Grimoire of Warren

This is a collection of various notable spells and artifacts I've collected over the years after my little self-imposed reset, the ones I bother writing down anyways. A lot of the spells are "Borrowed" but it's all my own work, I swear.


  • Infinite Burst: A spell that's pretty simple in nature, I just let a flare of fire burst and then everyone gets away from me
  • Nondirectional Needle: Honestly it's not a spell more of me just spinning some of my dark bolts in a circle to hope I hit something. I've been working on increasing the rotation speed.
  • Shadow Sign Nightmare Bird: I met this girl who summoned shadows, I haven't actually seen her but the spell is cool enough for me to "borrow". I tried recreating the shadow, but it's just my black magic reshaped anyways.
  • Blazing Star: My best magic for chasing down people, mainly because it's just me firing a big ass laser to propel myself into crap. I've busted through a skyscraper with it once.
  • Zombie Sign Endless Rush: Fought some zombies, there was a zombie wizard who knew necromancy, rather odd. I summon an army of dead spirits to explode on contact, great for parties.
  • Candy Blast: I use a barrage of sugar crystals to cut enemies, it's surprisingly effective. Tastes real great.
  • Technopath Sign Scan: Aiko has the power to scan anomalies, I have an artifact that does the same but knowing how to do it with my own eyes is convenient. I can only scan regular humans but I'll get better.
  • Goddess Sign Arachne's Revenge: I learned how to recreate the silk of Arachne to bind someone then impale them. Great for setting up pinatas.
  • Infinity Sign Visual Warper: I copied this one from Inaba, I warp the light around me to create illusions, I seem to have more control over it than her…weird.
  • Fairy Sign Big Crunch: I figured this one out from watching the Holes collapse in on themselves when they're attacked. I warp the space around the enemy and crush them, or warp them somewhere…eh either way problem solved.
  • Universe Sign Dimension Bounce: I figured out how to hop between world's though it's risky business. Got stuck in one that was all spikes for weeks.
  • Enchantress Sign Gate of Eden: Met up with an old friend to figure out her trick to making really strong magic walls. I blocked a grenade with it.
  • Totally Not Magic Sign Bounce Bubble: This kid who didn't believe in magic doubted the power of my magic lasers, too bad for him. Good for me though since I was able to nab his technique making a shield that reflects anomalies.
  • Underworld Spark: This is my most powerful spell. It's a big ass laser using the Abyss Gem as a power source, I think I've taken out a vampire with it once.


  • Abyss Gem: One of the few artifacts I always keep on me no matter what. It's the power source behind all my spells since I myself cannot use magic. Given to me by an old friend, I've been upgrading it over and over again. I currently have to use other anomalies as fuels, finding alternatives has been difficult.
  • Abyss Turbine: A generator made with the principles of the Abyss Gem but scaled way up. The output is simply incredible, makes nuclear reactors shit their pants. Finding fuel is going to be my main problem though, it guzzles artifacts like crazy.
  • Mystic Code: This artifact was created thanks to a friend named Akemi. It's basically just a simple machine that accepts spell formulae. Compare to other magicians it's crude, but with proper coding could be used to replicate any spell. Is making my life way easier.
  • Perception Gate: It's a tiny circle thingy that transports me wherever I think of. The most convenient artifact I have, saves me a shit ton on air fare.
  • Arachne's Fang- A blade I made from reverse engineering Arachne's teeth. I used the venom for the mass produced version. Has durability problems.
  • Tower of Babel: A modified cell phone that automatically translates things to English for me. It circumvents most cell blocks as well.
  • Cornucopia of Greed: A hyperspace that produces food. I don't get to choose what comes out of it, and it supposedly turns the feaster into someone that is extremely greedy but hasn't happened to me for some reason.
  • Megaphone of Desire: A random megaphone that warps whatever is said into it to reveal the deepest wants. It never seems to warp my words, I think it may be broken.
  • Lancer the Talking Gun: It's a snarky bastard. I can never get it to shut up reliably, the only upside is that it can't run out of bullets, though it will run out of specialty ammo so his usefulness is pretty debatable.
  • Sealing Slip: A piece of paper that seems to negate anomalous properties to some degree. I believe it may be a reverse engineered Catcher, another artifact that can presumably negate anomalous properties. Found in the college in Windvale.
  • Witch's Cap: Made this one myself, pretty proud of it really, it let's me suck up surrounding mana to work as a back-up battery.
  • Nightmare Glove: A glove that gives people awful images when I touch them with it, I tried it on myself and I must say I can no longer eat Chili without crying. Still gonna eat it though. [USED]
  • Impossible Blade: It's a sword so sharp that it cuts through anything. The only problem is that it's too sharp so the cuts are basically just the blade phasing through stuff but does jack all for damage.
  • Phantom Eye: Glasses that let me see specters while they try to hide. ghosts get up to some crazy stuff, I never knew ectoplasm could be used for such a purpose
  • Hunter's Knife: A weapon from the old days…I'm not really happy with breaking one of my reset rules but currently people are trying to extend their lives. A blade made of deathmetal and Scourge Steel to kill those pesky immortals.


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