Hana Myeung

Basic Info:

Player: UltimixRed
Name: Hana Myeung
Aliases: Neko, Necro (because they revive old threads.)

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Brief Description: Hana is a brown haired punk teen wearing a blue face bandanna and grey hoodie with a scowl on their face. They are narcissistic to a fault, and is derisive of most things outside their world view. They are quick to latch onto folks who seem to have some common sense in their own standard. Hates normies.

Appearance: Hana is a slender girl that typically wears a blue face bandanna alongside a grey hoodie. They are always slouched and wearing a scowl and glare. Twitchy with their fingers always fiddling with something.

Personality: Hana believes they are the next step in human evolution, and that soon the world will come to understand her way of thinking things. Things like menial labor are beneath her notice. They try their best to not submit to idiots, though she is nice to charity workers.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Hana fills her spare time by graffiting walls. She also has skills in cobbling together something useful from junk laying around.

Likes: Silence, their own art, proving people wrong on 4chan, animals, Goodwill.

Dislikes: Stuck up people, authority, SJWs, Idiots,


Brawn: 2 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 4 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 4 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 1 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 1 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: (Default: Finesse+Acuity)

Health: 7/7 (Default: 5 plus Brawn, plus half of Resolve)

Psyche: 9/9 (Default: 5 plus half of the sum of Acuity, Resolve, and Charisma)

Talent Pool: 5/5

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 1
Reflex Total: 9
Willpower Total: 6
Parry Roll: 0

Dodge: 9+2
Mundane DR: 2
Ability DR: 0


  • Reflexes - (5) Finesse
  • McGyvering - (5) Acuity (Brief flavor bit (optional))
  • Magic - (3) Finesse Verbal-Somatic. 2.3 SP remaining. +5 from Power.
  • Thermal - (5) Finesse 1.55 SP remaining.
  • Theurgy - (5) Finesse Magic Affinity. 0 SP remaining.
  • Divination - (5) Finesse .2 SP remaining.
  • Willpower - (2) Acuity


Endless Imagination - 5 (Power:Acuity) The only limit in this world is what you think.
Hana is able to channel their thoughts into reality, which improve pre-existing Psionic Talents (spells)

Shockwave - 3 (Gift:Finesse) Good for fighting and defacing walls
A Psionic burst of force stemming from Hana's hands. Medium Range and deals HIGH damage.


  • Self Rationalization (5) - I don't need those low life's opinions! / Replaces Resolve with Acuity for Willpower
  • Magic Affinity (5) - I'm really good at keeping the swill away. / Grants Magic Affinity to Theurgy


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand
Black and White spray paint cans.
Graffiti stencils
Smart phone
Spare electronic parts (dead phones, transistors…etc)
Duct tape
Noise canceling headphones

Old Toshiba upgraded through various parts.
Several manifestos, most of them scrapped.
A solitary pair of nice white sneakers.

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