Basic Info:

Player: Lirnd

Demeanor: Golan always is extremely cautious, even paranoid, about his surroundings and how he interacts with them. He will look before taking steps. When talking with people he will usually be polite, but very alert.

Nature: Having lived within closed doors and a rather static environment for almost all his life, Golan takes great comfort in the familiar, and great pride in a job done well. He strives to be meticulous, and while he enjoys familiarity, learning all there is to learn has long been one of his goals.

Description: Golan is a pale-skinned boy with the lower body (starting around the bellybutton) of a spider (no head or mandibles). His hair is rather short cropped and brown, above his rather angular face, whereas his spider body is smooth black chitin. He barely reaches about 1.60m in height, with a foot-to-foot width of slightly more than a meter and nose-to-abdomenback length as long as he is high. His arms, legs, and really entire body are quite thin and look almost frail, as if they would easily break if crushed.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • Craft - (3) Brains (Has most experience with basic household electronics, of all crafts.)
  • Academics - (2) Brains (Well-read in certain subjects (history, mechanics), much less well-read in others (philosophy for instance)).
  • Perception - (4) Brains (Exceptional ability to notice details and missing things.)
  • Stealth - (3) Agility (Good at moving silently)

Supernatural Abilities:

Tier 0.

Shadowmelding - 3 - Golan can sink into and disappear into shadows he is touching, and either remain in that state or choose to exit from any touching shadow. He cannot affect anything while in this state, but keeps awareness, sight, hearing and telepathic senses.

Weave - 4 - Golan can secrete and spin threads the way spiders usually do, and retain a telepathic link with these threads, as long as he is nearby (within rank*25m). He will know when they are touched or disturbed, and slight telekinetic control is also possible (he can have them break or tighten a bit, but not levitate in the air).


Personal affects:

  • Large backpack which is always kept close at hand
  • Swiss army knife
  • Glasses seldom used but there
  • Headphones
  • Cellphone

Dorm objects:

  • Living utilities (clothes, bedsheets, the obvious)
  • A small table with crafting gear (soldering iron, some tools, a small handheld hammer, a small handheld drill, etc)
  • Notebook (with mouse)
  • A couple of books

Personal History:

Golan was born in a the house of a craftsman in Switzerland in 2005. Due to unknown reasons, but what his family thought was a curse brought unto them a couple years before, he came out of the womb with his peculiar physical shape. His parents did not want to get rid of him, but couldn't let him live normally either, so they tried to raise him as best they could away from society, teaching him themselves where they could and trusting on books where they could not. Because of this, Golan had as much time as he wanted as he grew up, but little in the way of exploration or exposure to the world outside his home, other than through books. Most of his time was divided between reading various history novels and taking apart whatever machines he could get his hands on (only sometimes managing to put them back together).

Of course, certain formalities had to be observed, but in the interest of preserving secrecy the local government was made to ignore the fact that Golan never went to a public school. The organisations that had done this of course had registered his existence, and yearly sent inspectors to check on him. Through this, they discovered his powers, and so when he reached the appropriate age, his parents and him were made aware and formally invited to Fifth Sanctum, which they accepted.

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