Harisha Deneb

Player: Uracilo

Basic Info:

Demeanor: Hari is always after something. She's pleasure-driven and materialistic, and places a disproportionate amount of her attention on the wallets of other people.

Nature: Contrary to expectations, Hari is not a hedonist, she just hoards everything she can find, pleasure included. She tries to keep the attention of people, and their good-will, but in a pinch bad publicity is still publicity.

Description: Hari is shortish, at five feet and three inches. She's always wearing outrageous hats and carrying about in short dresses that hug her body. She's hourglass-shaped, implying a corset, and wears platform shoes to appear taller than she is. Her hair is usually tinted colors, all three feet of it down her back, and put up in weird hairdos that inevitably draw looks. Her indian descent is hard to place, with everything else on top.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


A Saleswoman's Persuasion - (1) Brains

A Craftswoman's Trade - (2) Brains

A Businesswoman's Eye - (1) Brains

Artifact Design/Magic Analysis
A Madwoman's Magic - (4) Brains

A Freedwoman's Roving Hands - (1) Agility

A Newswoman's Pluck - (1) Brains

Her Own Brand of Resolve - (2) Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

Loved - 2 - Things love Hari. They come alive under her gaze, and try to show her their appreciation. Things that have gained sentience through the use of this power develop forms of locomotion/propulsion and try to touch her. Once they are done doing that, they are hers to command, though rather silly and untested, and prone to failure.

Loving - 3 - Hari has a certain degree of control over what she considers hers. Anything she declares to belong to her becomes a beacon to her senses, and she can find it wherever it is. If someone else owns it, her desire to obtain it will battle with their desire to keep it, first. If she claims to own a sentient creature, they can refuse her by fighting with her will.

Love - 4 - Hari can purposefully put 'some of herself' into supernatural artifacts or people, generally boosting their abilities along with a feeling of euphoria (that thanks to her other powers, even objects can express) It's a dangerous tool to her, because it also boosts their willpower, and that could get her in some trouble.

Polyamory and Tocotox - 1 - Hari has had dealings with something larger than life, and more evil than she likes to imagine. She has the power to enter the Polyester and Tin catacombs from any door or opening.


  • Up For Auction - Hari has staked her very being in obtaining her powers; born with a strange destiny, she made a claim on all the world, with her as collateral. Metaphysically, she's up for grabs, and only her willpower keeps those who wish to own her at bay. If someone claims ownership of her, and succeeds in besting her in some kind of game or challenge, she cannot ever again refuse their orders or requests until they set her free, or someone else wins her away from them. (Severe)
  • Attractive Offer - Hari's presence tends to make artifacts eager to show their stuff. She can accidentally trigger them, usually in ruinous fashion. She can personally train them to stop this, but it takes days and many failures to get it right. (Mild)


Small Enough:
  • The newest phone of company X
  • The newest phone of company Y
  • The newest phone of company Z
  • An old Nikon D500 with a lot of extra memory
  • A rainbow-colored bearskin (and uniform to match)
  • A bicorn hat (two horns!)
  • A deerstalker hat (and bubble pipe)
  • A beerhat (#1)
  • A halfhat (and dusty dress)
  • A fascinator (with flashing lights!)
  • A porkpie (and checkered suit)
  • A toque (and flirty apron)
  • An ascot cap (and tartan skirt)
  • A beret with seven feathers (from different birds)
  • An umbrella hat (not very useful)
  • A bowler hat (and candy cigar)
  • A boudoir cap (and all that implies)
Too Big:
  • A massive wardrobe
  • A second wardrobe
  • A third
  • A coffin-sized coffer
  • Shelves and more shelves of trinkets
  • And a bunch more hats.
Since Arriving:
  • Jae Yun Fei: Hari's significant other and savior from a life of servitude. No words can describe what she owes Fei.
  • Anika the Quarter: A denomination of currency has a set value, but life is priceless. A gift to Asmara, the swanboy.

Personal History:

In the evening of july 13th, 2004, rain threatened to cause flooding in the town of Pelham, New York. Harisha was born in the Pelham Animal Clinic, a far cry from the niceties of a proper hospital. Fortune and her sister of ill-fate chase her parents that way, driving them apart and reuniting them at strange intervals. Her father had not seen her mother for close to seven months the day he took refuge in the same building and witnessed his daughter's birth.

By the time she was nine years old, Hari knew how to make her way in the world, and had already promised herself ownership over everything. She had been forced into strange situations away from her parents her entire life, developed a style through the experience, and came out all the stronger for it. She made a game out of getting invited to dinner every night, at friends' houses, and she played keep-away with guards and enforcers when she stole from market stalls. She documented much of this, as her more-than-passing interest in photography practically dictated. It helps, that the world tends to be on her side, even as luck loses track. She doesn't leave it all to that, either: She has gone out of her way to look for people to learn from, and she doesn't leave them alone until they teach her their tricks.

She crossed paths with her parents many times, but not with both of them at the same time until they day she got caught running a couple scams, and they went to spring her out.

Hello was soon followed by goodbyes, as she made her way to Fifth Sanctum right after.



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