Gloria Gale

Basic Info:

Player: Knave

Demeanor: Gloria comes across as terse and irritable, seeming to generally prefer her own company. Her humour is sardonic and sarcastic, and it's not hard to guess…

Nature: …it's a defence mechanism. Gloria maintains her distance because it's never been a good idea not to. Even kind hearts run in fear. She doesn't expect anything to change and knows it's easier for everyone not to get her hopes up.

Description: Gloria stands around 5'5” when erect, but has a tendency to hunch. Her body is very visibly composed of rocks, having a dappled grey-blue coloration. In her disfigured stony face, the mouth is the most twisted part, a permanently open scowl framed by four squat, rigid outcrops from the edge of the mouth resembling fangs. Contending for attention are her eyes, wide and softly glowing, amber sclera surrounding a reptilian pupil. This face is framed by platinum blonde bangs, dissonant and jarring against her jagged features and the pointed bat-like ears that emerge from the hair.


HP: 9

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 1

Brains: 3


Wall-Crawler (3) (Brawn) Gloria has found the most solace on rooftops, and something in her hind-brain draws her to heights. This has led her to traversing the heights of cities, making her very athletic.
Watchful Eyes (4) (Brains) Like it or not, Gloria finds she's very perceptive, and aware of most of what goes on around her.
Sound Mind (4) (Brains) Natural or otherwise, Gloria's mental defences can overcome great attempts to sway her will and emotions.
Night Claws (1) (Brawn) Gloria's protective instinct has driven her to learn the basics of brawling in the pursuit of defending the helpless.

Supernatural Abilities:

Rock Hard: (3) Gloria's skin, and presumably much or all of her internal body, is composed entirely of a hard, rock-like substance, resembling limestone. This has the obvious benefit of making her body highly resistant to damage and immune to most biological threats. However, her body is incapable of naturally recovering from damage, and mundane methods of healing are entirely ineffective.
Passive: Toughness skill replacement, and reduces all damage greater than 1 by 1.
Passive: Gloria has no need to eat, drink, or sleep.
Special: Adds 1 to starting health.
Petrifying Visage: (3) When Gloria locks eyes with someone, or they simply look at her face for too long, they are in danger of being mentally disturbed to the point of paralysis by the sheer horror of her face.
Active: Gloria rolls against the target's mental defence. If the roll is successful, the target is petrified and unable to act for (roll difference) rounds. If someone successfully defends against this the first time it is used on them, they are immune to its effects in future. Targets who are used to Gloria or things similar to her may be granted bonuses to their defence.
Guardian Spirit: (1) There is a psychological component to Gloria's condition which drives her to protect others. When Gloria encounters someone who seems particularly fragile or whom she thinks is in danger, she will latch onto them as her Charge. Once a Charge has been adopted, they cannot be abandoned unless Gloria is convinced that they are no longer in danger, or if the Charge commits an act so heinous they are no longer worth defending. If a Charge comes to harm in Gloria's presence, she takes half the damage to her Psyche.
Passive: When actively defending her Charge, instinct takes over and Gloria gets +1 to Attack and +1 to Mental Defences.
Gaze of a Night-Thing: (2) Gloria's yellow eyes grant her supernaturally-augmented sight.
Passive: Takes no penalty to seeing in the dark, and gains a bonus equal to (rating) to overcoming visual obstacles, like obscuring fog or illusions.


Dust in the Wind (Severe) – Gloria's body, being made of stone, does not heal over time like flesh. Whenever she takes damage greater than 1, her maximum health is reduced by half the damage taken, rounded down. Additionally, Gloria's health can only be restored by magical healing or artificial reinforcement – i.e. literally patching up the dents in her body.
Grotesque – Aside from her physiology marking her out as clearly supernatural, Gloria's face is contorted into a monstrous, fanged scowl.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Extremely conspicuous hooded cloak
  • Birdseed

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Useless keepsakes (i.e. shiny stones, interesting pieces of trash, etc.)
  • A few shapeless dresses

Personal History:

Gloria grew up in England for 9 years before her parents moved to Pennsylvania and brought her with them. There isn't much to tell, before Gloria came to America – she was a little girl who like the ordinary little girl things. On balance, it's probably wrong to blame America for what happened.

In her ninth year, Gloria began developing extremely tough skin. Over four years, her body slowly metamorphosed into pure, hard stone. The change began at her extremities, morphing her fingers into claws, twisting her feet into talons. It reached her face last, and twisted it into a grotesque, monstrous visage. Her parents decided to isolate her from society once the change started becoming noticeable, and after her transformation was complete she began to feel as if her parents feared and resented her. So she ran.

After running away from home, Gloria spent a little over a year living independently. She had no need to feed herself or rest, and wandered from place to place. Finding herself drawn to heights, she spent much of her time in cities, on their rooftops. She would watch the streets below, and found she felt a compulsion to protect those she watched over. Unused to the deep drives she was suddenly feeling, Gloria suspected they were related to her transformation. When magic was revealed to the world, and Gloria heard about Fifth Sanctum, a place for monsters, oh-so close, where else would she go?


First Day - Gloria meets Ellie upon her arrival at Fifth Sanctum.
Birds - Gloria meets Zola while being still.
Cat Among The Pigeons - Gloria meets Catriona in the common room.
Creep - Gloria meets Claudia and scares her away.
Too Many Cats - Momo annoys Gloria on the roof.
Watching You - Majala catches Gloria's attention, then irritates her.
Apathy From Above - Gloria watches Sam and Desoph, then rebuffs their attempts at friendship.
This Bloody Show - Gloria meets Twilight, is annoyed.
Changes - Majala transforms into a new form. Gloria is apparently displeased.
More Damn Cats - Lennox hangs around Gloria while she's prowling.
Gun Nut - Gloria gets annoyed by Horst.
Better - Vincent advertises his cosmetic surgery services in Gloria's eyesight. That was his first mistake.
Botany - Gloria tries really hard with Eloise.
Silence - Athene tries really hard with Gloria.
Wet - Gloria meets Caspian.
Happy - Gloria and Caspian are friends.
Safety - Gloria finds Caspian cowering over Quiln.
Friends - Caspian confesses to Gloria. It's awful for everyone.
Bored - Gloria meets Zita.

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