Hideyoshi Ikeda

Hideyoshi Ikeda

Nicknames: Yoshi, Frogger

Demeanor: The first impression Hideyoshi would give someone is… What the fuck? His fish and amphibious features can definitely put someone off, laugh at him, or one might actually find him cute.

Nature: Behind his aquatic appearance lies a mischievous, fun seeking child. Hideyoshi can be an absolute jerk, but it’s not like he means it! He loves making other laugh by showing off his tricks, making joke, or playing pranks on others.. Hideyoshi is quite fond superheroes shows as he grew up watching old timey, Tokusatsu action shows from Japan at the research lab, his favorite being Kamen Rider. He mimics from this, showing off acts heroism and being kind and caring for others. He actually pretends to be a hero himself as he sometimes acts dramatic, making one of those generic superhero speeches before fights even. His tricky and taunting style of fighting can be traced back to his mischievous personality.
He can also be pretty straightforward, speaking whatever comes first into his mind before even thinking if it's a good idea or not.
Overall, one would describe Hideyoshi as mischievous, yet has a heart of gold.

Appearance: Hideyoshi stands at 5’8 with a surprisingly athletic build.. His frog like features include, long strong legs with webbed feet and four toes on each foot. His visage consisting of a wide mouth, with eyes that have pure black irise
His hair is of medium lenght, with two bangs on the front, he sometimes has strands of hair that stand straight up, probably because it isn't kept well. It can be kinda scruffy on the sides.
Across his body you can find his skin having a slight resemblance to scales.. As well as gills in the center part of his body.

HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 4

Brains: 1


Wet and Wild! (4) Brawn - Hideyoshi learned how to hunt and fight the dangerous creatures of the depths while growing up! He’s toughened up and his swift, and strong strikes are proof of this! Growing up using tools such as spears has also given him some form of weapon experience. Applies to Melee Combat rolls

Natural born swimmer (3) Agility - Thanks to his extra pair of fins, webbed appendages and life in the murky depths, Hideyoshi has an amazing talent of swimming, capable of covering large distances by simply swimming or hopping around. Applies to Athletics rolls

CAUTION: Slippery (4) Agility- Hideyoshi is an agile lil’ bugger, quick on his feet and ready for anything, this guy has been in some sticky situations before! Applies to Reflex rolls

Thicker than water (3) Brawn- Hideyoshi is able to survive the pressure of the depths thanks to his life in the depths! Hideyoshi also happens to have thicker skin, allowing him to resist physical attacks for a tiny amount. Applies Endurance/Toughness rolls

Supernatural Abilities:

Serrated Whip (3) - Hideyoshi’s tongue can use his tongue as a tool, having immense reach, surprisingly thick and strong, able to survive hits, constrict and carry opponents, and even apply a slow effect due to the thickness and adhesiveness of his saliva.
Being quite… adhesive, it allows for it to be used as a hookshot of sorts.
It has maximum range 18 feet.
Hideyoshi can apply his natural toxins onto his tongue.
Imagine it like a bat with a needle, or wired fence.

Toxic by design (2)- Hideyoshi has a natural toxin that he uses as a defense mechanism, causing the enemy to hallucinate, nausea and potentially :weaken: a target.

Solid Frog(2) - Hideyoshi shares many similarities to fish and plenty of amphibious creatures, most notably frogs. Down to his appearance and even aquatic adaptation, meaning he would have the ability to breathe and see underwater. All while having amazing swimming capabilities.
He is also able to camouflage himself for an unlimited amount of time, muffling his footsteps and allowing him to move around undetected.
However, it does not camouflage his tongue. Attacking or taking direct damage breaks stealth.
Gains a roll bonus in reflex rolls in damp and wet places (Such as in the rain or in swamps)
Also acts as a Stealth skill replacement


Soft and Wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Hideyoshi must moisturize himself at least once every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Failure to do so can effectively weaken his powers, and overall make Hideyoshi dry out, slowly taking a toll on his both his mental and physical health.

Boiling Frog - Hideyoshi is ectothermic, which means that they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. He is very sensitive to extreme temperatures, potentially sending him into shock or stress him out, making him irrationally terrified and flee.


