. Any passive effect is approximately voided. This skill serves as a mental defense substitute, but everything that can be defended against must be with at least the modifier that this skill provides.
Plastic Machine - 5 -

Eponnie is, whether she knows or accepts it, designed for combat. Due to her physical makeup, attempting to effectively damage her through blunt means is impractical, and she gains 1/2 her defense roll (after modifiers) against such blows. Her body heals extremely fast when damaged, until it is identical to how it was when it was paired with her core. Also, every (12 - rank, currently 7)half-hours, she gains a Machine Charge (she can hold Tier+1 Machine Charges at once). She can use any of the following abilities for a single charge:
  • Healing Burst: Eponnie can supercharge her already fast healing. She will recover one HP every other round for roll rounds, as well as healing 1 HP instantly. If she is killed while this power is in effect, her HP will go into negative numbers, and she will still be able to heal with this power. She can also use this power when she is at or below 0HP (however, she still has to wait for what would be her turn in combat)
  • Power Surge: Eponnie can supercharge her motor skills, which is far more effective than might be expected: she can actually move faster than a proportional human. Anything that would get a negative modifier for requiring too much exertion will instead receive a +2 for the next 3 rounds (~18 seconds). Can be used as part of another action. If this is used during Harden, Eponnie will instead be able to move as normal, with a -1 to any action requiring movement, in addition to the modifiers her weakness would provide
  • Harden: Eponnie can harden her body for up to 4 rounds. When she does this, she is nearly immobile, her only available actions being mental ones (such as controlling her dolls). However, she takes 1/2 damage (rounded up), and others can hide behind her as an action (or more likely, pick her up and use her as a shield), essentially making her intercept attacks targeted at them. (This is not an action on their part)
Destructive Core - 3 -

Eponnie has gotten in touch with her unstable side and her destiny of destruction. Her core can now let out powerful bursts of energy, whether it be electrical, kinetic, magical, etc. However, she cannot use this power if her health is above 2/3, and she will experience the same blow as her target if she is above 1/3 health. She can use this power while below 0 HP, but cannot focus the expelled energy in any way (also, she will not be able to perceive anything while below 0 HP).
She has since learned she is a more literal conduit of destruction. Through her plastic, she is able to channel this literal destruction, able to rapidly damage objects with just a touch. This does not work well against living targets (numerical penalty is equal to physical attacks with weakness), but it can easily be used against plucked fruit, weapons, and even artifacts.
She also gains this power's rank in attacking, as a brawn skill


  • Eponnie has a very stiff body, so much so that it permeates her every movement. It forces her speech to come out very slow and stiff. Under normal conditions, she cannot move fast enough to evenot run or jump. Whenever something requires a level of speed or agility, she is subject to a negative modifier to that action of the GM's choice. (Note that unlike humans, it doesn't take much exertion for Eponnie to resist being moved.) (severe)
  • Eponnie is incapable of tasting or smelling. She also has a very dulled sense of touch Eponnie's sense of touch has been amplified, but her sense of pain has been left normal. However, she's not used to feeling physical pleasure, and is easily influenced by it (-3 to feeling pain or resisting pleasure, and automatically fail smell and taste checks.) (severe weakness)
  • Eponnie is hard-wired to retaliate to Melee or magical violence. In such a case, she cannot stop until the threat is deemed as neutralized, or she can't find the attacker within 10 minutes. This does not apply when she knows the attacker is not actually trying to hurt her, however. (Retaliation doesn't necessarily mean instantly striking back, however. She will still be able to take a rational course of action to both neutralize the target, and prevent damage to herself and allies)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • three to five dolls at all times
  • A pointy dog-ear enhanced Animal Headband (fur color goes from light grey to dark grey)
  • A chunk of her core
  • her money

In her Bedroom

  • a legion of dolls
  • a doll that can telepathically interact with herself
  • 4 doses of pixie dust in a sealed bag
  • a black and white picture of her and Zita kissing. Zita's bending down, her hands on Eponnie's cheeks and her eyes shut. Eponnie's arms around Zita's back as she stretches up, trying her best to keep her lips against Zita's, staring at the Italian. The picture has the two of them in a heart, cutting out their lower halves from the picture.


dolls of the following people:

  • Akemi
  • Casta
  • Zita
  • Sam
  • Elissia
  • Mary
  • Cindaria
  • Suzy

Personal History:

Eponnie was originally created long ago, as a tool for experiments by a pseudo-necromancer, whose bidding she did without question, oblivious to virtually any consequences of her actions. However, a brave hero came in, and he defeated the insane man, destroying Eponnie's body and leaving only the core. This has been forgotten in time, even by her, and her remains are buried.

