Evelyn (35314-N)

Basic Info:

Player: PuddleJumper
Name: 35314-N
Aliases: Evelyn

XP Unspent/Total: 11/98

Brief Description: A very slight girl with curly black hair and big black glasses who is a bit pale, sometimes stands unnaturally still. Her pupils glow slightly blue.

theme music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G22X5X49VhM

Appearance: Dark black curly hair, and a slight build. She has light skin and a big smile on the rather thin and frail side. Not many would call her a beauty but she has an unconventional cuteness. A bit on the nerdy looking side.

(OLD BODY) Rather slightly built this medical model android has minimal offensive capabilities, non reinforced limbs, and single blast point armor plating over vital systems. Built for mobility and low maintenance. White ceramic plate cover black steel and plastic wiring, the worn serial number 35314-n is printed on her upper left chest plate, the ware pattern makes it look like her name. Evelyn

Personality: Curious, energetic, and interested in this strange new world she finds herself in. A million living things to watch, people to learn from. She tries to take it all in. She is intensely empathetic, and despite her original purpose she is very naive to the world at large. She doesn't quite understand the idea of personal boundaries.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Botany, and microbiology, animal husbandry. Growing plants and taking care of animals. Likes nature, walks, learning, and music. Enjoys art and travel. Dislikes anything violent, conflict, politics, anything that pits one group against another.


Brawn: 1

Finesse: 3

Acuity: 3

Resolve: 6

Charisma: 1


Initiative: 6

Health: 11

Psyche: 13

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 1
Reflex Total: 10
Willpower Total: 15
Parry Roll: 1

Dodge: 13
Mundane DR: 4
Ability DR: 3
Equipped: reinforced school jacket


  • Medicine (5) Acuity
  • Reflex (7) Finesse
  • Willpower (9) Resolve
  • Knowledge (5) Acuity
  • Ranged (7) Finesse
  • Computers (3) Acuity
  • Mechanics (3) Acuity


Healing Touch - 7 (Gift)
With a touch, bind bodily wounds or mend mental fractures.


  • Flight (6) - Evelyn can fly.
  • Synthetic Body (3) - Evelyn does not need to eat, drink or sleep, and is immune to poison and disease, as well as most biological agents. She does not heal naturally, but can be 'repaired' with the right skills. Must recharge after continuous operation.
  • Synthetic Mind (20) - Evelyn's brain is more digital than organic. She is vulnerable to effects that can only target digital minds, but effectively immune to those that can only contact biologically processing minds without tapping deep into latent abilities as a sort of 'bridge'. In effect, these abilities take -6 to target her.
  • Psychic Lightning Rod (5) - Evelyn can intercept psychic attacks.
  • Eidetic Memory (5) - If not pressed for time, Evelyn never needs to roll to recall something that you witnessed or retrieve information from memory. If pressed for time, +3 to remember, and memory is always accurate if recalled.
  • Determination. (3) - In Health equation, change "Brawn + .5Resolve" to "Resolve + .5Brawn."
  • But It Refused (2) - When taking damage that would bring Evelyn to 0 Health or lower, once per day she may reduce that damage enough to leave herself at 1 Health, and take twice the difference as Psyche damage instead.


Total Currency: 501 CAD

On Hand
Self replicating first aid unit (internal)
Reinforced School Jacket 3/2

Bio tanks
Tons of childhood junk and clothes.
Ant farm
Family pictures
Eve's first body and charging alcove

XP and Advancement

List what you've improved with XP since character creation.

+1 Finesse | - 6 XP
+3 Reflex | - 7 XP
+5 Willpower | - 13 XP
+7 Ranged | -12 XP
+1 Medicine | - 2 XP
+2 Knowledge | -4 XP
+2 Resolve l -24XP
+3 Psyche l -6XP
+3 Computers l -3XP
+3 Mechanics l -3xp
+2 Healing Touch l -7XP

XP spent: 87

XP History:
List sources of XP and their amounts given.

+60 xp (monthly x5)
+4 xp The Most Heinous of Introductions
+4 xp Good Things..
+15 xp doubled
+1 xp winter dance
+4 xp space run

Initial Details:

Additional Information

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Interpersonal Relationships: Optional, but encouraged once some are built with other characters!

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