A bag of sea shells- They look pretty neat eh?

An iPhone- Sticks to his hand… Not really sure how to use it.

Skin lotion- Gotta keep yourself moisturized

In his dorm:

Spear- A sharpened rock tied to a stick.. Looks pretty old and worn out, should break if used again really.

Large fish tank- Probably doesn’t keep fish in it, mostly uses it like his own personal tub.

Laptop- He most likely can barely manage it. Given by his adoptive parents.

Personal History:

In 2008, a group of Japanese marine biologists stationed themselves in the island of Guam as numerous reports from sailors confirmed that strange activities near the southernmost part of the island were occurring.
a sudden increase in not only the native amphibian population, but also a massive drop in the predatory population.. This is notable as washed up shark carcasses have been washing up on the shore. Sailors have also reported of spotting an absurd looking creature, some arguing that it was some sort of monster straight out of a horror movie, with the body of a man, yet the head of a… frog? When asked if they had a clue as to what was causing all of this, one scientist from the area confirmed that nuclear waste was being dumped down into the Mariana Trench..

Needless to say, the group made haste and travelled all the way from their lab in the city port of Shimoda, in hopes of helping out sea creatures affected by said dumping and figuring out just what the hell is lurking down in the depths.
Days went by, and nothing came up. In a desperate attempt to finally pack up and go home, they ignored all warnings of extreme weather and sailed out into the murky depths.

Those reports were not to be taken lightly as the sudden weather would hit at any moment… Surprisingly enough, the evening was calm and quiet up until they picked up unfamiliar sounds coming down from leagues below their ship. Husband and wife, Akio and Yu volunteered to check it out and wouldn’t you know it.. The weather would shift into a catastrophic thunderstorm!
The sea would be violent, waves crashing onto the research group’s vessel..
And almost as if they were hiding out, a pack of shark would come out of nowhere as the couple sank to the depths in search of whatever lurked there, DESPITE the scientists on the ship confirming there was no dangerous wildlife within the area.
A loving husband would help his wife out of the water, only to be dragged down by one of the massive beasts. He’d slowly lose his vision, passing out as he cried for help beneath the waters… However he’d feel the clenches of the mighty shark slowly lose strength, his last vision being of a person reaching out for him..

He’d wake up on the ship, his wife running towards him to check on her husband, and to witness the crew members drag a dead shark and the fabled creature that lurked the depths. It was a boy!.. But something was off about him.. From head to toe, he’d have the appearance of an amphibian, with some fish-like qualities. The man was thankful, and would not only take the boy in for research, but the couple would adopt the lone lad and take care of him as a son.

He was given a name, an education and much love and attention. He’d retain his child-like mischievous attitude throughout his life while growing up mimicking the action shows he’d see on the television, and overall living a sheltered life inside the research facility, kept away from the outside world as they weren't exactly sure how'd they'd react to a frog-man.

Hideyoshi’s curiosity peaked one day, slipping out from his parent’s watch, finally being able to explore. He’d snecak about town in camouflage, swiping .
food away from nearby pedestrians trying to enjoy their fast food lunch.. He was fascinated by the taste. He’d wander around discovering oddities that he’d find in trash cans and what not..

It wasn’t until he’d hear an old lady yelling near an ATM.. She was being mugged! Hideyoshi’s face would brighten up with excitement, he’d recognize this generic trope from his action shows! It was his time to shine!!..
He wouldn’t lay a finger on the creep as he’d run away as Hideyoshi started to break his stealth.. The old lady would suffer a heart attack shortly after.
Oddly enough, as in his favorite tv shows, the cops would pop up immediately.. He’d receive
a good scolding from his parents, and bring up the question of.. “Should he be able to live a normal life?”.

The answer to that was a solid yes, as one of the researches would introduce Hideyoshi’s adoptive parents to a school for the “Supernaturally gifted”.
Wanting for him to explore and enjoy his life, they’d send him right away.

Hideyoshi has a soft spot for sweets, most notably caramels.
Has two pet turtles he keeps in his dorm.
Has a strange love for superheroes.
Able to understand most languages and animals… However he can't really speak most of the languages. Good english, alright Japanese and amazing frog speak :^)

List of friends:

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