Horst Geier

Basic Info:

Player: PioneerSlav


Demeanor: Being a tough kid with solid rules, Horst won't change his mind on some things so easily.

Nature: Spitfire, not as much chaotic since he got his arm, sometimes noble and with honour. He lacks of it only in few specific cases, stubborn, shameless, liberal (as almost generous) In combat he's even more stubborn, almost feral though still honourable. He tries to show then courtesy to his enemy. Likes to improvise both along and against swordmanship or other fighting pacts.

Description: Horst has short, black hair, blue eyes and pretty plain face. He has a burn-scar on his right cheek and another scar from having an almost ripped cheek on left part of his face, which make him uglier than he really is. He is also pretty big, even for a teenage boy. He tend to grow a lot, surely bigger than his classmates, sometimes even larger than his teacher, reaching more than two meters tall (circa 205cm) with 140kg of weight. In his eyes sometimes only thing which can be seen is hatred, like he was carrying a beast inside him. Also almost whole his left arm is made from metal, it is a prothesis.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 1

Brains: 3


  • Crafting - (4) Brains
  • HEMA - (4) Brawn (European melee weaponry fighting skill.)
  • Ballistics (4) Brains (Effective using of any projectile weapon requires a proper eye and projectile trajectory calculations. Includes also tossing items.)
  • Tougness (2) Brawn

Supernatural Abilities:

Arms & Armour - 3 - Horst creates one thing with his armour. When he wears at least his trusty chainmail, he can manage to handle astonishing amount of damage and survive. Even with broken bones, his armour serves as second skeleton and keeps him in whole piece. It's also hard to take a weapon away from him, he just won't let go.
(+(1/3 power's rank) to defense against physical damage)

Pionier - 2 - Inspired by a German unit of Pioniere, Horst loves to contrive around like they did. Unleashing and handling murderous gases, thing seem to not work on him this well. He can breathe various substances and do nothing out from it. But as they used also siege artillery pieces and were first to use flamethrowers, Horst can manipulate burning and explosive substances like he can do with the gases, he can also make them self-ignite.
( Level 2 - Spawn: Black powder, tear gas, gasoline, tar with sulphur, kordite,
20% resistance against explosive-similar things, gases, temperature)

Machine Spirit - 2 - Horst after deeper thought can temporarily change his body into mechanic thing. If he wills, even his whole body can become a machine for some period of time, creating any weaponry he can imagine in his body. He becomes invulnerable to some kind of attack then, but also can get screwed by other elements. He can also pretty much talk with other mechanical machines. He prefers though sometimes just to be a machine. No one expects from it to be talkative or social. Propably also reduced possibility of mechanical transplanted limbs to be rejected. He also has one detail he does not know. His heart isn't human, it's a machine - pump.
(After transformation more vulnerable against much dirt, can jam. Can drown easily without developing propellers
Various buffs due various customization possibilities)

Stosstrupp v1 – Horst shifts his body into a metal version of it, which is mostly for rapid assaults even in enclosed, tight spaces like corridors, trenches or rooms. Armor is pretty light, just enough to deal with any pistol cartridges and rifle rounds up to .300 Blackout. Overally his body resembles a Gothic style medieval plate armour with a few differences. If wouldn't hurt him if protective plates were peeled off by incoming damage until it reaches the mechanisms itself. Latest tests also have shown that servomotors are strong enough to make movement of a Stosstrupp more lively than one of the human, even if he weights around 400 kilogrammes. Less developed nerval system in this verion helps by reducing pain. Inside of his body there are developed systems enabling effective usage of flammable or toxic materials, mostly liquids and gasses. Protecive plates look similarly to a Gothic-style XV century armour. (+1 Toughness, +1 Parkour, +1 Reflex, +1 Ballistics -4 Crafting)


  • Afraid of spiders
  • Rage unleashed upon destroying his creation
  • Paranoidal, always wears armour (mild)
  • Won't do any sacrifice for all people no matter what, he needs special lady for that
  • Lack of left arm


  • Warpick/axe combo from HEMA school
  • Chainmail shirt and legwear to fit under clothes

SunnyBrook Dorm:

  • XV century armour
  • Tools
  • Various casual clothing
  • Kriegmesser from HEMA school
  • Various parts, both from weaponry and various vehicles
  • Handmade weapon schematics
  • Zweihander
  • XV century german-style longsword
  • Family album with a memorial bayonet (127 pictures, Seitengewehr 16)
  • Laptop with internet modem
  • A few gasmasks with filters (different models)
  • Stahlhelm 16
  • Trench coat (Kaiserreich)
  • Other Kaiserreich infantry soldier 1915 and 1918 clothing
  • Tunics (Hospitaller's, OESSH, Templar's, Lazarian's, Bracia dobrzyńscy)
  • Espadon
  • Dagger
  • Misericordia
  • Stiletto
  • Montante
  • "The Ascete"

Personal History:

Born in 2001 in poor, Polish family in western Poland, worked for himself to collect money to join to beloved HEMA school in 2011. After one of the trainings in 2013, when an angry teammate attacked him with enough force to deal a murderous blow to his neck, he managed to survive and fully recover in short time, all thanks to one of his first powers. But that is not the moment when sign was straighforward meaning that he is special. It happened a year later, as one morning he had a lucid dream, where he changed himself into some sort of machine, cyborg. It turned out to be real. Bed broke under him, as his whole body got changed into titanium structure. Nurses had no idea what to do, until it passed by itself.



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