Franz Hildebrand

Every individual is an infinity, and infinity cannot be exhausted.

- Emilie Durkheim, The Rules of the Sociological Method

Basic Info:

Player: Akumeoy

Demeanor: Friendly, easily engrossed in things, somewhat naive.

Nature: Loose morals, 'free spirit', spoopy powers.

Description: Franz is 16 years old. 5'7", skinny, androgynous. Wide green eyes, wide mouth full of impeccably white teeth. Greasy, messy black hair of a length your grandparents would disapprove of on anybody. Tends to dress in baggy clothes, with shirts typically displaying some ironic image or phrase.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Swimming: 3 (Agility)1
  • Biology: 3 (Brains)2
  • Sense Motive: 2 (Brains)3
  • Gymnastics: 2 (Agility)4
  • Research: 2 (Brains)5
  • Stealth: 2 (Agility)6

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Black Hole: 5. Franz can allow solid objects to enter into them through any point on their body as though they were completely hollow and the point of entry was incorporeal; anything that is completely subsumed is gone forever. Something that enters at one point can't exit through another.
  • Brain Drain: 3. Franz can borrow the brainpower of one other person, effectively making Franz smarter (not more knowledgeable) and their target not as smart. This effect is temporary. If Franz learns anything or comes up with an idea while brain draining, they might not be able to understand it quite as well later.
  • Bring Night: 3. Franz can change the size, direction, and 'intensity' of their shadow at will. When case over a light source, it can drain light and heat from that source.


  • The Pull of the Void: Severe. Franz will sometimes involuntarily use their Black Hole power on things they are holding (that aren't too big or tied down), after which they will immediately forget that they had even touched it. They tend to sleepwalk on a twice-monthly basis, during which they will wander aimlessly and attempt to absorb whatever they come across until woken up.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Wallet (Duct tape, rarely carrying more than they absolutely needs to have in it)
  • Phone (Smart, serviceable. Its case is hooked to a belt loop via carabiner).

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A huge book of biology facts. Mostly sentimental, as Franz is more than capable of finding whatever information they need or in the school's library.
  • Unremarkable personal effects (clothing, hygiene, schoolwork, etc.)
  • Laptop computer (Running the second-newest operating system on the market)
  • Absolutely no garbage. Not on the floor, not in the garbage can, nowhere.
  • Half a shelf's worth of pretty seashells.
  • Lots and lots of blankets. Why do they need so many blankets?

Personal History:

Born March 26, 2002 in Kiel, Germany to middle-class parents. Franz's mother was a sanitation worker; when pregnant with Franz, she claims to have found a very dark and quiet tunnel in the sewers and investigated. She remembered nothing until her retrieval several days later, disheveled and (for a few hours at least) speaking in some unidentifiable language, but unharmed. The tunnel could not be located later. This is the event to which Franz's unusual abilities, which manifested starting around age 13, were attributed by their parents.

Franz led a reasonably normal life, performing okayishly in swimming and gymnastics, and developing a keen interest in biology, often finding things like worms and bugs to dissect and study. In their hunt for knowledge, they became adept at looking for information. When their powers developed, they resolved to not make it public knowledge until they could dig up some information on it; none was forthcoming, so they did not tell anyone but their parents, who also decided to keep it a secret.

At age 16, Franz slipped up and revealed their powers to their swim team. Word reached the GWU, which brought Franz to Sunnybrook.


Huge fan and consumer of soda. Able to distinguish a multitude of brands and flavors, popular and obscure, by blind taste test. Prior to communication blackout with the academy, was somewhat of a tastemaker in the field via a popular soda review blog. Always on the hunt for new sodas.

Franz has been told that they absorb objects at random, but because they've never seen it on camera, they see no reason to believe that people aren't just messing with them.

Fluent in German and English.

XP: 0

+5: Sundays (08/23/15, 08/30/15, 9/06/15, 9/13/15, 9/20/15)
+3: 09/05/15 run
-4: Learning New Tricks (+2 Stealth)
-4: Power Boost (+1 Black Hole, +1 Bring Night)

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