Hasan Bousaid

Basic Info:

Player: Neon
Name: Hasan Bousaid

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Brief Description:


Hasan has a youthful, warm demeanor - almost as if surrounded by a faint, comforting glow. His frame is compact, lithe, and athletic, and his skin a sun-kissed tan that seems to glimmer with flecks of bronze in the right light. His tufty chestnut hair is often left unkept, like a wildfire, and sometimes quite literally does catch fire. He has soft hazel eyes, an angular face, and sharp nose. The smell of burning incense and cinnamon carry in his wake.


Hasan is outgoing, fickle, and incredibly flamboyant. Although usually gregarious, he has a tendency towards angry outbursts and sudden disfavor. He’s a passionate soul, and it shows in everything he does - he throws his heart and soul into it, and lets it consume him, for better or worse. He’s more than a little uppity and pretentious, too, when given the opportunity.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:

Hobbies: Playing Violin, Reading, Listening to Music
Likes: Beethoven, Meeting New People, Coconut Macaroons, Himself
Dislikes: ‘Uncultured’ people, anything involving water, the cold.


Brawn: 3

Finesse: 3

Acuity: 2

Resolve: 1

Charisma: 4


Initiative: 5

Health: 9/9

Psyche: 9/9

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total:
Reflex Total:
Willpower Total:
Parry Roll:

Mundane DR:
Ability DR:


  • Reflex - (3) Finesse
  • Perception - (3) Acuity
  • Performance - (4) Charisma
  • Brawling - (3) Brawn
  • Vitality - (4) Brawn
  • Persuasion - (3) Charisma
  • Willpower - (3) Charisma


Son of the Flames - 3 (Power) Hasan’s efreeti blood gives him an innate connection to primal fire, which he may control or even assume the guise of.

Body of Bronze - 2 (Gift) The ifrit are a hardy folk, and Hasan is no different. Hasan is naturally impervious to flame, and has the potential to become far stronger than any normal human being.


  • Force of Personality (5) -
  • Effort Mastery (2) - Brawn
  • Focus Mastery (2) - Charisma
  • Efreeti - Hasan’s ifrit father gave him a number of blessings, including a more resilient body (Resistant Body 5/Natural Armor 4) and limited flight (Flight 6), at the price of a weakness to magic weapons (+2 damage, bypasses Resistant Body, -5) that is universal to all ifrit. (10)
  • Flamboyant Ego (3)- Resolve to Finesse


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand
Pocket Comb (Fireproof)

Fire extinguisher

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