Character creation is split into three major parts: Attributes, Skills, and Supernatural Powers.

Health Pools

You have 2 health pools.

Health: 6



Brawn: 3
Brains: 2
Agility: 3

The highest an Attribute can ever get is 6.


Medicine: 4
Academics: 2
Dodge: 2
Crafts: 4
The skill cap at character creation is 4. You have 12 points to spend on skills at character creation.

The maximum rating a Skill can ever get is 6.

Supernatural Powers

Every character has some variety of Supernatural Powers. These are things no normal human will ever be able to achieve. For examples of what is suitable, check the Characters page. Ask the GMs about what mechanical effects you want your power to have.

At character creation, you have 7 points to spend on Supernatural Powers. The skill cap at character creation is 4.

The maximum rating a Supernatural Power can achieve is 7.

All new characters start at Tier 0. This is further explained in the Experience and Advancement tab.

Cat Balance: 2
I always land on my feet and have amazing balance
Cat Claws: 2
This Pussy has claws rawr :P
Cat Medicine: 1
Medicine of the Cat People
Mystic Adorbs: 2
Is Mystically Adorable therefore can more easily convince people to do what you wish

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