Fern Tilburn

Basic Info:

Player: LadyGentleman

Demeanor: Quiet and subdued. A bit shy.

Nature: Gentle and a touch reserved, but with a lot to say around the right people.

Description: 5'6". Medium length brown hair, wavy/curly. Freckles everywhere that would reasonably see sunlight. Dark brown eyes. Slight build and a hesitant way of moving.


HP: 6


Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • Quick Answer - 4 Brains Can come up with a swift retort or correct answer when put on the spot, even if it is sometimes said a bit quietly.
  • Charming - 3 Brains A sweet demeanour can provide a lot of benefits.
  • Observant - 3 Brains Notices things.
  • Natural Resistance - 2 Brawn Physically resistant to poisonous plants. (i.e. Doesn't get poison ivy)

Supernatural Abilities:

Botanical Influence - 4 - Can effectively talk to plants (except not literally, because they are not sentient.) However, they can exert their will on plants to influence the way they move and grow, i.e. causing a flower to open or shut its petals. Also useful for perking up a stubborn houseplant that refuses to grow.

Sudden Growth - 3 - Can cause plants to grow around them. Limited by the environment, for example it is much more difficult to make a tree sprout through concrete than to make it sprout in fertile soil.

Photosynthesis - 2 - Can use sunlight to restore energy. Ten minutes in the sun is the equivalent of a refreshing nap.


  • Not comfortable around open flames.
  • Weedkiller makes them very ill.
  • Socially anxious.
  • Not great at physical stuff. (really very bad.)
  • Feels the cold acutely.
  • Severe seasonal depression.


On Their Person:

  • Phone
  • Water Bottle
  • School Supplies
  • Notebook
  • Yarn
  • Crochet hooks
  • Scissors
  • Wallet
  • Lucky piskie charm

In Their Dorm:

  • Computer
  • Books
  • A plethora of houseplants
  • Clothes
  • Miscellaneous fabric scraps
  • Watering can

Personal History:

Fern was adopted under unusual circumstances and raised by loving, if vague and slightly distant, parents in a small, unassuming house in a small, unassuming town close to the border. As a child, Fern was primarily left to their own devices and allowed to play outside in the family's large garden and the woods surrounding it. This resulted in a lot of eaten dirt and many encounters with local wildlife. From an early age it became apparent that fern was not a normal child. They refused to go up further than the second floor of any building because they didn't like being so far away from the ground. They much preferred the outdoors to the indoors, and seemed to relish any weather that wasn't bitter cold. In winter their mood would drop drastically. They would become more and more listless as the winter solstice approached, and start showing energy again when the weather first started to warm and the snowdrops bloomed.

It soon became apparent that Fern could not be treated the same as other children. They hated school, because it required them to be inside for the whole day. Their parents, however, could not afford the time commitment of homeschooling, nor were they wealthy enough to afford a private tutor, and so Fern still had to attend. They became truant around age 12, despite being bright, and spent the majority of their days running away from the schoolyard to wander in the woods. After visits from a concerned truancy officer, they agreed to stay in school more regularly. They started keeping houseplants to occupy their mind, talking them into growing up strong. They also took up several hands-on creative hobbies.

As the years went on, Fern grew more and more melancholy. They were not doing well in their studies because they found it so difficult to pay attention for so long in the concrete and brick schoolhouse. Desperate, their parents searched for a solution. When Fern was 16, their parents discovered Fifth Sanctum, and assured that the school could accommodate their child, Fern was shipped off.


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