Eventually, she was dug up by an insane man who saw her potential, and meticulously rebuilt her into her current form. Once others realized that man was onto something, a group came and stole her from him, locking her in the basement of their facility. She didn't know better than to mind, especially since they all seemed very nice. Being the only people around, she grew close to her captors, and often did seemingly meaningless tasks for them. One day, though, a prisoner was moved into the facility. She was tasked to taking care of him and, not seeing him as anything but another person, started conversing with him. He started to get her to question her situation. Eventually, she vocalizes these question,s and she ends up being punished and restricted even more. Feeling neglected, she sneaks some dolls into the prisoner's room. He told her she should leave, and gave her directions to a place where she could go and something for her to give to the people. she was reluctant for a while, but eventually, the people broke the final straw when they began destroying her dolls. She managed to make her way out, and she followed his directions. She felt completely betrayed, and renounced the name they gave her, taking the name of that man's daughter. After she got to the facility, she was quickly bounced around for a while, until she ended up under GWU care at Sunnybrook.


Aiko: She is very useful. I would comment on her personality, but she does not show much to me. She is very business-oriented, and very helpful. She is especially knowledgeable in technology, which is very helpful to me. I am sad I have upset her in the past with poor word choice.

Akemi: Akemi is second only to Zita. She is kind, she is friendly, she is very knowledgable, and she is very resourceful. If it were for her, I would not love Zita. I must remember to be nice to her; I do not feel that making her replica is sufficient payback.

Athene: I enjoy playing games with her and Zita. I have not yet to question her, but I am most curious of her form.

Brett: I do not understand why he has tricked me and made me disturb others. I do not like him.

Cindaria: I do not yet know much, however her care for Zita is a good sign.

Kali: her disposition to violence and destruction is disconceting, but I know there are positive qualities in her. She needs one to help her direct herself.

Maria: She seems to be a person of brevity and professionalism. Her powers are quite useful.

Veronica: Veronica is very shy, and she appears very kind and loving. I approve of Zita dating her.

Zita: She is my lover. She has opened me up to the idea of socialization. I have never felt affection before, but she has very much earned it. I enjoy cuddling with her daily; I enjoy making her happy; I enjoy her love more than anything. She has surpassed learning and making dolls as my primary passion. I will always love her.


Scene Guide
Money: $642
Tier: 3 Upgrade: 3 EXP: 0
(fabric dolls cost $8 each)

through Zita's tampering, Eponnie's chest and behind are softer than the rest of her

Eponnie knows Italian, Arabic and Japanese fluently

Reference Image:

+1 to Doll Servant and Plastic machine
Tutor: +1 to Doll Master
+1 to brains (Feb 27, 2016)
+2 to HP (March 30th, 2016)
+2 to endurance
Telepathy doll (2 XP)
Tutor: +1 to first aid (June 8, 2016)
-tier split-
+2 to Destructive core (April 24, 2016)
+1 to brawn (May 16, 2016)
+2 to perception (May 27, 2016)
+2 to HP (June 5, 2016)
Core Shard (4 XP)
-tier split-
+1 Brawn (June 17, 2016)
5 lagless general dolls (June 26th, 4 XP)
+1 to destructive core, +1 to doll servant (July 23, 2016)
+2 to crafting (July 31, 2016)
+2 to HP (August 21, 2016)
-tier split-
+1 brains (September 3, 2016)
+1 to doll servant and plastic machine (Oct 16, 2016)
+2 to HP (Oct 23, 2016)

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