Max Allen

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: an oddity that holds an aura of superiority. He is also obviously a bit wild. His expressions also never give a good idea what emotions/thoughts are creating them.

Nature: An insufferable entitled douche A bit of a thrill-seeker, and subsequently a bit of a trickster. While most see it as him trying to mess with them, he's really getting a better insight into humanity and trying to help people learn to cope and be prepared. He never intentionally puts people in a bad position, even though what they do in response often does it for him, but that's their fault.
He's also a bit too apathetic to people most of the time, especially considered he can literally go in and feel their emotions. While this might be concerning some times, he really does care for the well being of others. Not from normal emotional empathy, but because he's smart enough to understand their troubles.
Although he may seem to only care for himself, that's just how he portrays it. He couldn't care less if helping them (in his way, of course) served some overall purpose of his, he just secretly enjoys it (about half as much as improving himself)
He also plays mind games much more passively, including exaggerating his love of kittens, putting all his notes in a cipher, or pretending something is far more effective than it really is.

At a Height of 6’2” (188cm) and a weight of 132lbs (59.9Kg), his build is fairly small and agile, even underweight (not for lack of food). He has long limbs, and generally wears a T-shirt with an unbuttoned plaid over top. He wears his light brown hair messy, and keeps it short enough that he just barely needs a comb should he need to straighten it. It also looks orangeish if the light hits him Just so. His eyes are dichromic, with the left being green and the right being blue, something he takes advantage of by regularly using contact lenses to "switch" color


HP: 10/10

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 5


4 Acrobatics: FonyX understands physics, and has figured out how to control his muscle to do what he wants: + to ranged defense & the obvious (agility)
5 perception: FonyX is always checking around, and has gotten more efficient than most, noticing minute details with ease: + to reading people & to finding things, (brains)
4 game brain: FonyX has a complex, nebulous brain that has only been enhanced by experience. It's easy for him to think up new angles, learn quickly and pull things together on the fly. + to strategy/puzzle/game context (brains)
4 Close Combat: Being swung at constantly, being stabbed at with scissors by Lilith, and having to knock people out for his safety, FonyX knows how to fight a bit: + to melee attack and defence (agility)

Supernatural Abilities:

6 Mind Link: FonyX's main power is the ability to telepathically link minds, similar to a LAN connection between computers. Once linked, an experienced person could read/hide surface thoughts of the other, and probe for recent or strong memories. Either side can broadcast thoughts to eachother, which include anything they are capable of thinking of.
Due to the nature of this power, virtually anything is possible with enough thought power and a willing partner. Any connection (unsuccessful included) will leave a slight fuzz in the back of both sides heads for a few minutes, faint enough one would barely notice if they were looking for it, although those experienced in the area could tell. When probing for memories, FonyX makes himself lose some of the natural barrier that makes it "one way", giving them insight into his thoughts and emotions
FonyX can transmit large amounts of data to linked targets, enough to disorient and confuse, and even enough to cause Psyche damage. He has named this technique "Mindshock"

4 Power shield: an essentially undetectable shield exists just around FonyX's body, granting him resistance to powers (if in a form where it is still a power) with approximate knowledge of what is being attempted. FonyX can extend and reshape the bubble, but making it perportionately weaker (EG -2 for an adjacent person). Can be disabled at will. When you get a normal defense roll, you also get a roll using power shield

3 thought radar: FonyX can sense the energies released by thoughts, giving him an idea of where others are. At it's current level, he can get an accurate idea of how much activity is going on in a given mind. This power always works flawlessly, but the feeling is very easy to overlook.


FonyX has some severe issues. A lot of these stem from the fact that his emotions have been withheld most of his life, and left to stew. This results in extreme reactions to his emotional states, often causing severe problems for himself and others as a result. (flavor)


  • Flip phone (for calls, texts and notes)
  • Smart phone (no carrier, used for everything else)
  • Red, blue and black pens (2 each)
  • Wallet (contains Drivers license, fake ID as FonyX, a fake key to his cipher & all his money)
  • Small Notebook
  • Blue and green color contacts (prescriptionless)
  • Woollen Gloves
  • Morse code cipher
  • various small objects (tiny wads of paper, shreds of eraser, paperclips, etc.)
  • 2 generic brand headache pills (individually packaged)
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Those headphones that came with his smartphone
  • Room Key
  • A couple rations
  • Break Ofuda
  • 3 Ghost Light Ofudas
  • Talkative Ofuda


