Ilario Innocenzo Aldebrandi

Basic Info:

Player: Uracilo

Demeanor: Ilario's resting face is completely blank, and so are most of his other faces. He appears aloof and unconcerned, even when things are going wrong around him, and his voice is always smooth and clear, with a tendency for the monotone.

Nature: Ilario's body doesn't carry with it the instinctual emotional responses those of humans do. He can laugh, and he can cry, but only if he tries hard enough, and only if he's been taught to. He tries to empathize with most people he meets, to the point he'd rather follow them around and deal with their problems than face his own, but this doesn't come across clearly when dealing with him, and it puts him in this strange position, where people think he's a creep.

He tries hard to be funny, too, though it doesn't always go the way he expects.

Description: Ilario is short, even for his age, standing at roughly five feet and that's with some leeway. His skin is clear and there's not a single sign of facial hair on him. His hair is almost white, though still blonde, and looks average from a distance. Even from up close, the fact that it's made out of small feathers isn't quite obvious. It's common for a bunch of those to be left behind wherever he goes.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 2

Brains: 2


  • Dint in Disaffection - (2) Brains He cuts an intimidating presence, if you don't pay attention to the height. It's all in the mind. (Willpower)
  • Discerning Depressingly - (2) Brains He can see far and wide, and find it all wanting. (Perception)
  • Revered Reflex - (2) Agility He has mastered his body, training day and night. (Reflexes, Dodge)
  • Compacted Corse - (2) Brawn The world has sought him out, and lost that battle. (Toughness)
  • Directive: Destruction - (4) Brawn Wherever he goes, things tend to fall apart. It's no coincidence. (Melee Defense, Melee Attack)

Supernatural Abilities:

Prince of the Air - 3 - His body has been bathed in the fires of the sky. Only traces of his humanity remain, and with that is gone most of his weight. Sometimes, when he's really angry and he feels human again, he plummets like a rock, usually to great effect.

Air also tends to stick close to him, which muffles any sound he makes, and boosts the range of his hearing as sounds are drawn closer.

He can also send people reeling, like blowing a candle.

Envoy of Disfavor - 4 - Through his blood courses the wrath of the world. Ilario can manifest it outwards, through his skin, and let cursed mist escape into the surrounding space. The mist is heavy, so it tends to pool at his feet, but it can rise up and take shape at his will.

The mist has healing properties, and enough intelligence to distinguish friend from foe, but its true effect is to transmit a memetic hatred for Ilario. People who breathe it in once or twice, might just feel irritation towards him, but enough dosage can draw murder from the most pacifistic of saints.

Other angels are immune to this side-effect.



  • A dress shirt and pants
  • A key, gold and silver, with little pearls on the bow
  • A piece of paper, writ by the state to allow his stay at the school

Personal History:

Ilario was born as most children, though his mother died in exchange. His father missing, perhaps never present, Italy took him under its wing, and it was a bureaucratic, heartless one. As he grew, he began to hear voices. His own, intermingled with those of others, all emotionless and commanding. He realized soon enough that they were dictating to him, his purpose and his origins. It wasn't long before the memories of his old self came to him, and he could understand. His vessel had been specifically crafted to house him, as a puppet, born out of angelic intervention.

Even as he learned of his past life and what it meant for his present one, he rebelled against their will. His first task, dictated from above, was to burn down the orphanage he lived in, and escape with new parents to a new location. He refused, instead choosing to stay there, and avoiding adoption like the plague.

Eventually, he knew himself too old to stay, and ignoring the voices that drew him towards the Vatican, he instead flew to Canada, at the behest of its new sanctuary for beings like him.

If he hears correctly, his stint at a normal life might not last.

But at least he'll finally be happy for a while.

And he has someone he's looking for.


Ilario's body never grew the wings it was supposed to grow. He wonders why, knowing it's a common trait among angel vessels.

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