  • Laptop with charger (lower high end)
  • both phone chargers, with 2 usb to outlet converets
  • Spare contacts of each color
  • A stuffed kitten
  • A false key to his cipher hidden in his pillowcase
  • Several containers of small objects (paper clips, screws, etc)
  • box of 30 individually packaged generic brand headache pills (20 remaining)
  • Robot Arm (the ones with the handle you squeeze to close)
  • Long stick (14')
  • Walking stick
  • Tool kit (hammer, screwdrivers and measuring tape)
  • masking tape
  • 5 T-shirt/plaid shirt combinations
  • 2 pairs of kitten pyjamas
  • 5 pairs of jeans, 1 kneeless
  • 1 pair of workout pants
  • sign saying FonyX -|_*' Nadia outside his door
  • Lilith's stabbing Scissors (still has FonyX's and Val's blood on it)
  • 4 memory orbs
  • Specialized collar for Jinxy
  • 10' of rope
  • An expensive frame with one of Nadia's feathers and

Personal History:

One thing’s remained the same throughout FonyX's life: he’s too damn good at it! School was a bore, so he began to spend his time either with strategic pursuits such as virtual stock markets and chess, or by trying to screw with people to see how they cope, slowly perfecting his art in both areas (Of course, being able to telepathically communicate is a good help).
His other habit is gaming, which is where he found a little obscure series and found his favorite and most relateable character ever, which he proceeded to steal the name for his own. One of his classmates through his life, Milton, is also a telepath, gifted in manipulating people subtly, which is what gave FonyX much practice in mental defenses.
Of course, being the prankster that he is, he got in a lot of fights, usually resulting in him dodging most hits and delivering as few hits as it takes to stop the "assailant". One time, he got into a mental combat with the other telepath, which is where he accidentally learned his trademarked mindshock skill.
However, eventually his pranking ended up targeting the wrong person, and his power was discovered, shipping him off to Sunnybrook, not that he cared much for his old home. trying to keep a level head and neutral demeanor, he steps in hoping to finally find a good challenge to overcome and finally have people he can call friends.


slightly spotty List of scenes

He has far more mental control over his body than normal. It's unclear how related to his powers it is
Prefers the name FonyX Requal Thuban
Left handed
loves pasta
Born march 22, currently 17 years old
mild allergy to stupidity and bullshit
The recipe to a mindshock is: several hundred gigabytes of kittens meowing, a variety of composites of the faces of video game characters, the entire script of Monty Python, various random facts, the top 500 most notable quotes he's heard and the image of the targets face.
has an almost supernatural ability to avoid scars. Maybe it IS supernatural! Nahhhh.

Tier: 2 Upgrades: 0 XP: 3

Learning new tricks: 2 close combat. Lilith made him realize he needed to get the fighting rust off of him
Moving to perfection: agiwity. Fawnix wants to go sew fast!
Power boost: telepathy/telepathic bubble. When you use things a lot, they either get better or worse over time. Powers have no durability.
Toughen up: Honestly, nobody's really hit him much. The problem is that when they did, it was an OHKO. Good luck now

Moving to perfection: Having gone through all that psychological trauma has required a lot of thinking work… Brains
(Not counted) memory orbs*5
Power boost: minds! boost the mind powers! (mind radar, mindlink)
Learning new tricks: Perception and Close Combat
Toughen up: All this combat is making him stronger.

Money: 3015$

Notes taken:

Note (hehe): all of these are written in a cipher FonyX devised, which can be found here

Rose on Jinx: He makes people do things. He tries to help people get *stronger* in his own perverse way. He also leaves teeth when possessing dolls.The teeth he leaves and has when possessing dolls are cat teeth. They're smaller than regular cat teeth. He's also been to people who are not in the school

[log of Jinx's chat with FonyX]

[Log of responses to Wendy's accusations in audio](full scene)


Daniel: this guy is great.

FonyX: I still don't feel right taking his name. I'd rather call myself Al Capone, or Adolph Hitler. At least they were sane. This guy, though, seems to have every problem ever. Arternation between a god complex and self esteem low enough to kill himself, no emotional control, abusing his girlfriend… What the hell tortured him to that state? He's paranoid enough that something probably did; or can we add 'paranoid delusions' to the list? But what if it isn't extern factors? What if it's all internal, and I'm holding all of that inside me? I won't let it out, no matter what…

Milton: Thank god for him! He apparently was the nemesis that kept me from doing something truly problematic in my hometown (wherever that is…). I can't imagine how much more baggage I'd have if he didn't stop me. I really was a Buffy villain, wasn't I?…

Nadia: Whenever I see her, I'm on the verge of tears, and I can't tell if they're joy or sorrow. I abused such a trusting, beautiful angel! I can never forgive myself… If she didn't love me so much, I'd never let myself near her again. I still want to hit her when we make out… But her lips taste too good to stop. I wish she didn't care about me so much, especially since I want her to hurt me, to abuse me… This whole thing is such a double-edged sword…

Pasket: This bitch is going to fry. She's torturing Nadia for no damn reason! She claimed it had to do with my beating her, but it's the most obvious lie I've ever seen. I'm going to dig my dirt, and I'm going to bury her in it until she suffocates…

Val: I don't know what shit I did to make him like me, but he's there for me. I won't complain. I'll just have to make up for some of the shit. He's been the one to go to for remember things. It seems he always knew I was fucked up, but just decided he needed to help me. Why?

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